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Fees are charged each month throughout the year, including when we are on Aquabreak for two weeks.  Aquabreaks typically occurs at the conclusion of each season (March and August).

If your swimmer wants to leave the team or take a leave of absence (see below), you must inform the business manager at [email protected]

We encourage members to pay their fees thru direct payment via credit card or ACH bank transfer.  It’s free and convenient!  You can sign up for this service through your account on the team’s website. If you have questions on how to set this up please contact our business manager at [email protected]

Families with Multiple Swimmers:  The Aquahawks offers a discount for families with multiple swimmers. The swimmer in the highest group will pay 100% with the next swimmer receiving a discount off monthly due of 10%. Each subsequent swimmer will receive a 15% discount off monthly dues. The discounts do not apply to any other fees or requirements unless otherwise stated in this handbook.

Annual USA Swimming Fees: The Lawrence Aquahawks is a member of USA Swimming, which requires all swimmers to pay an annual fee of $77. For returning members, these dues are billed September. Swimmers joining between October-August will be billed $77 upon registration.

Semi-Annual Dues:  The Lawrence Aquahawks Swim Team has semi-annual dues of $20 per swimmer. For returning members, these dues are billed in March and September. Swimmers joining between October-February or April-August will be billed $20 upon registration.   

Electronic Payment Fees:  We encourage members to pay their dues using our auto-pay service offered through the team’s website.  This can be done via credit card or ACH bank transfer.  Accounts are billed on the 1st of the month.

LIAC key tag: Swimmers need to sign to each practice by swiping the key tag provided by the Lawrence Indoor Aquatic Center.  If you lose the key tag, there is a $5 replacement fee.

Late Fee:  All balances are DUE IN FULL by the 20th of each month; otherwise, there will be a $20 late fee.  If an account is greater than 30 days overdue, your swimmer will not be allowed to enter swim meets without BOD approval.  

Swim Meet Fees: There are also fees for meets that vary by type of meet, events, and location. Below are the typical fees for most swim meets within the Missouri Valley Swimming area.  If you have questions or concerns regarding the fees, please review the meet information found on the Aquahawks website, or Missouri Valley Swimming website, or contact our business manager.

  • $4.50 fee for each event, $2.25 per swimmer per relay event

Please note that certain swim meets may charge higher fees per event, as well as an additional surcharge.  Please discuss this with your coach if you have questions or concerns. 

If your swimmer was entered in a meet, but was unable to participate for whatever reason, meet fees will still be billed to your account.

Team Travel Fees:  The team travel fees help the Lawrence Aquahawks offset the costs of sending coaches to meets. The Aquahawks pride themselves on a low swimmer to coach ratio in practice and that principle is true for swim meets as well. It is important to have your swimmer’s coach at meets so they can give them the best possible feedback, and the Aquahawks want to do everything possible to make sure that happens. In most cases, the fees listed below do not offset 100% of the cost to send coaches to meets, but these fees help the team minimize the cost incurred.

  • Meets Held in Lawrence:  All swimmers attending a meet in Lawrence will be charged $5.
  • Meets in Topeka, Greater Kansas City, Leavenworth & Manhattan:   All swimmers attending a meet held in these areas will be charged $15.
  • Meets in Wichita, Columbia or Similar mileage: All swimmers attending a meet held in these areas will be charged $30.
  • Meets more than 200 miles from Lawrence (not team travel).  All swimmers attending a meet more than 200 miles from Lawrence, which coaches must fly or drive to and stay overnight, will be charged an equal percentage of the cost to send the coach(es). These fees are not to exceed $150 per swimmer.*

*If the total cost to the team is more than 50% of the total cost, each swimmer’s practice attendance must be 88% or higher. The team does not want to keep swimmers from attending high-level meets, but it’s important that swimmers have shown their commitment before the team invests in sending a coach.

  • Team Travel Meets.  All swimmers attending a team travel will be charged an equal percentage of the cost for the trip. A non-refundable down payment  of $150 is required and will be charged to each account. The difference in deposit and actual cost will be charged or refunded during the next bill period. Team travel fees are not to exceed $350 per swimmer. If a miminum number of swimmers is not met the travel portion on the team may not be possible. 

Leave of Absence (LOA): Group fees are charged each month throughout the year regardless of the practice schedule.  If your swimmer does not practice or compete for a period of 1 to 3 months, your swimmer is granted a Leave of Absence (LOA.)  While under LOA you are charged dues at 50% reduction.  Examples of this policy include being on the High School Swim Team or any other school activity that conflicts with the practice times offered by the Aquahawks. If you are on LOA during a fundraising event, you are still held responsible for those fees as well. If your swimmer returns after a LOA of 3 months or longer, a $50 registration fee will be accessed.

Please speak to the Head Coach before finalizing any leave of absence plans.