All athletes must take the Athlete Protection Training within 30 days of their 18th birthday, and must renew this certification anually. There are many different courses you can choose from, but there is only one Athlete Protection Training course that satisfies the requirement.

This is the screen you come to when clicking on the Athlete Protection Training link. Fill out the information and make sure the year is a four digit year. 


After clicking 'SEARCH' your name should appear underneath the red button. Move on by clicking 'CONTINUE'


If this is your first time using the LEARN platform, you may need to complete your profile in order to proceed. Fill in all the information (your LSC is Missouri Valley). If you club is not listed, simply select 'Unattached' at the bottom. This will have no bearing on the result.


You will then be taken to your dashboard. You can access the Athlete Protection Training directly by clicking on that required course on the right side of the screen. Please note: If you choose any other path, you will end up with a confusing list of courses that may look like the one you need, but they will not count. You can always click 'DASHBOARD' to get back to this screen.

It is important to complete the entire course. There may be a survey or video at the end of the training. If you close your computer or log out prior to the end, you will not be credited with completion. To be safe, make sure to click 'DASHBOARD' to make sure the 75/75 PTS (100%) is showing. 


Get started with Athlete Protection Training here.

This certification will need to be renewed annually. When it is time to renew your training, go to your dashboard. It may show that you are done with Athlete Protection Training... but you need the Refresher course. Once again, click that ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING with the blue bar underneath. The next page will bring you to the Refresher course needed to renew your certification.