Blanket Sanctions


Closed leagues have blanket sanctions issued to their organization in order to conduct small, developmental meets for their member teams without needing to submit bids months in advance.


Meets held under the blanket sanction are limited to intrasquads, duals, and tri meets. Meets cannot be hosted under the blanket sanction if four or more member teams participate, or if the meet is open to teams outside the membership of their closed league. Only swimmers of a member team may participate in these competitions. All meets held under blanket sanction must include the requisite number of officials required for hosting any sanctioned USA Swimming competition.

Financial Obligations

Depending on the fee structure of the meet, a meet host may be responsible for submitting fees to MV for these meets. This is a fairly easy breakdown

  • A Financial Report need not be submitted if a flat fee of $10 or less is charged per swimmer to cover the cost of facility rental.
  • If a flat facility fee of more than $10 is charged, a financial report must be submitted and 15% of fees above that threshold will be remitted to MVS.
  • If per event fees are assessed, a meet financial report must be submitted and 15% of entry fees will be remitted to MVS


Meet Procedures

Every meet hosted must comply with the sanction rules as outlined by the issued blanket sanction. Every meet, even intrasquads, must follow these steps in order to be considered valid and have the times uploaded to SWIMS.

Prior to the meet

  • Each team must have a Sanction Supplemental form on file with MVS.
  • Your meet information must comply with the Missouri Valley Sanction Requirements set forth by USA Swimming. Required language related to COVID-19 policies must be included in your meet information.
  • Submit your meet information using the link below for your specific league. This information will be distributed to your league's Chair, MVS Staff, and the Officials Committee. Your meet will be entered into OTS so your meet referee can record work sessions for the volunteer officials.
  • Make sure your meet information contains the sanction number for your league both in the meet information and within your meet management software
  • A pre-meet registration check must be performed by MVS staff prior to your meet. Please submit your registration file to [email protected]. Failure to do so will result in a $100 penalty.


After the meet


Chisholm Trail League Meet Submission

Mid America League (MAL) Meet Submission

Southern Missouri League Meet Submission