Ad Hoc Website Committee Meeting

Held on May 9, 2001 at 11:00am, Missouri Valley Swimming Conference Room

Jim Devine, Richard Winn and Dulcy Sellon met to discuss the new Missouri Valley website and plan for its future development. Brian Barnes who is maintaining data supplied to Missouri Valley Swimming's database also participated in the discussions related to his data inputs. Jim stated that Missouri Valley members seem to be very enthusiastic about the new website. Initial discussion then proceeded on how and when Richard would bill Missouri Valley for his work. It was decided that he would provide Billie Jo Parrack, Missouri Valley Treasurer, with an invoice detailing his work so far and would also provide her with a monthly report. Jim felt it was important that a record be kept as to the amount of effort needed for the web site. Richard may use the work on the website as a contribution to Missouri Valley Swimming and as a tax write-off.

On the web page, Jim suggested that the initial picture of the butterflyer be eliminated because it took too long to load. Richard asked about time standards. We suggested that only the Top 16 based (A, B, C) standards be put on the page. Folks find the others too confusing and Missouri Valley does not use them. Jim will also supply Richard with the current Region VIII time standards. Time Standards will be updated each September.

We next discussed what should be on the main (front) page. Jim felt the Running Top 8 needed to be included on the main page as well as information on the most recent meet results and a place for hot news items. News articles and swimming articles not time sensitive would be found on another page from a link on the front page. Richard asked and Dulcy and Jim agreed to assist him in deciding where information they submit to him should be located on the web site.

We next discussed what material needs to be updated regularly and how best to do that. Brian Barnes and Richard decided that Brian would send Richard Top 8 updates by Tuesday noon after the weekend in which MVS held meets and Richard would upload the material by Wednesday. Updates of registered officials, coaches and club contacts will be supplied by Dulcy to Richard in a .dbf file format after the completion of the summer registration period (mid to late June) and the full year registration period (mid to late December). Time sensitive news material needs to reach Richard by noon on Tuesdays. Other news and information pieces can be sent to him at anytime for inclusion when he is performing website work.

We next discussed the creation of an interactive recruiting form available for MVS swimmers to complete and submit to the website. Dulcy gave Richard a preliminary draft of the form and the athlete representatives will be asked for their input on this as well. High school swimmers wanting to submit the form to the site will email it to Dulcy. ASCA will also be contacted for a college coaches' email list or some other method to alert coaches that this recruiting tool will be available to them.

Final topic for discussion was how to link meet flyers to the meet schedule on the web site so that teams will have information on the meets being held. Jim suggested that teams be encouraged to submit meet flyers on diskette (in Word or WordPerfect) with their sanction request material and then Richard could post these and link the flyers to the meet schedule. He will also work to devise a calendar for the site so visitors can see at a glance a month s worth of MVS activities.

The meeting adjourned 1:30 pm.

Respectively Submitted,
Dulcy Sellon, Missouri Valley Swimming Secretary