Minutes of Ad Hoc Committee Meeting on Summer Swim Leagues

Held on September 27, 2001 at the Belton Chamber of Commerce Office, Belton , MO

Members Present: Jim Devine, Billie Jo Parrack, Dulcy Sellon, and George Schluter

The discussion began with a review of the problem areas occurring with summer leagues as identified by the members present. These problems fall into two areas. First, getting Leagues, swimmers and teams to register in a timely manner and getting coaches to register and secure all their certifications in a timely manner. Second, to get leagues to sanction dual and championship meets. The consequences of these problems are that parents, swimmers and teams might believe that they have health and liability insurance when they are not covered because they are participating in meets with non-registered swimmers or clubs.

Jim stated that Missouri Valley must do what is reasonable to insure that clubs, leagues, swimmers and coaches register and obtain sanctions, realizing that we are unable to be perfect in this regard. Several ideas were offered to address this. These are:

  • Appoint an assistant chair for Officials who will be responsible for officials education. Activities this assistant chair might undertake include scheduling several training type meetings each year, one of which all officials must attend; identifying officials throughout Missouri Valley who will work with the summer leagues to help their officials, encourage summer officials to be targeted to work the Division II summer championship meet to get them involved in broader Missouri Valley meets, hold separate sessions for summer league officials at the Missouri Valley spring meeting, and encourage summer-registered officials to continue to work at Missouri Valley meets throughout the year.

  • League Contacts have leagues appoint a contact person who will be responsible for reviewing clubs in their league to check that all clubs have registered and that they have a registered/certified coach. A letter will be sent to the past year s league contact explaining to them that they will have insurance coverage after their league registers, secures their sanctions, and under what conditions clubs in their league may participate in league meets (i.e., the club, swimmers and coaches must be registered and the coaches certified as well). This letter will be sent with the registration material in February of each year. This letter will also encourage them to attend the spring meeting and point out that if they register before the meeting they will have a vote at the meeting.

  • Coaches Missouri Valley will work with the coaches to establish and publish on the website a schedule for the offering of Safety Training for Swim Coaches so that summer team coaches will have an opportunity to take the course before they register in May of each year. The Missouri Valley Office will also send a letter to all coaches reminding them that coaches registering after their first year must take the ASCA First Level Coaches training test before they can register for the second time. Information on the Safety Training course schedule will also be provided.

The meeting adjourned at 10:15 AM.

Respectively submitted
Dulcy Sellon, Missouri Valley Swimming Secretary