Minutes of the MVS Board of Directors Meeting

Held on August 5 2000 at 1:45pm, at the Ad Aster Pool in Lenexa KS

The meeting of the Board of Directors of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at the Ad Astra pool, Lenexa, KS. Jim Devine, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:45 pm. The following Directors were in attendance: Sue Courtney, Tom Herder, Gary Ledford, John Malnar, Billie Jo Parrack, Cecil Redway, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling, Randy Stroup, Alex Tignor, and Debbie Weaverling. Also in attendance were J.J. Carney, Rick Harlow, Nancy Kessler and Robert Sturman.

Jim Devine asked for corrections to the minutes of the April 17, 2000 meeting of the Missouri Valley Board of Directors and House of Delegates. None being offered the minutes were approved as distributed.


Jim Devine, General Chair, reported that he had learned from the General Chairs meeting that most LSC's were using websites for publishing their LSC's information and were moving away from publishing Swim Guides. This will be discussed further under Old Business. He also reported that the Long Course Division II championships had been successful having all swimmers at one site. The meet, for the first time, conducted time trials for swimmers seeking Division I times. These had also gone well and Jim will recommend that time trials be added to the Division II meet in the future.

John Malnar, Administrative Vice Chair, reported that the arrangements for the Zone team were in place.

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary/Registration Chair, reported that as of 8/3/2000 Missouri Valley had registered 3510 regular swimmers, 4559 season 2 (summer) swimmers, 896 non-athletes, 48 regular clubs and 34 season 2 (summer) clubs. Missouri Valley has experienced a slight increase in summer swimmers from last year.

Billie Jo Parrack, Treasurer, reported that this year our Zone expenses were over budget. Part of this occurs because the Zone expenses and reimbursements occur after the end of MV's fiscal year. Jim Devine suggested that Billie Jo collect Zone expense data from the last several years to determine if MV needs to increase the Zone allocation line in the budget. Billie Jo also reported that MV would be paying $250.00 for the deductible on the timing system's insurance and the new computer purchases were not yet reflected in the budget. Most all sanction application fees have been paid.

Tom Herder, Age Group Vice Chair, reported that the final numbers for Zone attendees and fees will be known by August 8 after the Division I meet. The entry fees for the Zone meet will be sent in at that time.

Mike Soderling, Coaches' Representative, reported that balloting for Missouri Valley Coach of the Year would be done at the Division I meet.

Randy Stroup, Electronic Timing System Chair, reported that the Missouri Valley trailer and touch pads had been destroyed in an accident in Parsons, KS. The touch pads have been replaced by Colorado Timing and are in use at the Division I meet and an insurance adjuster will assess the trailer and give an estimate for its repair. Randy also announced that he would continue to coordinate the schedule for teams wishing to rent the timing system and Cecil Redway announced that he would be continuing to work the meets with the timing system for Missouri Valley while additional operators are being trained.


Investment Committee Report -- John Malnar reported that the Missouri Valley investments had been placed with Merrill Lynch through Patrick Aubry, Vice President, Senior Financial Consultant, 3401 College Blvd., Leawood, KS 66211. John Malnar will make a complete report for Missouri Valley at the October meeting and the information will be placed in the next News Brief as well.

Missouri Valley Mini Convention -- J.J. Carney reported that the mini convention will be held at Drury College and hosted by Springfield Aquatics. They are planning on a Gold Medal Clinic with Olympians for the swimmers but this will be expensive. Jim suggested that the money budgeted for MV camps be moved to the mini convention budget line to allow MV to be able to meet the convention costs. A motion was made to this effect, seconded and all voted aye. To publicize the mini convention, Jim suggested creating a web site for it and linking the site to the MV web site and the other MV team sites.

Top 8 -- Debbie Weaverling stated that she would have the Missouri Valley Short Course Top 8 to Jim for posting on the Web site soon.

Web Page -- Jim Devine suggested that MV consider hiring a webmaster to create and continually update a web site for Missouri Valley. We could use the money now spent on Swim Guide publishing to pay for the web site work. He plans to talk to George Bruce whose company manages web sites about the possibilities for MV. He also suggested that MV explore the Hy-Tek searchable database at the USAS Convention to see if it would be usable for MV.


Zone Coaching -- Alex Tignor, MVS's 2000 zone coach, stated that the Zone equipment and buses are set up. He stated that each year the Zone head coach should serve as the Zone manager for the team the following year. He is willing to do this for next year and Tom Herder stated that he would also.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Respectively submitted,

Dulcy Sellon,
Missouri Valley Swimming Secretary