Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on March 18 2001 at 2:00pm, at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita KS

The meeting of the Board of Directors of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita, KS. General Chair, Jim Devine, called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm. The following Directors were in attendance: Brian Barnes, George Bruce, Sue Courtney, Tom Herder, Leonard Horne, Gary Ledford, John Malnar, Pete Malone, Eric Nelson, Marlaine Nickelson, Joe Ogilvie, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling, and Debbie Weaverling. Also in attendance were Bob Clinton, Rich Kessler, Tom Kleiboeker, Donna Ogilvie, David Schmacher, and Alex Tignor.

Jim Devine asked for any corrections to the minutes of the Missouri Valley October Board of Directors meeting. There being none, the minutes were accepted as distributed.


General Chair, Jim Devine - discussed the modification to the MV championship meet procedures he had made for this year. In the past MV has had MV meet results for the current short course season, and the immediate past short and long course seasons available at the Division I and II meets for use for proof of times. For the 2001 championship short course meets this was changed to the current short course season and the immediate past long course season because of MVS's conversion to use of a searchable data base. Eric Nelson made the motion to restrict this change to the current year (2001) only and to return to our previous proof of time format for future meets. Marlene Nickelson seconded and all voted aye. Jim reported that the Division II championship held in Manhattan had modified the established meet procedures and added consolation finals to the Saturday events. The Executive Committee directed the Manhattan referee to hold only finals, no consolation finals, on Sunday and the Saturday consolation final swims were considered to be time trials. This made the swim opportunities equal at both Division II sites. Jim also reported that Springfield, the east Division II site, will provide information on what they as a club needed to know to host a championship meet. This information will be collected, augmented by other clubs and published as a Missouri Valley Championship manual for use by all clubs hosting MV championship meets. Jim asked that anyone having suggestions for the new MV web site, to contact him with them.

Administrative Vice Chair, John Malnar - reported that the rooms for the Zone meet had been secured and that Mike Soderling, 2001 Zone Head Coach, is working on the bus contract. Pete Malone suggested that Bill, the bus finder, be used to find a bus contract and he (Pete) will give John Malnar Bill's phone number. John also reported that Blue Valley had made a bid for the fall mini convention and that he will take bids until May.

Secretary/Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon - reported that the summer registrations are just beginning to arrive. Missouri Valley currently has 3475 full year swimmers, 414 non-athletes and 44 clubs.

Senior Vice Chair, Eric Nelson - reported that the Senior All Star meet had gone well. The Ozark women won the women's division on the last relay.

Age Group Vice Chair, Tom Herder - reported that the Division II short course meets had gone well. The time line was very good and the sites, 450 swimmers at one, 440 at the other, were well divided. Division I had 550 swimmers. Topeka is asking again that the Division I format be changed to include 100 yard events for 10 and Under and 50's for 11-12 year olds. Jim stated that the meet format is the Board of Director's decision but that we should always be willing to hear possible changes for the Board of Director's consideration.

Treasurer, Billie Jo Parrack - was unable to attend the meeting but provided a budget report. She also requested that the annual audit be done. No one had any budget questions. John Malnar reported that the audit will be done next month.


Jim reported that Missouri Valley has a policy that requires a swimmer transferring between clubs in Missouri Valley Swimming to provide proof that no fees are owed before transferring. When a swimmer transfers to a club outside of Missouri Valley we have no ability to require that fees not be owed before leaving. Jim also stated that Joe Ogilvie, Thor Larson, and John Malnar are working as a committee to devise guidelines for selecting MV attendees at the USAS Convention. They will report at the April MV meeting on this.


Elections for 2001 will be held at the Missouri Valley Swimming spring meeting. The Treasurer, Secretary/Registration Chair and the Age Group Vice Chair and half of the District delegates will be up for election. Gary Ledford will be coordinating the work to create a slate of nominees for these positions. The current District 2 delegate, Chris McQuay has moved to District 1. Marlene Nickolson expressed a willingness to serve out the remainder of the McQuay term as District 2 delegate. The motion was made to appoint her to this position, seconded and the Board voted unanimously for her appointment.

Pete Malone reported on the current situation in the elimination of the University of Kansas' men's swimming program. He felt that Missouri Valley needs to undertake a grass roots campaign for fund raising for the KU program in order to keep the sport as a NCAA Division I athletic opportunity for Missouri Valley swimmers. Missouri Valley would undertake to generate funds from Missouri Valley as an LSC, from an annual pledge from each club and from a $5 contribution from each member of Missouri Valley. A formal proposal to set up a trust fund using this revenue will be made at the spring meeting. The trust fund will be used to promote swimming in schools because we see swimming as an integral part of our children's ability to grow up. Eric Nelson will present the Missouri Valley funding ideas to KU officials in the next week.

The meet schedule for 2001-2002 was discussed. The motion was made to approve the sites for the short course Division II (Central High, KCS and Fort Leavenworth, OLA, FTLL), long course Div. II (Manhattan, MM), long course Div. I (Lenexa, KCB), and short course Div. I (Wichita, WSC). This was seconded and all vote aye. Another motion was made to award the Level II west meet to Salina and the Level II east meet to Pittsburg. This was seconded and all voted aye. Jim noted that the other bidders for the Level II meet, Emporia and Columbia were free to offer bids for other meets. Pete pointed out that the weekend of Jan. 11-13 had six teams bidding for a meet. Missouri Valley can let all host meets that weekend or discuss this further at the spring meeting. Pete also pointed out that the Missouri Swim Stars had not yet bid for a meet and might want to do so. Gary Ledford requested that the Springfield Halloween meet be added to the schedule for the October 12-14 weekend. The meet schedule will be adopted in final form at the spring meeting.

Coaches Report, Mike Soderling - stated that he had heard enthusiasm expressed for the new web site and that the searchable database for meet results is being well used.

Joe Ogilvie made the motion that $1,200 from the Outreach line item be used for two touch pads at Central High School. This was seconded and all voted aye.

Jim requested that committees working on swimmer recognition ideas and selection of delegates to the USAS Convention post their reports (through Jim) to the website so ideas can be generated before the Missouri Valley April meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.

Respectively submitted,
Dulcy Sellon, MVS Secretary