Minutes of Joint Board of Directors and House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 21 2001 at 1:00pm, at Central High School, Kansas City KS

The joint meeting of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at Central High School in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Jim Devine, General Chairman, called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. The following Directors and Delegates were in attendance: Brian Barnes, Bobby Botts, Robert Clinton, Jim Devine, Paula Gimson, Mark Hantla, Rick Harlow, Tom Herder, Barbara Holder, Craig Ivancic, Doug Johnson, Theresa Johnson, Gary Ledford, Helen Lochow, John Malnar, Richard Maxfield, Patrick McLaughlin, Gerald Miller, Eric Nelson, Marlaine Nickolson, Donna Ogilvie, Joe Ogilvie, Billie Jo Parrack, Tom Ringwelski, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling, Randy Stroup and Debbie Weaverling.

Jim Devine asked for corrections to the minutes of the March, 2001 Board of Directors meeting. There being none, the minutes stand as published on the Missouri Valley web page (http://www.missourivalleyswimming.com). Jim then announced the presentation of the Phillips Petroleum Outstanding Service Award to Randy Stroup for 2001. Randy has served Missouri Valley for many years by supplying the LSC's electronic timing equipment to teams for meets. Jim also stated that he is working with the Division I and II hosts to create a handbook for use by the future Missouri Valley championship meet hosts.


Administrative Vice Chair, John Malnar - gave a brief synopsis of the Missouri Valley investments. Most of our investments had not been affected by the market's ups and downs. Some had and these we hope will do better in the future.

Senior Vice Chair, Eric Nelson - reported that Missouri Valley had 12 swimmers participating in the Senior National Meet. Several achieved Top 16 finishes.

Age Group Vice Chair, Tom Herder - recommended that no changes be made to the time standards or formats of the Division I and II meets. They had run well and had attracted the number of swimmers we had hoped to attract, about 450 at the Division II meets and 600 at Division I. He also reported that he would get the Short Course Meter time standards updated soon. The hotel rooms for the Zone meet had been secured and he was encouraging Mike Soderling, Missouri Valley's Head Zone Coach, and the Zone staff to create a time line and manual for future Zone staff use. He also thought the searchable database was well used and liked by the Missouri Valley members and would make All Star and Zone team selection easier in the future.

Membership/Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon - reported that Missouri Valley had 3,526 full-year swimmers, 76 season-2 swimmers, 422 non-athletes, 44 full-year clubs and 4 season-2 registered as of 4/20/2001. The season-2 swimmer registration will probably reach about 4,000 by mid June and the non-athlete registrations will about double.

Treasurer, Billie Jo Parrack - reported that currently Missouri Valley is in good financial condition. She requested that Zone checks needed for the meet be requested ahead of time so she can get the checks to the coaches. She also stated that she needs the first page of the meet manager report that lists the number of swimmers submitted with the financial report of a swim meet. She also said that each team has 21 days to submit their financial report and payment. She sends a series of letters reminding the club that payment is due. After the third letter, the non-payment matter goes to the Board of Review. She stated that Richard Winn, the Missouri Valley Web Master has not yet submitted a bill for his work.

Coaches Representative, Mike Soderling - reported that the Zone coaching staff will be himself, Craig Ivancic, Thor Larson, Scott Berry, Jason Petty and, they hope, Helen Lochow if she is available. Julie Swank will be the parent liaison. Mike also reported that he is working on a new method for voting on the Coach of the Year Award. Suggestions were made to conduct a poll at the web site or to send ballots out with the Division I material.

Athlete Representatives - Elizabeth Bruce will be the Senior Athlete Rep and Alex Sidelnic will serve as Junior Athlete's rep.

Records Chair, Debbie Weaverling - reported that she had collected $50 at Division II, Manhattan and $75 at the Division I meet. She would check with JJ Carney about the Division II meet at Springfield. Brian Barnes reported that the Top 8 is probably just about right now. He stated that teams swimming outside of the LSC are responsible for sending him diskettes with their meet results. He would also like teams to submit reports on Double A swimmers to verify the database. He needs backup diskettes from the meets. There were 30 new Citizen Records this year and 26 new District Records.

Officials Chair, Joe Ogilvie - reported that 2 clinics had been held and new referees certified. He encouraged MVS officials to work at the summer sectional meet and the Zone meet. He also presented Missouri Valley Swimming Official's Training Program which is the minimum set of requirements necessary for Missouri Valley officials to be in compliance with USA Swimming national officials training. A list of referees able to provide this training was also provided.

Safety Chair - Gary Colonna has resigned his position and recommended that Helen Lochow be appointed in his place.

Electronic Timing, Randy Stroup - reported that he would resolve the scheduling conflict occurring in the summer of 2002. The system was used 26 times in 2001.

Board of Review, George Schluter - reported that if a club had received their third letter for nonpayment of meet fees, this situation would be handled quickly by the Board. He reported no Board actions this year.


Who would be attending the USA Swimming National Convention in Detroit this September was reviewed. Missouri Valley will send those directed to attend by the MVS By-Laws. Missouri Valley also sends members who are voting delegates and will devise a process for the submission of names of members who should also by sent by the LSC.

Gary Ledford and Sue Courtney presented a report on recommendations for swimmer recognition. They recommended that the recognition be made at a separate time from the lunch at the MVS Mini Convention and that the Top 8 plaques be engraved. After discussion of the topic, Eric Nelson made the motion that Missouri Valley prepare certificates for each Top 8 and all Academic Award winners and that these be distributed to the clubs for them to award. The motion was seconded and passed with one dissenting vote. It was also suggested that the Top 8 swimmers be recognized at the Division I meet.

Joe Ogilvie stated that the officials' certification standards needed to be adopted so that our officials could be in conformance with national standards and work on the national level meet deck. It was decided that the officials committee would create a training manual for this. The motion was made to adopt the officials' standards as set out in Joe's report, seconded and all voted aye. The officials committee was instructed to prepare the training manual for next fall's meeting.

The nominating committee presented the following candidates for election:

  • Treasurer, Billie Jo Parrack;

  • Membership/Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon;

  • Age Group Vice Chair, Tom Herder;

  • Board of Review, Hugh Dill, Theresa Johnson, alternate Marikay Pollreisz;

  • District 1 Delegate, Gary Ledford;

  • District 3 Delegate, Rick Harlow;

  • District 5 Delegate, Rick Maxfield.

It was noted that the District Delegates are elected by their team representatives not by the Board of Directors. Helen Lochow seconded the motion to submit this slate of nominees for election. No further nominations were made from the floor and all voted aye.


Fort Leavenworth Lancers volunteered to host this September's MVS Mini Convention. No awards will be presented for swimmers at that convention. It was decided to offer four sessions in the morning: College recruiters, Nutritionist, Sports Medicine and USA Swimming Officiating. Swimmers and parents could attend the sessions. The parents would then hold their House of Delegates meeting in the afternoon and the swimmers would have pool opportunities available to them for relays, water polo etc. The meeting would be held on one day, September 29, 2001.

The House of Delegates decided to leave the Short and Long Course Division I and II meet configuration the same as it was offered in 2000.

Barb Holder, Meet Scheduling Assistant Chair, pointed out that the meet schedule offered for approval for 2001-2002 had very few meets offered in the summer of 2002. A motion was made to approve the meet schedule as amended, seconded, and all voted aye.

Jim Devine, Dulcy and Richard Winn, the web master will pursue the creation of a recruiting form for swimmers use on the MVS web site.

Jim Devine presented the proposal made at the March Board of Directors meeting to create a fund in an interest bearing account for use towards the enhancement of swimming. This fund would initially be used to help the University of Kansas's men swimming program remain in existence. The fund would be created by adding a $5 assessment for regular swimmers and $2.50 for seasonal swimmers to their registration fee, by asking clubs to match their swimmer contributions and by contributing money from the MVS LSC. Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion for the creation of this fund. The vote on the motion was held and the motion was defeated. Eric Nelson made the motion to pledge $1,000 to the program for its reinstatement and to revisit this issue at the summer Division I meeting. Robert Clinton seconded this motion and all voted aye.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Dulcy Sellon, MVS Secretary