Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on August 4 2001 at 1:30pm, at the Ad Aster Pool in Lenexa KS

The meeting of the Board of Directors of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at the Ad Astra pool, Lenexa, KS. Jim Devine, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. The following Directors were in attendance: Brian Barnes, Sue Courtney, Tom Herder, John Malnar, Pete Malone, Richard Maxfield, Billie Jo Parrack, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Alex Sidelnik, and Mike Soderling. Also in attendance was Linda Dandy.

Jim Devine announced that the Northland Swim and Dive Conference has established the "Tim Kidder Award". This award, in honor of coach Tim Kidder who passed away this year, honors the individual who best portrays personal dedication and contributions to the Northland Swim Conference and the sport of swimming. This years recipient is Michelle Street of the Kearney Swim Team. She managed to keep the Kearney Swim Team operational in the face of the Kearney School District s move to a year round calendar. Each club in the conference nominated an individual and the first year s recipient was chosen by the Tim Kidder family and presented with the award before the conference finals July 25.

Jim also reported that the Missouri Valley web site has had over 15,000 visits in July 2001. The site has been received well and is being actively used.

At the Sectional meet, Jim reported that Missouri Valley swimmers had performed well. The Blazers won the meet; Wichita was fourth, and Lawrence, eighth. Over 40 national cuts were achieved and new pool records and Sectional records established.


Age Group Vice Chair: Tom Herder reported that Mike Soderling is well prepared for this year s zone meet. He also stated that the Division II time standards will be corrected. It is his plan and Jim s to then publish the time standards on the web page. When meet flyers for the championship meets are distributed, these time standards will be included along with a list of the order of events. By eliminating the practice of listing qualifying times with events, Missouri Valley should remove the possibility of sending out incorrect times on the meet flyers.

Membership: Dulcy Sellon reported that swimmer registrations were up slightly this year. Missouri Valley had 3763 regular athletes registered this year (3510 last year) and 4416 season II athletes this year (4559 last year) for a total of 8188 athletes this year and 8069 last year. The non-athlete registration was down slightly; 876 this year, 896 last year. This registration year we had 46 regular clubs register (48 last year) and 36 season clubs (34 last year). Jim also stated that the number of sanctions issued this year had increased.

Treasurer: Billie Jo Parrack reported that Missouri Valley s actual income had exceeded its expenses thus far but some of the Zone payments might overlap the end of the fiscal year. She also reported that we have not received a webmaster bill as yet and that is an expense to be paid. The 2001 airfares and hotels fees for the USAS Convention are still to be paid but that will also be in the next fiscal year. The sanction fees still due are sanctions MV01-41, Blazer Bucks: 01-36A, Jefferson City; 01-35, Blazers; 01-71A MMAC; 01-60 Manhattan; 01-73A Warrensburg; and 01-75A Salt Fork. She thought Missouri Valley's financial picture is good right now.

Coaches Representative: Mike Soderling reported that he currently had 125 swimmers participating in the zone meet and hoped to have the checks from them by Sunday, August 5.

Athletes Representative: Alex Sidelnik, Missouri Valley s new Junior Rep. Was introduced. He reported that the swimmers had contributed to the Zone T-Shirt design.

Records Chair: Brian Barnes reported that 15 new Missouri Valley Citizen records had been set. He is currently working on the Top 16 Long Course report; the short course report has been completed.

Officials: Joe Ogilvie reported that we now have bells for use with the distance events. Two Missouri Valley officials, George Bruce and Theresa Johnson attended the official s clinic in Salt Lake City. Missouri Valley also had officials working at the Sectional meet and would need to supply many for next spring s sectional meet in Lawrence. George Schluter asked that a method be devised to allow officials to sign up to work at the Division Championships. It was decided to ask the webmaster to create a page for this purpose

Safety Chair: Helen Lochow, Fort Leavenworth Lancers, was introduced as Missouri Valley s new Safety Chair replacing Gary Colonna. She had received his last report which detailed 13 accidents in Missouri Valley.

Outreach: Joe reported that Mary Jo Klier is working with the Boys and Girls club of Kansas City to start a swimming outreach program there.

MV Scheduling Committee: Pete Malone reported that the meet bid packet will be sent to the clubs before Christmas

District Delegate Reports: Richard Maxfield will take over as District 5 delegate at MVS's fall meeting.

Web Master: Missouri Valley's website has some email accounts available for MVS use. These are available from Richard Winn, our current Webmaster.


USAS Convention: John Malnar reported that the Convention registrations were complete and the tickets were in the mail. Pete reviewed some of the issues that might arise at the Convention. These include a proposal to double registration fees, USOC Budget and funding changes, national championship dates, and direction USA Swimming plans to follow in providing service to clubs.

Missouri Valley Mini Convention: Our procedures for swimmer recognition will be discussed at the mini convention as will volunteer recognition. Joe also plans an officials meeting there. The meeting will be held on Saturday, September 29 starting at 8:00 am.

Missouri Valley s college recruiting page on the web site will be advertised to college coaches. The site will also have a password so information from swimmers cannot be changed. The Missouri Valley office will verify that swimmers posting information are currently registered Missouri Valley swimmers.


Zone Meet: A committee has been set up to revamp the procedures used for the Zone meet entries and travel. John Malnar, Mike Soderling and Craig Ivancic will work on this and hope to create a handbook for future Missouri Valley zone participation.

Thanks for providing excellent Division meets were extended to Topeka Swim Team and the Kansas City Blazers. The new procedure of publishing an order of events and set of time standards for the meet flyers was stated. Any team will be able to download the time standards from the website at any time.

Summer league meets and registration problems were addressed. Currently some summer teams are participating in league dual meets without current registration. Jim appointed a committee of George Schluter, Billie Jo Parrack, Dulcy Sellon and himself to meet and propose possible methods for correcting summer registration problems before the MV fall meeting.

Billie Jo stated that the deductible on our insurance policy for Missouri Valley equipment had risen considerably and asked that any information on new insurance bidders be sent to her.

Meeting adjourned at 2:45.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon,
Missouri Valley Swimming Secretary