Minutes of Joint Board of Directors and House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 6 2002 at 1:00pm, at Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park KS

The joint meeting of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park, KS. Jim Devine, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. The following Directors and Delegates were in attendance: Ken Bailey, Brian Barnes, Justin Berry, Kris Boyer, John Brockway, George Bruce, Liz Coy, Jim Devine, Kaia Dutler, Tom Herder, Barbara Holder, Craig Ivancic, Doug Johnson, Thor Larson, Gary Ledford, Mike Lewellyn, Helen Lochow, John Malnar, Richard Maxfield, Eric Nelson, Marlaine Nickelson, Jason Petty, Cindy Reed, Dulcy Sellon, Richard Winn.

Jim Devine, General Chair, asked for corrections to the minutes of the March 2002 Board of Directors meeting. There being none, the minutes stand as submitted by Vicki Schmidt.

Jim next introduced Richard Winn, the Missouri Valley Swimming Webmaster. Jim stated that the web now allows Missouri Valley to post meet information for swimmers. Some meet information has been submitted for posting, however, before Jim has sanctioned the meet. Teams should note that Richard Winn will not post meet information on the website in the future unless the meet has a sanction number. Jim also announced that since this is his last spring MVS meeting this also concludes the chairmanships of all committee chairs appointed by Jim. The new general chair and committees are elected in April and take office in October. Finally, Jim announced that MVS's treasurer of 15 years, Billie Jo Parrack, is resigning her position to accommodate her increased duties with Belton city government. Jim asked for nominations for this position who will be appointed to complete the rest of Billie Jo's current term. The position has no term limits for re-election.

Reports of Officers

John Malnar, Administrative Vice Chair, reported that Missouri Valley's investments are now beginning to re-coup after the September 11 events and subsequent economic downturn. Missouri Valley's mini convention will be in September this year but he is still looking for a host for the mini-convention. The USA Swimming convention will be in Dallas this year and Missouri Valley will be sending 12 delegates. The swimmers elected Christi Fuchs as MVS's junior rep at the Division I meet and she will attend the convention. John also reported that certificates for Top 8 swimmers and the Missouri Valley Academic team will be mailed to clubs for distribution in a few weeks.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration/Membership Chair, reported that Missouri Valley had 3,601 athletes registered at the conclusion of the short course season. Missouri Valley had 431 non-athletes and 55 clubs/organizations registered. These numbers compare very closely with the registration numbers from last year. She also reported that there would be a registration workshop in June at Colorado Springs. Missouri Valley delegates agreed that this would be a useful workshop and that she should attend it. Jim will be informed of the dates the office will be vacant.

Treasurer's report - the report submitted by Billie Jo for the March Board of Director's meeting was distributed. No questions about the budget were raised.

Helen Lochow, Safety Chair, restated that the pool depth information needed for training racing starts should be sent to all summer leagues and teams and is posted on the website. She reported that most of our accidents occur when swimmers dive into the pool before the meet starts. We need to be more vigilant in making sure the warm-up rules are enforced so this does not occur. Jim will include a memo on the meet sanction material to emphasize the need for enforcing the warm-up rules. Jim also suggested amending Missouri Valley's warm-up procedures to allow the referee discretion to disqualify a swimmer from one or more events for violation of the warm-up procedures. Helen also reported several ways for clubs to ensure better air quality at the pool surface by spreading out practicing swimmers and swimming fewer per lane. She also stated that CPR, First Aid and Safety Training for Swim Coaches challenge courses will be offered at the fall and spring Missouri Valley meetings and at the Level II Championships and the Division II meets. Coaches needing the full course can schedule it through Helen as well.

Eric Nelson, Senior Chair, reported the swimmers who had competed in the Senior National championships in March. Clubs will be sent reimbursement money for their swimmers. Participants were: Kansas City Blazers - Eric Cipra, Tyler Doblebower, Kathryn Hennessy, Lindsay Herre, Abby Hoisington, Max Jaben, Alex Sidelnick, Kelsey Smith, Rachel Waller; Missouri University - Tiffany Bohon; SMSU - Eric Bitner; Truman State's Sara Hatcher, Elizabeth Hug; Tsunami Swim Team - Chad Ainsworth, Angela Goodson; University Of Kansas - Alyson Colver, Ashley Dower, Amy Gruber, Gwen Haley, Miranda Issac, Kristen Johnson, Jackie Krueger; Wichita Swim Club  - Caroline Bruce, Elizabeth Bruce.

Tom Herder, Age Group Vice Chair, reported that Division II at Leavenworth had 419 swimmers and at Central, 415. Division I had 619 swimmers and Sectionals had 437, so Missouri Valley provided championship swim meets for about 2,000 swimmers this year. Tom recommended that the time standards remain the same for 2002/2003 for Levels and Division meets. He also reported that Richard Winn, the MVS Webmaster, has created downloadable files so teams can download times to Team Manager and Meet Manager software. Tom also furnished the short course meter conversion times for distance free events that will be included on the webpage. These short course meter times will be:






Div 1

Div 2

Div 1

Div 2

Div 1

Div 2








400 free







800 free







1500 free














400 free







800 free







1500 free







 Tom Herder also provided a timeline which will be posted on the web. The timeline will be used to ensure that meet information reaches the correct location in a timely fashion. The timeline is designed to correct past problems in providing correct championship meet information in a timely manner. Tom proposed that legislation be drafted to require meet hosts to publish lead-off splits in official results for relay teams for whom names and order were provided with official entries. The meet administration people will need to enter this data as it is submitted to them and Jim will include this in the sanction requirements. Tom reported that Wichita Swim Club will be host for this summer's zone meet. He is still seeking coaches for the MVS team and requested that coaches interested in this should submit a letter to Tom expressing their interest. Individual swimmers will handle travel to the Zone meet and they will be reimbursed for it. Accommodations are available through Tournament Gold.

Brian Barnes, Records Chair, reported that 53 new district records (a swim by any swimmer done in the MVS LSC) had been set this year and 21 new citizen records (a swim by an MVS swimmer done anywhere) had been set. Brian stated that he still needed relay results and Top 16 information. Brian will be turning the record chair duties over to Scott Berry once the Top 16 information is reported to USA Swimming.

Unfinished Business

Jim stated that USA Swimming has made a new club development proposal. This proposal which will be offered as legislation at the USA Swimming Convention this fall will require new clubs to have a coach with more training than is currently required, to have a business plan and to attend training provided by USA Swimming. This legislation would have an impact especially on summer teams. Pete suggested that we offer an amendment to exempt summer clubs from these requirements and Jim asked that members who want to contribute input on this issue to contact him.

New Business

Gary Ledford presented the nominating committee's slate for election:

  • General Chair - George Bruce;

  • Admin Vice Chair - Rick Harlow;

  • Senior Chair - Brian Barnes;

  • District 2 Delegate - Marlene Nickelson;

  • District 4 Delegate - Linda Bailey;

  • District 6 Delegate - Doug Johnson.

Jim asked for nominations from the floor; there being none, the nominations were closed. Jim stated that he would continue as sanctioning chair under George Bruce and that John Malnar would continue to work with MVS investments under Rick Harlow. The motion was made and seconded to elect The General Chair, Admin Vice Chair and Senior Chair by acclamation. All voted aye. Delegates then also voted aye for the District 2, 4 and 6 delegates.

Gary Ledford next reported that the Board of Review calls for the election of an odd number of appointments in even numbered years. He will review the terms of the current board members and the Board of Directors will subsequently appoint those members. The motion was made and seconded to replace George Bruce, newly elected General Chair, on the Board with Jim Devine. All voted aye.

Two MVS By-law amendments were also offered and will be considered at the MVS September meeting. The first, "Article 17.5 Notices Deemed to be Delivered and Received" be amended as follows; (New portions are underlined; portions to be omitted are bracketed) B. notice by Fax, Internet, or E-Mail for Board of Review matters, notice given and writings delivered by facsimile, [or] electronic mail, or posted on the Missouri Valley Website shall be deemed given or delivered upon oral, telephonic, electronic or written conformation of recipient or 10 days after posting on the website by the Missouri Valley Webmaster for all purposes under these By-Laws.

The second will be an amendment to elect an even number of members to the Board of Review in even numbered years and an odd number in odd numbered years and to elect the Admin Vice chair in the same year as the Treasurer and Secretary so that the top two MVS officers are not both elected in the same year.

The scheduling committee approved the meet schedule and the House of Delegates accepted it as approved by the committee. The schedule will be published on the webpage.

Eric Nelson requested that the hosts for the MVS championship meets work together to place orders for the championship awards. John Malnar stated that he would contact Hasty Awards and secure a proposal from them for providing all awards for MVS championships. This proposal will be discussed at the August Board of Directors meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Dulcy Sellon, Missouri Valley Secretary