Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on March 15 2003 at 1:30pm, at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita KS

The meeting of the Board of Directors of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita, Kansas. General Chair, George Bruce, called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. The following Directors were in attendance: Linda Bailey, Scott Berry, George Bruce, Sue Courtney, Tom Herder, Craig Ivancic, Gary Ledford, Mike Lewellyn, Pete Malone, Richard Maxfield, Eric Nelson, Marlaine Nickelson, Dulcy Sellon.

George Bruce opened the meeting by asking for suggestions for individuals to fill the open positions on the Board of Directors. These positions are District 3 Representative, currently held by Rick Harlow who has been elected the Administrative Vice Chair, and Meet Procedures Chair which has been held by John Brockway who is leaving Missouri Valley Swimming at the end of the short course season. He stated the Board would also discuss agenda items for the MVS Spring meeting and the proposed 2003/2004 MVS meet schedule.

Spring Meeting Agenda Items - Pete Malone raised several issues to be agenda items for the MVS Spring Meeting. These agenda items are:

  • 1) Dues increase for seasonal clubs next year - Seasonal clubs and full year clubs with seasonal swimmers need to be informed about the dues increase.

  • 2) Travel Fund use - 2004 is an Olympic year and travel fund money should be considered for Trials as well as the National and US Open. 2005 will see the addition of a Junior Nationals. He suggested MVS do travel fund planning on a quadrennial basis.

  • 3) Electronic timing - Pete Malone asked about the status of MVS's second timing system and George Bruce stated that MVS should know within three weeks about the new system and can then plan for its affect on the meet schedule.

  • 4) Proof of Time used at MVS Championship Meets - MVS currently uses the MVS web site for proof of times but the Championship meet flyers do not state this. After discussion it was suggested that the web site keep records from 2000 on and keep a four-year database of times. After 2004, 2000 times would not be available. Teams could, however, download times before they were removed and use these as proofs. Tom Herder stated that he would work on the needed revisions for the championship meet flyers.

  • 5) Travel to the Zone Meet - This summer Missouri Valley Swimming will not provide transportation to the Zone meet in Indianapolis. Travel will be the responsibility of the participant's families.

  • 6) A proposal will be offered at the spring meeting to ensure that travel fund money from Missouri Valley Swimming is used by MVS swimmers participating in national meets as representatives of Missouri Valley Swimming.

Master Meet Schedule - Pete Malone reviewed the proposed bids for 2003/2004. Northland United and Tsunami have not yet submitted any bids. The Level II meet this year will be on an East-West basis. The Dolphins submitted the Blue Springs pool as a site but this is a bubbled pool. Lawrence will be considered as the East site and Newton will be considered as the West site if they still want to host the meet. Level I's will be in Wichita. Division II's will be at Topeka and the other site will be considered. It could be offered to the Dolphins if they secure Central High School or to Olathe using the Lawrence pool. Tom Herder will determine which teams will attend which location. Division I will be held at Wichita because the Dolphins bid for the meet at the Henley pool is a non-conforming bid, the pool having only 10 lanes. The spring meeting will be held at Roeland Park community center. For the Long Course 2004 schedule there will be a new meet April 30th at the new Topeka pool. The Division II meet will go to Manhattan in 2004. The Region 8 meet will be in Wichita and Division I will be hosted by the KC Blazers in Lenexa.

Board Position Openings - George Bruce requested that Jason Petty be asked to be the new Meet Procedures Chair. He also asked for recommendations for the District three position.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm

Respectively submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.