Minutes of Joint Board of Directors and House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 26 2003 at 1:00pm, at Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park KS

The joint meeting of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates of Missouri Valley Swimming was held at the Roeland Park Community Center, Roeland Park, KS. George Bruce, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. The following Directors and Delegates were in attendance: Linda Bailey, Ken Bailey, Scott Berry, Aaron Dean, Rick Harlow, Tom Herder, Barb Holder, Craig Ivancic, Theresa Johnson, Harry Kaszycki, Tom Kleibocker, Shawn Klosterman, Gary Ledford, Michael Lewellyn, John Malnar, Richard Maxfield, Sandy Miller, Marlaine Nickelson, Jason Petty, Cindy Reed, Scott Roehrs, George Schluter, David Schumacher, Dulcy Sellon, and Mike Soderling

General Chair, George Bruce, asked for corrections or additions to the minutes from the Board of Directors meeting held at the Division I Championships, March 15, 2003. Barb Holder requested that the minutes be amended to show that the location for the west Level II meet was still undetermined between Emporia and Newton. Gary Ledford seconded the amendment and it was duly approved.


Treasurer - Theresa Johnson reported that the budget shows the postage expense is up from last year. The All Star meet came in close to budget and the 2002 Zone meet had expenses that were paid in the 2003 fiscal year. Theresa requested that expenses be gotten to her as quickly as possible so that the bills can be paid in the fiscal year in which they were incurred. She also stated that she would not furnish blank checks for meet expenses. Invoices need to be provided in order for the check to be written. A motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurer's report and it was duly approved.

Administrative Vice Chair - Rick Harlow stated that the 2003 USAS convention would be held in San Diego and requested that individuals interested in going email him to let him know. Missouri Valley can send at-large nonvoting members and clubs interested in sending members to the convention need to let Rick know. The request was made that Pete Malone's room be paid instead of his air fare for the ASCA Convention since his air fare will be paid by ASCA. Rich said this would be considered. Linda Bailey who attended the General Chairs meeting in lieu of George Bruce stated that revision or amendments to the USA Swimming rules need to be submitted to USA Swimming by May 1 and delegates for the convention by December 1.

Senior Vice Chair - Mike Lewellyn reported that $750 had been disbursed for US Open participants, Max Jaben, Abby Hoisington and Betsy Grover. $2300 had been disbursed for the Spring Nationals. These funds went to Max Jaben, Caroline Bruce (full individual share), Lindsey Herre, Rachel Waller (full relay share), Betsy Grover, Abby Hoisington, Emma Berry (3/4 relay share), and Brandon Lee, Dan Zabler, Alex Zasadny (1/2 relay share). A total of $3100 was disbursed from the 2003 senior travel fund.

Age Group Vice Chair - Tom Herder reported that the championship meets had been a good size and he recommended that the time standards remain the same for next year. He also recommended that clubs and swimmers make their reservations for the Zone meet now. The Meet, in Indianapolis, will be large with the open water competition on Wednesday and the meet running Thursday through Sunday. He believes that a larger staff will be needed for the meet and recommends Craig Ivancic serve as head coach. Tom stated that he would work to revise the Division I and II meet flyers to reflect Missouri Valley's use of an online database for proof of times as well as working on the teams to be assigned to the East and West Level II meets so that the number of swimmers at each meet are comparable.

Membership - Dulcy Sellon reported that the registered swimmers, clubs and nonathletes for this year are very similar to the numbers from last year. As of 4-25-2003 Missouri Valley has 3532 full year swimmers, 21 Season 1 swimmers and 169 Season 2 swimmers. There are 498 registered nonathletes and 42 full year clubs, 3 Season 2 clubs and 7 organizations registered. Dulcy noted that almost 1/3 of the full year swimmers had been registered as new swimmers in 2003.

Officials - Linda Bailey reported that the Missouri Valley revamped rules and regulations for Officials are now posted on the website. Officials now take their tests online. She also reported that the General Chairs meeting she attended emphasized getting the LSC's athletes involved. The dues increase was also discussed and she encouraged clubs to offer input for use of club development funds created by the increase.

Coaches Representative - Cindy Reed reported that Phil Garverick of Columbia Swim Club had been chosen Senior Coach of the Year and Craig Ivancic, Age Group Coach of the Year.

Athletes Representative - George Bruce announced that Andre Koop of the Wichita Swim Club had been elected Junior athlete rep and Kristie Fuchs was the senior athlete rep.

Records - Scott Berry reported that 27 citizen records and 22 district records had been set during the short course season. Additionally, 15 girls, 6 boys and 28 relays had achieved Top 16 times.

Meet Procedures - Jason Petty has agreed to take the Meet Procedures Chair and will now be back in Missouri Valley coaching the Topeka Swim Association.

WebSite/publications - George Bruce asked for feedback on the website, asking if it was continuing to meet Missouri Valley's needs. He stated that if clubs or individuals find inaccuracies that they send the webmaster a note about it and copy the note to the Missouri Valley Office. A new feature of the website will start in May and this is a forum where people can ask questions and gather information.


The motion was made to accept the 2003-2004 meet schedule as submitted by the scheduling committee. Marlaine Nickelson seconded the motion. Discussion on the location for the Level II meet followed. Newton and Emporia had both bid for the meet and the committee had awarded the meet to Emporia. A motion was made to amend the original motion of approval of the schedule and offer the Level II meet to Newton. This motion was seconded and duly approved. A motion to approve the schedule as amended was made, seconded and duly approved.

Electronic Timing System - George Bruce reported that Missouri Valley should have an underwriter for its second timing system with in a month. John Malnar and Sandy Miller will review the list of equipment for the new timing system and forward the list to George Bruce to place the order. John Malnar also provided a schedule for the systems having anticipated having the second system for the long course season. This schedule will also be posted on the website.

Dues Increase - the new fees for 2004 will be sent to the clubs when information is sent to them. The fee structure will also be posted on the website. George Bruce also asked members to gather any feedback on the increase that is offered from clubs.


Following Missouri Valley's revised By-Laws, the House of Delegates elects the Administrative Vice Chair, The Treasurer and Age Group Chair in odd numbered years. The nominating committee nominated Rick Harlow to be Administrative Vice Chair and Theresa Johnson, Treasurer. No nominations were offered from the floor. Craig Ivancic was nominated as Age Group Vice Chair. No nominations were offered form the floor. George Bruce asked that the slate of candidates be unanimously accepted and they were duly elected.

Zone Meet flyer will be circulated to clubs in the next week.

USA Swimming will be moving all registrations data to a common database. When doing so all clubs must have registered safety Coordinators. Clubs need to check that their safety coordinator is registered and if nor, to designate a registered member as the safety coordinator.

Board of Review - A proposal to amend the Missouri Valley By-Laws to establish clearly how the Board of Review members will be selected will be posted on the website. This amendment will then be voted on at the September Missouri Valley House of Delegates meeting.

Investment Report- John Malnar reported that Missouri Valley's investments had been hit by the Stock Market downturn but are now on the rise again.

District 5 Representative - George Bruce asked that the House consider Sandy Miller for the District 5 representative position. She was duly elected.

Other Matters - Tom Herder asked if coaches going to the ASCA Convention immediately before the USAS Convention in San Diego would have their air fare covered and was reassured that this would be the case. Linda Bailey asked if MV Needed to approve a swimposium for next spring. George Bruce suggested that this be considered after the fall USAS Convention.

The motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon,
Missouri Valley Secretary