Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on August 2 2004 at 1:50pm, at the Ad Aster Pool in Lenexa KS

George Bruce called the meeting to order at 1:50 pm. The following were in attendance: Linda Bailey, Scott Berry, Scott Bliss, Christie Fuchs, Rick Harlow, Tom Herder, Craig Ivancic, Andre Koop, Mike Lewellyn, Sandy Miller, Joe Ogilvie, Jason Petty, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Chip Winslow.

George Bruce stated that the meeting would be used to raise and discuss items to be considered at the fall House of Delegates meeting. The current meeting would discuss time trial issues to be included in the Division I meet flyer, the USAS Convention, the new timing system, officials procedures and the new USA Swimming online database.

Dulcy Sellon began by discussing the new online database that is being used by USA Swimming for registrations and recording of swim times. She emphasized the importance of accurate swimmer registration so that swimmers times could be matched to the swimmer and the swimmer accurately traced through the seasons. The question was raised as to how far back swim times would be available on the database. George asked Scott Berry to do some research on this before the fall meeting.

George stated that upon the recommendation of the Officials Committee, MVS has begun some new procedures for certifying officials. These include requiring: 1) all officials to attend an annual clinic appropriate to their certification, 2) having all officials satisfactorily complete their required tests on line and 3) registering with USA Swimming. Once these requirements are met, registration cards and official s cards will be sent out from the Missouri Valley Office. Currently MVS is attempting to have all officials complete their requirements by October of each year. The Board discussed ways to expedite the clinics and testing for officials who register and work for summer clubs. Some suggestions included holding clinics each month starting in January throughout MVS, having summer officials register with their League so that they could begin the clinics and on line tests in January rather than waiting for their clubs to register in May, having each League designate an officials contact person to organize the leagues officials registrations. These ideas will be pursued at the fall meeting.

Rick Harlow reported that MVS will be sending 13 people to the convention. Those leaving from Kansas City will be leaving Wednesday, September 10. Theresa will coordinate the per diem for the attendees. Rick plans to set up an email list of the attendees to expedite communication with them.

The new timing system is in use and working well. Sandy Miller said that they are currently working to set up a site to allow teams to schedule the system when they apply for a sanction. George Bruce stated that Pepsi Co. in conjunction with Colorado Timing will underwrite about = of the cost of a timing system for LSCs buying a Colorado system. They will give MVS $750 of each sale and will cover about = the cost of our new system for being the facilitator between Pepsi and Colorado Timing to start this process. We now have two systems and should encourage teams to make use of them for their meets.

The Board discussed the USA rules and MVS rules that pertain to the number of events a swimmer may swim each day at a championship meet. The issue arose over the number of meet events and time trial events that would be permitted. It was decided that 5 events were permitted including time trial events. This will be included in the meet flyer. It was also suggested that changes to the meet flyer be emphasized in some way so that teams note the new changes.

George Bruce discussed the use of fly-over starts at meets. Since no recalls are now done at starts, flyover starts would seem to be safe. Mike Lewellyn suggested that starters make sure swimmers move to the side of the lane before they start the heat. George also suggested that clubs encourage their officials to work at our championship meets and at the Sectional and Zone meets. Mike Lewellyn raised a question from a coach about what MVS meets a college swimmer needs to swim in order to be eligible for MVS travel money for national meets. George said he believed MVS had decided that swimmers must swim Division I or Sectionals to be eligible. Mike said that he would write a proposed policy for this issue and have it at the fall meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming