Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on July 31 2004 at 1:30pm, at the Ad Aster Pool in Lenexa KS

George Bruce called the meeting to order at 1:30 pm. The following were in attendance: Linda Bailey, Scott Berry, Scott Bliss, Jim Devine, Christie Fuchs, Craig Ivancic, Andre Koop, Mike Lewellyn, Peter Malone, Sandy Miller, Jason Petty, Dulcy Sellon, and Kate Sweeney.

George Bruce began the meeting by having our new Junior Athlete Representative, Kate Sweeney, introduce herself. George stated that Gary Ledford would be completing the rest of Rick Harlow’s Admin Vice Chair term and would be making the USA Swimming Convention reservations. The following MVS members indicated that they wished to attend: Scott Bliss, Craig Ivancic, Mike Lewellyn, Andre Koop, Kate Sweeney, Dulcy Sellon, and Sandy Miller. George indicated that Jim Devine would act as the head of the MVS delegation as he would not be able to attend. Theresa Johnson had stated that she would be unable to attend this year and George said that he would work with her on the budget and provide material on the budget for the Missouri Valley delegates to discuss at the convention. The Missouri Valley coaches will now have Scott Bliss as their Coaches’ Representative and Derek Shipp of the KC Blazers will be Assistant Coach’s Representative. Cindy Reed, the previous coaches’ rep. is no longer coaching.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration Chair, reported that MVS is down about 600 seasonal swimmers from last year, (4397 in 2003, 3762 in 2004). One entire league consisting of Belton, Loch Lloyd, Oak Grove, Red Bridge Y, Blue Springs and Warrensburg did not register teams or swimmers. This league stated that the increase in summer registration fees had caused them to discontinue their USA Swimming participation. Discussion on the decrease in summer participation led to the suggestion that a report be prepared on the problem and the suggestion made to USA Swimming that summer seasonal fees remain steady rather than increasing each year as full year registration fees will do.

Craig Ivancic reported that the Division I meet scoring in three flights was being well received and creating a great deal of interest. This same scoring will be used at the short course Division I meet.

Pete Malone stated that he needed information on which teams would be able to bid for the Division II short course championship when it will be held at three sites in 2006. Craig Ivancic stated that he would have this information available for Pete at the fall MVS meeting.

Pete also made the motion that the Missouri Valley rule restricting the scoring of 8 and Under competition be applied only to open competition meets. Section 5(C) of the Missouri Valley Swimming Rules is amended to read as follows: "9. The 8 & Under classification will be a separate and distinct age category in all meets where the 8 & Under division is offered. The 8 & Under category is not a part of the 10 & Under category. An 8 & Under may enter 8 & Under or 10 & Under competition providing the swimmer has achieved any maximum classification time required by the meet, as long as the day’s maximum number of events allowed is not exceeded. No individual or team points will be offered for 8 & under categories in Open competition. 8 & under swimmers may score individual and team points in Closed competition. 8 & under swimmers who achieve points in 10 & under events are eligible to receive points in 10 & under events." Jim Devine seconded the motion and the motion was unanimously accepted.

Pete Malone also made the motion that the Missouri Valley rule pertaining to the two-hour time period, that must be between two swim sessions, match the USA Swimming rule, which provides that two hours must elapse between the conclusion of one session and the start of the next session. Section 8 of the Missouri Valley Swimming Rules shall be amended as follows: "C. Minimum Time Between Sessions for Same Competitive Classifications – The minimum time between the end of one program session and the start of competition for another program session in which the same competitive classifications are competing shall be two (2) hours." Jim Devine seconded this motion and it was unanimously accepted.

Pete Malone also discussed the scratch deadline used at the Division I meet. He wished to have the deadline 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Friday and Saturday events. The motion was made to pre-seed the Friday events and to establish the scratch deadline as 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Friday and Saturday events for events on Saturday and Sunday. Jim Devine seconded this motion and it was unanimously accepted. Craig stated that he would make the changes on the meet flyer and send the revised copy to Dulcy Sellon.

Pete Malone also brought up the issue of the cost of having touch pads at both ends of the pool for the championship meet. He raised the possibility of using the meet enhancement’s $500 fee to cover the cost of the two sets of touch pads. George Bruce stated that fees to be charged for the timing systems will be an issue discussed at the fall Missouri Valley meeting. Sandy Miller said that the timing system committee would submit a schedule of costs for the timing system at the fall meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.