Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on March 11 2006 at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita KS

Members attending: Ken Bailey, Linda Bailey, Scott Berry, Scott Bliss, George Bruce, Jolisa Buchner, John Dicus, Gary Ledford, Mike Lewellyn, Peter Malone, Eric Nelson, Joe Ogilvie, Bill Rose, Dulcy Sellon, and Mike Soderling

George Bruce opened the meeting at 1:00 pm by asking how Missouri Valley’s experiment in non-athlete credit card registration was operating? Dulcy reported that the PayPal option for non-athlete credit card registration was working well and that the system allowed quick turn around time for non-athlete registration. George asked Jolisa to check on how PayPal charges for our transactions in anticipation of extending the credit card registration option to clubs to utilize for athlete registration.

George Bruce and Peter Malone gave the Board an update on the status of the lawsuit involving MVS. The suit is moving slowly.

Peter Malone next presented the 2006-2007 meet schedule as compiled from the submitted bids. This schedule will be posted as preliminary on the MVS website. It will be voted on and posted as the official schedule after the April 22, MVS spring meeting. Peter asked the Board to consider the championship meet bids. The other meets will be scheduled as presented unless challenged.

The winter Division I (D-1) short course meet and summer D-II long course meets were considered first. Topeka agreed to drop their summer D-II bid if awarded the Zone meet. Bill Rose made the motion to award TSA the Zone meet and Lawrence and the Wichita Aquashocks the summer D-II meets. Eric Nelson seconded the motion and it was adopted.

Team Dolphins and the Kansas City Blazers had bid for the D-I long course meet. It was reported that TD had not secured Central High School for the meet site. Eric Nelson made the motion to approve KCB for the D-I long course meet. Scott Bliss seconded the motion and it was adopted.

The Board next discussed the D-II short course meets held at three sites for the first time in 2006. Two sites had experienced comparable attendance numbers but the third site was very large. Methods for adjusting the numbers, such as eliminating bonus swims or tightening the time standards were suggested. The Board decided that MVS should continue to offer the meet at three sites. Peter Malone suggested having one site be in the southeast part of MVS, covering Columbia and Springfield. The Board recognized that this meet would likely be consistently smaller that the other two sites. The teams who would host this meet could work out among themselves how they would bid for the meet on some rotational basis. Gary Ledford made the motion that one of the Springfield teams would receive the southeast D-II site for 2007. Eric seconded the motion and it was adopted. Discussion followed on which Springfield team would receive the 2007 bid. Gary Ledford agreed to talk to these two teams to work out a rotation and come back to the House of Delegates with a decision on April 22, 2006.

The Board next considered the location for the other two D-II short course sites. This meet had four bidders. The Board eliminated the Lawrence bid because they had been awarded a D-II long course meet. They also eliminated the Northland United bid because NLU was bidding to host the meet in a 6 lane pool. Both of the D-II short course meets outside of the southeast area are expected to be large meets. Peter Malone made the motion to award the second. and third D-II short course meets to Tsunami and Team Dolphins and to have Mike Soderling, Meet Procedures Chair, and Scott Bliss, Age Group Vice Chair, work out a structure for the meets to ensure they function well. Eric seconded the motion and it was adopted.

The Board next considered the Level II meet which had three bidders. The Board eliminated Team Dolphins since they had been tentatively awarded D-II. The Board considered the two other bidders, Kansas City Storm and Swim Newton. Swim Newton is in the process of hiring a new head coach. Scott Bliss made the motion to award the Level II meets to Swim Newton and Kansas City Storm. Linda Bailey agreed to help Swim Newton’s meet preparations and operation as they brought in a new coach and Joe Ogilvie agreed to assist the Kansas City Storm team and Kansas City Parks and Rec. in their meet preparations. Gary Ledford seconded the motion and it was adopted.

JoLisa stated that she wished clubs to be made aware that requests for meet enhancement money for MVS’s championship meets need to be made to Scott Bliss as the Age Group Vice Chair. This will be emphasized at the MVS Spring meeting.

Dulcy requested that the MVS transfer process be on the agenda for discussion at the Spring meeting. George Bruce suggested that MVS adopt a procedure whereby a club from which a swimmer transfers be given 30 days to inform the MVS office that the departing swimmer has not cleared their financial obligations to their former club. After 30 days if no notice is filed, the swimmer would be transferred to the new club. This suggestion will be on the agenda at the Spring meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.