Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting

Held on July 30 2006 at 1:45pm, at the Ad Aster Pool in Lenexa KS

Members in attendance: Linda Bailey, Kevin Bigham, Scott Bliss, George Bruce, Jolisa Buchner, John Dicus, Mike Lewellyn, Sandy Miller, Joe Ogilvie, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling

George Bruce called the meeting to order at 1:45pm.

George asked Scott Bliss to discuss the Div. II meet changes under consideration. Scott stated that in order to even out the meet attendance numbers at the three Division II short course sites, he would propose to rotate several teams to the central site from the east site every three years. Other possibilities for evening out the meet attendance numbers were to have 10 & Under events be timed finals only and making the 200 events have faster time qualifying requirements. Missouri Valley’s current qualifying times allow between 350 to 440 swimmers per site. In order for host teams to make a profit on the meet, it was proposed that Missouri Valley pay for the meet awards. Scott will research the costs of this proposal and present the information at the MVS fall meeting. He stated that the long course Div. II meets went well. The east site had 304 swimmers and the west had 377.

Meet entry deadlines was an issue that arose at the Division II west meet. Scott Bliss will make the proposal at the fall meeting that entries for these meets will be accepted on an electronic file only and that the deadline for the entries will be 6pm the Monday before the meet. The proposal will also allow deck entries at the Div. I and II meets. Linda stated that for these meets scratches are due on Thursday, seeding is then done and the heat sheets are printed. It was also proposed that late entries will cost the swimmer double the rate.

Dulcy stated that the new system for transfers voted at the spring meeting was working efficiently. Swimmers send their transfer request to the MVS Office. The office emails the team from which the swimmer is transferring and asks if the swimmer is in good financial standing. If the response is yes, the transfer is processed. The request by a full-year swimmer to transfer to his summer club was also discussed. The Board agreed that swimmers should be made aware that they may swim with a summer club while they are registered as full-year swimmers only in closed competition. In any open MVS competition they must compete as a member of their full-year club or go through the transfer process, which requires that they be unattached for 120 days following their last competition with their full-year club and secure financial clearance from their full-year club.

The date for the Fall Missouri Valley Meeting was discussed. The website calendar states that September 30 will be the date for the meeting, but three meets are scheduled on that date. Board members believed that the meeting date had originally been September 23. Sandy Miller will check with the Springfield hosts of the meeting to see if the 23rd will be possible. The web page will be updated when the 23rd is confirmed. She also stated that she and Linda Bailey will host a meet manager training session at the fall meeting.

Sandy Miller stated that the Missouri Valley timing equipment had been used extensively during the summer and was generally in good condition. A few small parts will need to be replaced. Rental fees for the equipment had exceeded its budget line. George Bruce asked Jolisa to consider the income as separate from the general fund since it can now be tracked.

George Bruce gave John Dicus the information on Missouri Valley’s investment account. He stated that we will examine the MVS budget at the USA Convention as well. Jolisa said that she would provide a fiscal year 2006 budget for Convention attendees and she pointed out that so far the MVS meet fees are lower that anticipated.

George Bruce asked Mike Lewellyn to provide information on the events and issues that will be considered at the USAS Convention. Mike stated that the election for President of USA Swimming will consist of a contest among Mike Salstein, Jeff Goodman and Jim Wood. Jim Wood is a current coach, Goodman a past treasurer of USA Swimming, and Salstein has also held past USA Swimming offices. Background checks for coaches will also be an important issue. Joe Ogilvie asked that MVS check on what had become of the research he had prepared for USA Swimming on sexual harassment training.

The Board also discussed the information presented by webmaster Richard Winn on the online payment options for the registration of MVS swimmers. Richard had presented information on QChex, an online check creation service clubs could use to pay for registrations as well as more information on the cost of using PayPal for online registration payment. The Board agreed that using QChex presented some security issues for clubs who would have to send in information on their checking account numbers. How to limit online payment for registrations to clubs only was also discussed. The issue will be examined again at the MVS fall meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.