Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on July 27, 2007 at the Ad Astra Pool in Lenexa KS

Members present: Linda Bailey, Scott Bliss, Jolisa Buchner, John Dicus, Mike Lewellyn, Peter Malone, Bill Rose, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon.

General Chairman, John Dicus called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm. He asked for corrections or additions to the minutes from the Missouri Valley House of Delegates meeting, April 14, 2007 published on the Missouri Valley website. There being none offered Scott Bliss made the motion to approve the minutes as published. Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion and all voted in the affirmative.

John asked whether the coach background screening requirement was being met by Missouri Valley coaches. Dulcy answered that all coaches on deck had met the requirement and that the background screening had been handled in a fairly timely manner by the summer club coaches. They knew about the requirement and had few delays in securing the screening before completing their registrations.

John next raised the issue of membership for the Missouri Valley audit committee. USA Swimming requires a committee perform audits of the MVS financial records so that MVS will continue to receive USA Swimming insurance for protection against criminal activity. John had originally established the committee membership to be Scott Bliss, Sandy Miller and himself. Since he also signs MVS checks larger than $5000, it was deemed a possible conflict of interest if he also served on the audit committee. The Board suggested that George Schluter be the third member of the committee. The audits will be done at the MVS fall and spring meetings. George agreed to serve on the committee.

The team site assignments for the long course Division II meet were discussed next. To ensure that they are posted in a timely manner on the website, the Board suggested that a site on the MVS website be created that held the meet information from the MVS championship meets. Dulcy volunteered to contact the MVS webmaster to create a link to the championship meet information.

John reminded the Board that the Missouri Valley fall meeting would be hosted by the Southwest Missouri Otters in Neosho, MO. He asked Board Members to think about creating an inducement such as having a mini-swimposium to encourage Missouri Valley teams to attend. It was suggested that Randy Julian at USA Swimming also be contacted.

John Dicus next raised the issue of problems with summer league teams hosting league championships. The Kaw Valley League in Topeka had problems ensuring their meet met all the sanction requirements. Summer teams may participate at Division II and I long course meets as well and ensuring that their league meet times make it into the MVS times database has been difficult. It was suggested that a letter be sent to the summer teams encouraging them to attend the spring MVS meeting. A breakout session will be held for them to cover issues of time verification at the MVS championship meets, which swimmers from their teams can swim with their summer clubs at the championships and other issues that may arise. Dulcy said that she would send the letter along with the final mailing of summer club swimmer registration cards. The spring meeting will be held April 12 in Lawrence.

Pete Malone stated that he is working on the Missouri Valley meet bid packet. It will go to Joe Ogilvie and then to Richard Winn and be posted on the website for clubs to submit their meet bids online. A hard copy will also be mailed to clubs in the fall. It was suggested that a post card be included with the hard copy of the meet bid packet requesting feedback on a club’s preference in receiving the packet by hard copy or on the website.

Jolisa reported that MVS is currently exceeding its projected budget income. However, the Zone meet, senior travel and Convention and website expenses still need to be met. Mike Lewellyn stated that he would submit the MVS senior travel expenses to be paid by the end of the fiscal year. The priorities for reimbursement are 1). long course nationals/trials, 2). junior nationals, 3). short course nationals and 4). US Open. The Board discussed who would be eligible for travel reimbursement in MVS and decided that MVS swimmers are eligible for reimbursement if they swam for MVS sometime before graduation from high school.

John Dicus stated that a Diversity Summit will be held by USA Swimming October 26-28 and he would let Leonard Horne know about this. There is also a Risk Management workshop August 15 in Minnesota and Helen Lochow will be contacted about attending.

Pete Malone raised some issues that might be addressed at the USA Swimming Convention. These include discussion on the depth of water needed for teaching racing starts, creating a policy manual for national championship meets rather than having rules for them in the USA Swimming Rules and Regulations book and the future proposal to hold a separate youth Olympics.

Mike Lewellyn made a motion to adjourn; Linda Bailey seconded the motion and all voted aye. The meet adjourned at 3:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.