Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on March 15, 2009 at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita KS

Members present: Clinton Bailey, NWSC; Scott Bliss, KCB; David Bucholtz, MM; John Dicus, TSA; Phil Garverick, CSC; Todd Kramer, WSC; Mike Lewellyn, KCB; Patrick Norman, AHWK; Joe Ogilvie, UN; Megan Pittman, CSC; Dulcy Sellon, AHWK; Dana Sheahen, CSC; Mike Soderling, AHWK; Katie Yevak, WSC

John Dicus, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 12:15 pm. He stated that we would be discussing two topics and the proposed meet schedule. The two topics are our LSC’s response to the air quality issue at the East Division II meet held at Foster Natatorium in Springfield and the concerns raised by several parents over the lack of 10 & Under stroke events at the 100 yard distance at the Division I meet.

The proposed meet schedule was discussed first. For the short course schedule Scott Bliss and Joe Ogilvie pointed out that the COOL Rock the Blocks meet has two bid dates and that one will be accepted and published when COOL determines which weekend they can secure their pool site. There was also some question as to the Springfield bid for the Division II meet which they planned to hold at the Foster Natatorium. After discussion the Board decided that Foster had been acceptable as a site in the past and that Springfield Aquatics would be accepted as the Division II East host with the understanding that they would encourage the school district to monitor the pool in the days before the Division II meet. For the long course season WAS bid for two dates. Joe Ogilvie stated that he would contact WAS to determine the date they preferred before the Spring MVS meeting. There were also four bidders for the Division II meet. Lawrence and TSA agreed to withdraw their bids so the long course Division II meets will be hosted by EAC and SABW. John Dicus stated there were not yet any bidders for the Central Zone meet in 2010 and Mike Lewellyn stated that the formats for the age group and senior zone meets are not yet determined. Katie Yevak stated that WSC might be interested in bidding for the age group zone meet. Joe Ogilvie stated that the meet bid package presented for approval at the Spring MVS meeting would show that the spring sectional meet would be held in Oklahoma.

The Board next considered the two issues of the pool air quality which occurred at the Division II meet held at Foster Natatorium. The first of these is how to ensure that the pool will be fit for competition when the meet is scheduled to be held. The Foster pool is maintained by the School District and input from pool renters is problematic. The Board encouraged potential renters of the pool to communicate with the maintenance staff at the pool to make sure that the pool remains in a usable condition. The second issue was to establish who should determine if and when a pool was not usable for a meet. From input given by David Bucholtz, the Board decided that the meet hosts and referee should be the ones to make the determination that the pool was not usable.

The Board considered the format of the Division I short course meet. Several MVS members had asked why the 10 & Under events were limited to 50s of the strokes rather than 100s. Mike Lewellyn stated that given the time standards and the fact that MVS has wanted to have a single LSC prelim-final championship once a year, not all events could be offered in a three-day format. He said he would include and asterisk (*) on the time standards listed on the website for events that are not offered a the Division I short course meet. This should alert parents and teams that not all events will be available. A write-up explaining why MVS has made this decision will also be published on the website. Board members discussed whether MVS wanted to make changes to the Division I meet such as having a 14 & Under championship and a Senior championship. John Dicus established a task force composed of Megan Pittman, Mike Lewellyn, Mike Soderling , Phil Garverick and Scott Bliss to consider the possibilities for changes and to report back to the Board.

Dulcy Sellon asked that the House of Delegates consider assessing an additional fee for registrations collected on-deck at swim meets. She will prepare a statement explaining the need for the fee and the manner of its collection for the spring MVS meeting.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.