Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on March 13, 2010 at the Wichita Swim Club, Wichita KS

Members in Attendance: Clinton Bailey, NWSC; Dave Carpenter, TSA; Elizabeth Davis, KCB; Zach Devine, AHWK; John Dicus, TSA; Philip Garverick, CSC; Katie Idbeis, WSC; Tom Kleiboeker, TST; Mary Jo Klier, SABW; Pete Malone, KCB; Michael Meloy, WAR; Patrick Norman, AHWK; Dulcy Sellon, AHWK; Derek Shipp, KCB; Mike Soderling, TSA; Scott Virden, SABW; Megan Pittman, KCB.

John Dicus, General Chair, began the meeting at 1:30 pm by discussing communications he had received from MVS members expressing safety concerns at meets. He reminded everyone that MVS needs to be mindful to conduct safe meets.

The Board next reviewed the meet bids submitted thus far. The meets are for short course 2010 and long course 2011. Meets bid for September, October (except EAC will use an indoor pool), November were accepted as presented. In December, the Board will recommend that the Level 2 meets will be hosted by NLU, TD and NWSC. In January, 2011, COOL will choose one date of the two they submitted based on pool availability. The All Star meet will be in Lawrence this year. In February, WAS would be awarded the Division II meet in place of SPA and the other two Division II sites would be SABW and TST. The meets for March, April, May, and June stand as bid. The Division II meets will be hosted in July by KCB and SABW. The Division 1 meet will be hosted by KCB although when TSA completes their 25 yard warm–up pool the TSA site might serve well as the Division 1 or Sectional site. There is currently no bidder yet for the 2011 senior zone meet.

Pete Malone reminded the Board that it manages the MVS championship meets and suggested that the Division II meets need to be reformatted. David Carpenter made a motion that the Senior and Age Group Vice Chairs explore and propose alternative formats for the Division II meets and present these at the MVS spring meeting in April. Katie Idbeis seconded the motion and it was adopted. Mike Soderling made the motion that the meet schedule as changed by the Board of Directors be accepted as the report to be presented to the House of Delegates in April. Katie Idbeis seconded the motion and it was adopted.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.