Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on July 30, 2010 in Kansas City KS

Members in attendance: Scott Bliss, KCB; Brad Bond, KCB; David Carpenter, TSA; Elizabeth Davis, KCB; Phil Garverick, CSC; Tom Kleiboeker, TST; Trevor Layden, LA; Patrick Norman, AAAA; Joe Ogilvie, UN; Megan Pittman, UN; George Schluter, UN; Dulcy Sellon, UN; Mike Soderling, TSA.

Brad Bond, Missouri Valley Administrative Vice Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM. He then turned the meeting over to David Carpenter, General Chair elect.

David Carpenter asked for a motion for approval of the minutes from the Missouri Valley spring meeting in April. Tom Kleiboecker made the motion which was seconded by Phil Garverick and unanimously approved. David asked for officers’ reports.

Brad Bond, Administrative Vice Chair, reported that he is working to make our regulations and USA Swimming regulations coincide with the Missouri Valley By-Laws. David Carpenter and Megan Pittman will review the corrections that Brad identifies. These corrections will be published on the MVS website so that they may be voted on by the House of Delegates at the MVS fall meeting, October 2, 2010. He wants to ensure that all MVS votes and actions are done correctly. He also stated that he is still waiting to hear from some MVS officers about their attendance at the USA Swimming Convention, September 14-19 in Dallas. He will collect the information on arrival and departure time for everyone and make the hotel reservations and convention registration. Brooke Brittain is the MVS Junior Athlete Representative and Natalie Morris is the MVS Senior Athlete Representative. The athletes have a vote at the Convention. Convention attendees need to make their own travel arrangements and be reimbursed by Jolisa.

Phil Garverick, Senior Vice Chair, reported that MVS was on track for budgeted reimbursements for senior travel. He stated that it would be easier for him if coaches emailed to him their athletes who were attending the national level meets for reimbursement. Not many swimmers will be attending the Senior Zone Meet this year in North Dakota.

Megan Pittman, Age Group Vice Chair, reported that the MVS budget for Senior Zones will be sufficient. Swimmers receive reimbursement after competing. Brian Timpe and Zack Devine will be the two MVS coaches attending the meet for swimmers at the meet without a coach. The Age Group Zone meet is also on track. Currently 83 have signed up for the Age Group Zone Meet and after Division 1 there might be as many as 100 attending. Many are going for the open water event. The meet is in Omaha.

Tom Kleiboeker, Coach Representative, reported that the voting for the Age Group Coach of the year had been completed and that Sarah Smith will receive the honor. He thanked Derek Shipp for his work organizing the voting process online and ensuring that the voting was valid. He reported that he had received a complaint that the water at the East Division II Long Course meet was too warm. Participants thought that MVS should make sure that all championship meets received the same consideration as to the quality of the meet site. He suggested that MVS might want to take steps that ensure all championship meets are held at good quality sites. It was pointed out that MVS awards meets to clubs rather than to sites. David Carpenter suggested that language might be added to the meet bid material on this topic. Scott Bliss stated that maybe MVS could devise a list of pools that would be acceptable for the different MVS championships. Scott and Joe Ogilvie will work on this. David stated that he would like to have a Board of Directors meeting before the House of Delegates meeting to hopefully arrive at a consent agenda for the House of Delegates meeting. Another issue at the Division II championship arose when officials did not allow a swimmer to use a 500 freestyle yard time as a qualifying time for the 400 meter freestyle event. The meet information will clarify this in the future.

Dulcy Sellon supplied the MVS registration numbers for 2010. MVS is down 147 full-year swimmers from 2009 but up 72 seasonal swimmers. Overall the registration numbers have changed very little from 2009 to 2010.

Joe Ogilvie stated that the timing system needs some work. He will assess what is good and what needs work or replacement. One scoreboard was rain damaged and might need to be replaced. The trailer for hauling the equipment is also questionable.

Megan Pittman reported that she had attended the USA Swimming Diversity camp. MVS sent two athletes and LeeAnn Dunham, coach for Kaw Valley Swimmers, also attended. LeeAnn will make a presentation about the Camp at the fall meeting. Joe, Megan and LeeAnn will work together to increase MVS’ diversity efforts.

David Carpenter stated that he would like recommendations for individuals to serve as At-Large representatives and on the Board of Review. He would like to have the Board of Directors approval of the suggested members before the House of Delegates meeting. The Board of Review has 6 members elected one year and 5 elected the next year. Athletes need to constitute 20% of the Board. George Schluter suggested that we might want to have college students who have been MVS swimmers serve on the Board of Review. David also stated that he intends to change the size and composition of the Officials Committee to make it functions more equitable and efficient. David stated that Pete Malone, Joe Ogilvie and Scott Bliss will continue to work as the Meet Scheduling Committee. He also stated that the issue of who should determine what is posted on the website had arisen. After discussing the matter, the consensus was that the incident was isolated and didn’t necessitate the adoption of a formal policy. David will also discuss with Richard, our webmaster, the ability to have another person have the ability to post material on the site in the event he is out of town or unavailable.

Scott Bliss suggested that the Age Group Coach of the Year, which will be announced at the Division 1 Long Course meet, might be rewarded by offering the Head Coach position at the next Zone meet. The Age Group Coach of the Year does receive $200 for attendance at the ASCA meeting the year they win the award. Scott said he would make his proposal at the MVS fall meeting.

Joe Ogilvie made the motion to adjourn, which was seconded by Brad Bond and approved at 2:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.