Minutes from Board of Directors Meeting

Held on October 2, 2010 at Lawrence KS

Members present: Scott Bliss, Jolisa Buchner, David Carpenter, Elizabeth Davis, Tom Kleiboeker, Patrick Norman, Joe Ogilvie, Dulcy Sellon, and Derek Shipp.

General Chair, David Carpenter, called the meeting to order at 8:30 am and asked the Board members to review the consent agenda he proposed to present at the House of Delegates meeting.

Saturday, October 2, 2010 (12:30 PM)

  • Roll Call

  • Consent Agenda Items:

  • Item


    Board of Directors


    Adoption of the minutes from the House of Delegates Meeting of April 17, 2010, Lawrence, Kansas



    Elect Patrick Norman to complete the remaining term of Megan Pittman as Age Group Vice Chair (through September, 2011)



    Elect James Kuhlman, Amanda Cook and LeeAnn Dunham as At Large Delegates to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors (One Year Term through September, 2011)



    Elect George Schluter, Tom Kleiboecker, Brooke Brittain, Clint Bailey, Peter Malone and Hannah Molden to the Board of Review (Two year term through September, 2012)



    Elect Natalie Haag to complete the remaining term of David Carpenter on the Board of Review (through September, 2011)



    Consent to a Change in LSC Affiliation by Springfield Aquatics to the Arkansas LSC

    (2/3 vote required)


    Consent to a change in the geographical boundary of MVS to include the Texas Counties of Sherman and Moore

    (2/3 vote required)


    Approve an amendment to the Bylaws eliminating the appointed position of Swim-a-Thon Coordinator



    Approve an increase in the Athlete Registration Fees from $52.00 to $55.00 per year, effective January 1, 2011



    Approve an increase in annual Club Registration Fees from $125.00 to $150.00, effective January 1, 2011



    Approve an increase in annual League Registration Fees from $125.00 to $150.00 effective January 1, 2011


    • Reports of Officers, Chairs and Coordinators

      • General Chair

      • Records Chair-no report

      • Administrative Vice Chair

      • Officials Chair

      • Senior Vice Chair

      • Safety Chair

      • Age Group Vice Chair

      • Sanctions Chair

      • Registration Chair

      • Outreach Chairs

      • Treasurer

      • Electronic Timing

      • Scheduling Chair

      • MVS Board of Review

      • Coaches Representative

      • Athletes Representative

      • Webmaster

    • Unfinished Business

    • New Business

    • 2010-2011 Budget Approval

    • Adjournment

    David also reviewed his list of appointments: Officials Chair, Elizabeth Davis; Safety Coordinator, Ed Wojtowicz; Scheduling Committee Chair, Scott Bliss; Timing Equipment Coordinator, Joe Ogilvie; NTV Officer, John Maynard; Publications Chair, Zach Devine; Seasonal League Developmental Co-Chairs, Clarence Aitken and David Bucholtz; Outreach (Diversity) Chair, Joe Ogilvie. The elimination of the Swim-a-Thon Chair is proposed. He said he would be nominating for election Patrick Norman to the position of Age Group Chair to complete the one year remaining in that office’s term. He would be nominating for election Amanda Cook, James Kuhlman and LeeAnne Dunham to be our At Large Delegates.

    Jolisa made the motion to approve the Consent Agenda as set forth above and the list of appointments. Elizabeth seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted.

    Jolisa presented her Budget notes and pointed out that MVS had experienced losses for the last four years: FY 2007, $7,660; FY 2008, $5,382; FY 2009, $5759; and FY 2010, $15, 476. The concern was expressed that should such losses continue our reserve fund will disappear. For our 2011 budget she suggested that the $1,500 in meet enhancement money that had been allocated to fund the Zone Diversity Camp MVS participation be restored to Level I and Level II meet enhancements. Also in 2009 $450 was allocate to fund the Age Group Coach of the Year’s travel to ASCA. This came from $300 moved from the General Chair’s budget and $150 from the Coaches Education Budget. No receipts for the travel have been received, however. MVS experienced an unusually high timing system repair cost of $5,468, which was $2,300 over the 2009 budget. This should be a one-time expense. Additional expenses will be incurred when she purchases QuickBooks for $200 and if a new computer is purchased for the registration work. These two items will be included in the budget proposal offered to the House of Delegates. She asked the Board to consider reducing the Zone expenses. The Zone expenses have gone up 10% in four years and parents are paying a higher surcharge for their swimmer’s participation. She suggested that MVS not purchase team suits for the swimmers. The Board agreed that the Zone team should be outfitted in two T-shirts, two caps and a sweatshirt. It was decided, however, to leave the Zone budget line at $25,000 because MVS does pay for swimmers’ entry fees and since the meet will be in Topeka in 2011, MVS can anticipate a higher participation number than 2010. The Zone budget will also be used for the Senior Zone meet entries and the number of participants for that meet is also expected to increase.

    The Board also discussed the increase in cost of medals awarded at the Divisional championships. It was suggested that the ad hoc technical planning committee headed by Todd Kramer, which is a coach subcommittee, research ways to lower the award costs faced by clubs who host championship meets. Scott Bliss made the motion that the Meet and Award Enhancement line remain at $7000 in the budget but that the Level I and II meet enhancements be moved to the Award enhancements at $750 each. The motion was seconded and approved.

    The Board also discussed League use of blanket sanctions. Blanket sanctions were originally begun to provide flexibility to clubs in holding dual or tri-meets. The sanction allows such meets if no entry/participation fees are collected for the meet. The Board wants to emphasize to MVS clubs that if such a meet is held by a club under a blanket sanction and swimmers are charged for meet participation, then 15% of the fees collected are owed to MVS and a meet financial report must be sent to the Treasurer.

    The meeting adjourned at 9:45 am.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
    Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.