Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on July 29, 2011 in Lenexa KS

Members in Attendance: Clarence Aitken, UN; Mike Ballard, HASC; Brad Bonds, UN; Jolisa Buchner, AAAA; David Carpenter, TSA; Elizabeth Davis, UN; Zach Devine, LA; Philip Garverick, CSC; Tom Kleiboeker, TST; Mary Jo Klier, SABW; James Kuhlman, WKSC; John Maynard, TST; Patrick Norman, AAAA; Dulcy Sellon, UN; Ed Wojtowicz, KCAC. Others present: George Schluter.

The meeting began at 12:40 pm with the financial report from Jolisa Buchner. She reported that MVS had made $47,928 through August 1, 2011. MVS still needs to pay registration bills for July and August as well as Zone expenses and Convention expenses. She stated that she would need to move funds into the checking account to cover these bills and that MVS would need to either increase income or cut expenses to prevent future transfer of funds. Brad Bond stated that MVS had increased meet and registration fees at its spring meeting and that the effect of these increases would begin to appear after the September 1 start of new registrations. Jolisa agreed that MVS has not yet enjoyed the benefits of the increase in fees and that we should know more after the next fiscal year. David Carpenter asked for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Mike Ballard made that motion. It was seconded by Brad Bond and unanimously accepted.

Patrick Norman reported on the MVS Mission/Vision statement work. He stated that several statements had been circulated and that the one compiled by those responding was that Missouri Valley’s mission was ‘To promote a positive environment that will allow Missouri Valley’s athletes, coaches, officials, and volunteers the opportunity for success in the sport of competitive swimming’. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to accept this as Missouri Valley’s mission statement. Phil Garverick seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Brad Bond reported that the Vision statement would continue to be worked on and presented to the Board at the fall meeting. He also presented a list of 17 LEAP items that still need to be submitted for LEAP consideration. Board Members were asked to make contributions in their areas to meet the LEAP requirements.

Patrick Norman reported that Todd Kramer, WSC, had drafted a meet format document which was circulated to coaches. The response, though small was positive. It was stated that the Age Group Chair, Senior Chair and both coaches’ representatives liked the proposed format. Phil made the motion to accept the proposed format and the motion was seconded by Zach Devine. All voted aye. It will be presented at the fall meeting as a consent agenda item. Patrick will forward the meet document to the MVS office and it will be distributed to all Board members.

John Maynard reported on the condition and future handling of the MVS timing equipment. Only one of the nine pads sent in for repair could be saved. A new harness has also been purchased. Additional pads have been borrowed for the Division 1 Long Course Championships and MVS is moving toward storing all equipment in two trailers, one at Commercial Aquatics in Olathe and the other in Topeka. The goal is to have each trailer equipped to run an 8-lane meet. The equipment committee wishes to establish several positions to handle the MVS equipment. Equipment Managers (one per trailer) would be responsible for a trailer’s equipment and minor repair and recommend replacement of equipment. A Timing System Coordinator would be responsible for scheduling the equipments’ use, certifying operators and maintaining a list of Certified Operators. The Coordinator would also recommend and coordinate major equipment repairs and replacements and ensure fees for use are collected. Timing system operators would set-up/break-down and run the equipment. Teams hosting a meet would reserve the equipment with the Timing System Coordinator, hire an operator and be responsible for timing equipment transportation to and from their meet, as well as pay the MVS Treasurer. The Timing System Coordinator, with the MVS Treasurer, would ensure all past rental fees had been paid and would communicate total fees to the host team and MVS treasurer. The Equipment Manager would check the equipment in and out and check to make sure everything remains in good working order. The Board discussed the fees that should be charged for the equipment and the process for making sure fees are collected for equipment use. George Schluter suggested that this management proposal be distributed and that it then be considered at the fall House of Delegates meeting. He also asked whether MVS still needs to provide a timing system for its members since many facilities now have their own timing systems. It was suggested that feed back on that question could also be solicited from those responding to the management proposal.

David Carpenter announced that Scott Bliss, our Meet Scheduling Chair, would be leaving Missouri Valley and that under the By-Laws the General Chair appoints the chair and committee members with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. Jolisa made a motion to consent to this appointment and Ed Wojtowicz seconded the motion. All voted aye. This other committee member appointments will be presented at the Board of Directors meeting in October.

Dulcy Sellon reported that the club registration form for 2012 had a new feature added. She wanted clubs to know that the club registration would be accepted only if the club signed that the club was conducting a pre-employment screening of all new employees. This screening was in addition to the background screening now required of all USA Swimming non-athlete members.

Ed Wojtowicz reported on the LSC Safety Chair meeting he had attended in early July. Issues discussed by the safety chairs included open water competition safety issues, ensuring safety of swimmers with disabilities, the correct use of Safety Marshals at meets and the need for effective emergency action plans at facilities.

David Carpenter stated an interest in having someone assume the position of Sanctions Chair and has appointed John Maynard for this position beginning with the fall short course season. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to approve John as Sanctions Chair; Phil seconded the motion and all voted aye.

David next discussed an email message from David Bucholtz about the inequality of the two Division II meets this summer, which suggested that one Long Course Division II meet be held. David provided information that showed the numbers of swimmers at the two meets was very similar and that the time lines for the meets were also similar. Phil Garverick stated that Division II meets are being considered in the new meet proposal that has been adopted and that Missouri Valley should continue to offer two long course Division II meets.

Scott Bliss stated that KCB had been awarded the long course Division I meet for next summer, but that the club is now talking to WSC about taking on the meet since the City of Lenexa is not happy with the meet’s use of their outdoor pool.

David asked for a motion of adjournment. Jolisa made the motion, seconded by Tom Kleiboeker and all voted aye. The meeting adjourned at 1:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.