Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

Held on April 19, 2013 in Lawrence, Kansas

Members in Attendance: Joilsa Buchner, Treasurer; David Carpenter, General Chair; Philip Garverick, Senior Chair; Todd Kramer, Coaches Representative; Patrick Norman, Age Group Chair; Dulcy Sellon, Secretary.

Jolisa Buchner gave the members a copy of the treasurer’s report that would be presented at the House of Delegates meeting. The report stated that MVS income was trending slightly higher than last year and that the LSC’s expenses were trending the same as last year’s at this time. Phil Garverick stated that he wanted the Senior Travel budget line to remain at $20,000 but he felt that given the increasingly faster qualification times at national meets MVS might not spend the full amount each year for swimmers to travel to the national meets. He suggested that amounts left from the $20,000 be spent on other swimmer needs such as national camps. Patrick suggested that we devise a set of priorities for the use of these funds. Todd suggested that MVS might fund swimmers to the Paralympics and said that he would discuss this with the coaches. All agreed that the budget report was acceptable.

David presented copies of the proposed meet schedule for 2013-2014. He reported that Marjorie Sherard had gotten all conflicting bids resolved except the Division I long course. The Committee decided to continue approving the meet schedule at the spring MVS meeting with the understanding that the championship meets could be adjusted to fit the scheduled zone meet and the MVS schedule would be finalized at the fall meeting.

David presented the slate of candidates that would be presented at the House of Delegates meeting. Nominated for positions for the next two years on the Board of Review are Jared Roberts, Amy Hoppenrath, Randy Hinde, Cory Gallagher, Natalie Haag and Brian Fries; nominated for positions as Members at Large are James Kuhlman, Justin Clossen and Cassy Campbell; nominated for Treasurer is Jolisa Buchner, for Secretary, Dulcy Sellon, and for Age Group Chair, CJ Roberts.

David reported that TSA Coach Barry Neville would be working to secure a Swimposium for the MVS fall meeting. Dulcy volunteered to begin work on Leap Level II.

Patrick and Phil discussed the possibilities of starting a senior circuit series of meets with the Ozark LSC with a view to eventually combining the two LSCs. They also discussed making the Level I meet a multi-LSC meet and attending an All Star meet outside of MVS. Todd stated that the Technical Planning Committee could contribute to these proposals and coaches would need to embrace these changes.

David requested that the By-Laws approved for our Leap Level I designation be posted on the MVS website. The meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.