Minutes of Board of Directors Meeting

Held on April 4, 2014 at Roeland Park, Kansas

Board Members in Attendance: General Chair, David Carpenter; Senior Vice Chair, Philip Garverick; Age Group Vice Chair, C J Roberts; Secretary, Dulcy Sellon; Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner; Coach Representatives, Tom Kleiboeker, Todd Kramer. Others in attendance: Executive Director, Scott Bliss; Scheduling Chair, Ann Gibler; Clarence Aitken, Marjorie Sherard.

David stated that the minutes from the September 2013 Board of Directors meeting and House of Delegates meeting had been sent to Richard Winn for posting on the website and that he would secure their approval at the House of Delegates meeting. Scott stated that he would also bring copies to the House of Delegates meeting on Saturday.

David stated that the nominating committee of which Phil Garverick was a member would present the following candidates to the House of Delegates on Sunday: General Chair, Natalie Haag; Administrative Vice Chair, Amy Hoppenrath; Senior Chair, Brian Kupferer; Athlete Representative, Heather Cistola; At-Large Delegate, Helen Lochow; James Kuhlman and Cassie Campbell; Board of Review, George Schluter, Tom Kleiboeker, Clinton Bailey, Caroline Bruce McAndrews, Hannah Angel (athlete) and Cannaan Campbell (athlete).

Jolisa Buchner discussed the financial report that would be presented to the House of Delegates. She stated that our full-year athlete registration fees were down as compared to the same time last year. The other income trends were good, however. She proposed moving some of the funds in the salary line item which had not been spent to the Zones line item. Phil made the motion to do this; CJ seconded the motion and all voted aye. David asked if MVS needed to revise its registration fees since USA Swimming would be increasing the registration fees by $2 per year for the next 5 years. Jolisa made the motion to increase the fees for 2015 by $5 for full-year and seasonal athletes and non-athletes. Todd seconded the motion and all voted aye.

David asked the Board if the entry fees for championship meets should be raised. The discussion focused on which championship meets would have increased fees, all or only the prelim/finals meets or whether clubs should be allowed to add a surcharge to swimmers in championship meets. Jolisa pointed out that a surcharge would go to the meet hosts who have to pay additional pool rental fees for a championship meet that extends over several days and has only swimmers who make the qualifying times. The Board decided to propose to the House that starting in the fall of 2014 hosts can charge a $5 surcharge on all participating athletes for the Winter Classic, the short course district and championship meets and the long course championship meet. Todd Kramer made the motion to propose this to the House of Delegates, Marjorie Sherard seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Ann Gibler, Scheduling Chair, stated that currently there are two meets with conflicting bids. The two bidders will try to work out the meet sites for the meet bid at the same pool on the same day. Only the short course meets are to be scheduled at the spring House of Delegates meeting. The schedule is awaiting a bid for the Winter Classic meet. The Board determined that the Scheduling Chair may consider past meet allocations when meet conflicts occur and the coaches committee votes on the meet awards. Other considerations for awarding meets can also be the number of officials a meet host can provide for the meet and the host’s ability to stage a successful meet.

Scott Bliss, Executive Director, stated that delegates to the House meeting who had sent in the House of Delegates declaration form would receive delegate cards when they signed in at the House meeting. The cards would be used for voting.

Ann Gibler asked the Board for a policy to deal with clubs who are unresponsive when asked to approve the addition of a meet to the schedule when they have a scheduled meet within two weeks of the added meet. The wording to change the meet scheduling procedures will be offered at the House of Delegates meeting.

Todd asked the Board what the penalty for a club’s failure to attend at least one Missouri Valley meeting annually should be. It was decided that the coaches would discuss this and make a recommendation to the House.

Age Group Chair, CJ Roberts reported that since the Zone meet this year will be a travel meet with a bus for the swimmers (except 10 and Unders) the Zone expenses will be on the high end of the amount budgeted for Zones. MVS will attempt to keep the amount charged per swimmer to $300. MVS will also devise a MVS logo for the gear provided to the swimmers and use the same logo for the All-Star team members. CJ stated that she would post the applications for coaches for the Zone and All-Star meet on the website next week. The Team Unify site will be used for compiling this information. The Board also encouraged Scott to pursue the process for moving the MVS website to Team Unify.

Scott stated that MVS now has a post office box for its address and he is working to eliminate the copier and rented office space. Storage space will be needed for MVS materials and David suggested securing space large enough to also store the two timing equipment trailers and equipment. Scot stated that he would also be working to devise an online form for renting the timing equipment.

Phil Garverick told Jolisa that he will give her the information she needs to disperse senior travel money for this year.

The Board of Directors meeting adjourned at 7:35 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.