Minutes of the MVS Executive Committee Meeting

Held on December 13 2000 at 7:30pm via Telephone Conference Call

The following Missouri Valley Swimming Executive Committee members joined a conference call at 7:30 pm, December 13, 2000, Jim Devine, Tom Herder, Eric Nelson, Billie Jo Parrack and Dulcy Sellon.

Jim asked if any corrections had been offered for the minutes of Missouri Valley Swimming’s October, 2000, Board of Directors and House of Delegates meeting. There were none so the minutes stand approved as submitted.

Jim Devine, General Chair, reported that the Level II meets had been well attended, about 400 swimmers at each site, and that the meets had gone well.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration Chair, reported that registrations collected by referees at meets sometimes posed problems. The registrations sometimes did not reach the office before a swimmer participated in a subsequent meet. An article in the next newsletter reminding teams to have swimmers registered before meet participation will be published and Jim will send referees a letter reminding them to collect the fees and mail them to the office promptly. Jim also asked that he be informed next week of the teams who still need to register so that they can be contacted before the end of the calendar year.

Eric Nelson, Senior Chair, reported that only the Blazers sent swimmers to the US Open this year. Eric will get the forms for travel reimbursement for them to Billie Jo. He also reported that Carolyn Bruce and Jonathon Schmidt will be participating in USA Swimming Select Camps at Colorado Springs. Both swimmers will be reimbursed for this travel as well. He is also receiving applications for the Senior All Star meet in January at Rockwood in St. Louis. He said he will probably not spend much on the meet as the swimmers provide their own transportation and receive the same caps as the age group all stars.

Tom Herder, Age Group Chair, reported that the All Star meet preparations were under way. The athlete reps were helping with the art work for the shirts and caps. Having the searchable data base should make the creation of the team easier this year. He reported that the Level II meet also went well. Eric suggested that Missouri Valley might want to consider having three sites for the Level II meet. A third site would allow more participation with less swimmer travel. Jim suggested that Tom review the numbers of swimmers who are eligible to participate and make a proposal on this suggestion at the Missouri Valley Spring meeting. The searchable database will let us see how many swimmers would be eligible to go.

Billie Jo Parrack, Treasurer, reported that neither Level II site requested the enhancement money. She also stated that meet money is now coming in well and that we have “our heads above water.”

Unfinished Business – Jim reported that Missouri Valley’s new web site should be running about the first of the year. He asked that everyone look at the art work at www.missourivalleyswimming.com and let him know which they preferred. The searchable database is already up and running. He suggested that pictures submitted to the web site be sent to the Missouri Valley Office first so that the web master will not need to do initial editorial work on pictures submitted. Eric suggested that updates to the website be offered once a week. Jim suggested that we do this and see if it works satisfactorily.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00pm.

Respectively submitted,
Dulcy Sellon, MVS Secretary