Minutes of the MVS Executive Committee Meeting

Held on December 12 2001 at 7:45pm via Telephone Conference Call

The following Missouri Valley Swimming Executive Committee members joined a conference call at 7:45 pm, December 12, 2001. Jim Devine, Tom Herder, Eric Nelson, Billie Jo Parrack and Dulcy Sellon. Mike Soderling and Brian Barnes participated in the call.

Jim asked if any corrections had been offered for the minutes of Missouri Valley Swimming’s September, 2001, Board of Directors and House of Delegates meeting. There were none so the minutes stand approved as submitted.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration Chair, reported that registrations were running about as in past years. By mid-December about half the teams had registered and half the non-athletes and about 2/3’s of the full-year swimmers. (As of 12/12/2001 Missouri Valley has 2191 full year swimmers registered, 197 non-athletes and 21 clubs). Jim asked that he be informed next week of the teams who still need to register so that they can be contacted before the end of the calendar year.

Eric Nelson, Senior Chair, reported that the Blazers sent Danielle Duncan, Max Jaben, Alex Sidelnik, Kelsey Smith, and Abby Hoisington and the Lawrence Aquahawks sent Jonathon Schmidt, Andrea Hemphill, and Ashley Robinson to the US Open this year. Eric wants the swimmers to complete the reimbursement forms and Billie Jo will mail checks to the two clubs for these reimbursements. Eric will also send a copy of the reimbursement form to Richard Winn to be included on the Missouri Valley website.

Tom Herder, Age Group Chair, thanked Wichita for running a successful Level I meet and reported that the Level II meets had been well attended and run successfully. Tom reported that some of the qualifying times needed to be adjusted a bit and that he would do this before the MVS Spring meeting. The qualifying times for the Level I meet would remain at the national A time cutoff but the qualifying times at the Level II meet for the 13-14 200 yard stroke events (fly, back and breast) would become 1/100 of a second slower than the 15-16 A times so that 13-14’s would have a place to swim the 200 yard stroke events if they did not yet have the 15-16 cuts. Tom also asked that coaches have a method of assessing who from their team would be eligible for the All Star meet. This will be done by including Jason Petty’s (2002 MVS All Star Head Coach) letter to MVS Teams on the website and by indicating which meets (post September 1, 2001) could be used by swimmers to offer All Star qualifying swims. Brian Barnes said he would soon have the database up to date and the Running Top 8 current so that coaches could check on their swimmers All Star status. Tom also reported that the All Star caps and T-shirts need to be ordered soon; that the athlete reps are working on the design and that Jason should review the design before ordering. Jim pointed out that Missouri Valley had offered championship meet opportunities to over 900 Missouri Valley swimmers with the Level II and I meets.

Mike Soderling, Coaches Representative, reported that the All Star meet had received participation confirmations from Colorado LSC, Ozark, Missouri Valley, South Dakota, Midwest and Iowa. Jim added that at a spring general Chairs meeting the LSC’s who participate in the All Star meet will discuss where future All Star meets will be held. Mike stated that he hoped to make the Lawrence meet one that swimmers will want to attend in the future

Billie Jo Parrack, Treasurer, reported no major expenses. Our insurance costs have risen but the budget has been adjusted to cover the increase. She reported that a few financial reports from swim meets are still outstanding. Eric Nelson suggested that the sanction application fee of $15 be put as a charge on the financial report of a swim meet form so that Billie Jo would not have two forms from teams for a meet. Billie Jo agreed that this would streamline the meet financial reporting process. Jim said he would work with Richard Winn to up date the form on the website.

Unfinished Business

Jim reported that Brian Barnes has stepped down as Meet Procedures Chair but will remain as Records Chair. Jim wished to consider asking John Brockway, the new head coach at TSA to be MVS’s new meet procedures chair. The Executive Committee agreed that Jim should ask John to become the chair

Billie Jo reported that our insurance on MVS equipment would end in December unless we renewed it. Our annual insurance fee has risen about $100 and our deductible has more than doubled. Jim stated that this had happened he felt because we had suffered two losses of timing equipment recently. Jim also asked if we were paying insurance on the MVS laptop computer and the computers in the Missouri Valley Office. Billie Jo stated that we were and all agreed to drop this insurance but to keep insurance on the office copier/printer/fax machine and MVS timing system. This will lower MVS’s insurance costs somewhat.

New Business

Dulcy reported that the meet bid packets had been sent out to the clubs and will be placed on the website as a downloadable file as well.

The Executive Committee also decided that the Level I meet, held this year in Wichita, would be treated as other MVS championship meets. The host of the meet would need to pay the MVS timing system operator’s expenses but not rental for the timing system. This policy will apply to all championship level meets MVS hosts, Level II, Level I, Division I and II, Sectionals, Zones and the All Star meet.

Blanket Sanctions – Jim stated that he now has allowed leagues to apply for Blanket Sanctions for an entire calendar year. Full year leagues such as Mid American and Chisholm Trail can offer dual meets, intra squad meets, time trial or meets among league members under the blanket sanction. Jim stated that if MV finds it is losing money by using the blanket sanction s this way, we might want to reconsider this. Jim also stated that some teams charge a fee for teams in a meet under the blanket sanction and asked if MVS should be receiving a percentage of this charge. Eric stated that these fees usually were charged to offset costs such as pool rent and the league meets were held to encourage new full year swimmers to participate in year round meets at an initial low cost. Jim stated that he had sanctioned more meets (that pay a percentage of their income to MVS in 2001 than he had in 2000 and the Committee decided to leave the blanket sanction option in place. Billie Jo clarified that Leagues pay a $125 registration fee and then a $15 sanction application fee and a $15 sanction fee for their blanket sanction. The Western Kansas Swim Club holds intrasquad meets among its members and pays $15 sanction fees for these because they are a club and not a league. Jim stated that when leagues hold a league championship meet this is sanction separately and the league pays the 10% charge to MVS and the $2.50 splash fee if fees per event are charged.

Billie Jo stated that an audit of MVS records had not yet been done. Jim stated that he would contact John Malnar to get the audit set up.

Dulcy stated that transfer fees do not usually accompany transfer forms. Jim stated that the only real way to handle this is to withhold the transfer until the fee has been collected.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon
Missouri Valley Swimming Secretary