Minutes of the MVS Executive Committee Meeting

Held on August 4 2002 at 2:00pm at the Ad Astra Pool, Lenexa KS

Missouri Valley Swimming General Chair, Jim Devine, called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm, August 4, 2002. The following members were in attendance: Linda Bailey, John Brockway, George Bruce, Christie Fuchs, Rick Harlow, Theresa Johnson, Mike Lewellyn, John Malnar, Pete Malone, Joe Ogilvie, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon, Alex Sidelnik, and Mike Soderling.

The minutes from the April 2, 2002 Joint meeting of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates were approved as distributed.

Reports of Officers:

General Chair, Jim Devine, reminded committee chairs and members that their terms would end at the end of his term and that George Bruce and Rick Harlow would appoint the new positions. Pete Malone was reassured that he would continue in his position as scheduling chair and that work on the new schedule would begin with the start of the short course season in September. Jim reminded the Board that George Bruce would take over the general running of Missouri Valley Swimming as General Chair while Jim would still issue sanctions. Rick Harlow will take over as Administrative Vice Chair while John Malnar will continue to oversee Missouri Valley investments.

Treasurer, Theresa Johnson, introduced herself and distributed the Treasurer’s report. She reported that the Missouri Valley Money Market fund had increased between April and August and that she had moved the Missouri Valley accounts to Clay County Savings.

The Secretary/Registration Chair reported that Missouri Valley’s registered swimmers had increased over the last year. Regular swimmer registrations had increased from 3,763 in 2001 to 3,860 in 2002. Summer swimmers had increased from 4,416 to 4,569 in 2002. Club numbers had increased by two and non-athletes had remained about the same.

Mike Soderling reported that Thor Larson would be the new coaches’ representative.

The Swimmer Representatives stated that they would both be able to attend the USA Swimming Convention.

New Business

Jim reported that Brian Barnes, who had been elected in April as the Senior Chair, had taken a position as assistant coach at the University of Indiana. Jim had asked and Mike Lewellyn agreed to fill the unexpired two-year term of Senior Chair. John Brockman made a motion that this action be accepted, Theresa Johnson seconded the motion and all present voted aye.

The Executive Committee discussed the need for a new computer for the Missouri Valley Office. It was pointed out that the computer was a 1996 model and needed to be updated. The committee agreed that Dulcy and Theresa would work on the purchase of a new computer for the office and that the old one would be advertised and sold.

The Committee also discussed the proposal for a new Missouri Valley Office brought forward by the Lawrence Aquahawks and the Secretary/Registration Chair. A site in downtown Lawrence is under consideration. Jim instructed Dulcy and Mike to work with George Bruce in the pursuit of the new office location.

Jim Devine reported that Missouri Valley had received a request from First Contact Recruiting to add a link on our website to their website/service. Discussion centered on the question of whether we wanted to add links to our site for advertising. It was pointed out that our swimmers might benefit from the availability of this service. The committee decided to have Jim visit the First Contact Recruiting website and if it seemed legitimate to have Richard Winn our webmaster create a page on our site for links to services such as First Contact Recruiting.

Jim also reported that an official from a summer team had contacted him requesting that his address and phone information be removed from the Missouri Valley website. The committee discussed the issue of privacy protection and the information we publish on the website. This privacy issue will be discussed further in the future and the suggestion to create a password protected site for this type of information will be pursued.

Two issues on meet scheduling and the timing system were also raised. The first issue is which meets receive preferment in securing the timing system. A summer league championship meet had requested the system early in the short course season but a full-year club with a meet on the MVS meet schedule was given preference in getting the system. It was decided to send meet bid packets to all clubs with a letter explaining that the information on meet dates would be needed to schedule the timing system. The second issue is whether or not Missouri Valley needs a second timing system. The Committee decided to gather data from Randy Horner on the amount of use the system has now, on how to prioritize the use of the system, and the cost of adding a second system.

Tom Herder reported that the Zone preparations were going well. The website and Richard Winn had helped a great deal in getting information to participants. He stated that they were ahead of schedule in getting the registrations for the meet. George Bruce reported that Wichita was ready to host the Zone Meet next week.

Jim stated that two By-Law amendments had been proposed and would be sent to the clubs to meet the By-Laws notification requirements so that the proposals may be voted on at the September Missouri Valley fall meeting. The proposed amendments are as follows (new portions are underlined, portions to be omitted are [bracketed]:

  • It is proposed that Article 17 – Definitions, specifically Article 17.5 Notices deemed to be Delivered and Received, be amended as follows: Notice by Fax, Internet, or E-Mail-Except for Board of Review matters, notice given and writings delivered by facsimile [or] electronic mail, or posted on the Missouri Valley Website shall be deemed given or delivered upon oral, telephonic or written confirmation of recipient or 10 days after posting on the website by the Missouri Valley Webmaster for all purposes under these By-Laws.

  • It is proposed that Article 6 – Officers, specifically Article 6.2 Elections, be amended as follows: The House of Delegates, at its annual Spring meeting, shall elect the General Chair, Secretary, and the Senior Vice-Chair, in even numbered years, the Age Group Vice-Chair, the Administrative Vice-Chair, and Treasurer in odd numbered years. District Representatives will be elected every two years, or upon creation of a vacant District Representative position; or

  • It is proposed that Article 6 – Officers, specifically Article 6.2 Elections, be amended as follows: The House of Delegates, at its annual Spring meeting, shall elect the General Chair, Administrative Vice Chair, the Age Group Vice Chair, and the Treasurer in odd numbered years. District Representatives will be elected every two years, or upon creation of a vacant District Representative position.

Other Issues:

Pete Malone stated that the fall meeting should include a review of travel fund policies.

Tom Herder stated that he would review the Division I and II Meet flyers.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon
Secretary, Missouri Valley Swimming