Minutes of House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 16, 2011, at 2:00pm, at the Capitol Federal Natatorium in Topeka, Kansas

Members in attendance: AAAA, Jolisa Buchner, Patrick Norman; BSSC, Debby King; COOL, Laurie Reaburn; EAC, Phil Metz; EDSC, Melody Haines; HASC, William Nichols; HYSC, Brenda Hampton, Lyn Morris; KCB, Scott Bliss, Brad Bond, Gardner Howland; LA, Zach Devine, Tony Portela; MM, David Bucholtz, Nellie Bucholtz; MMAC, Ben Westberg; MSA, Landra Bunge; NLU, Brian Timpe; NWSC, Clinton Bailey; SABW, Ben Westberg; SAC, Tim Schulte; TSA, David Carpenter, Paul Monroe; TST, Tom Kleiboeker, John Maynard; UN, Elizabeth Davis, Dulcy Sellon; WKSC, Darci Freeland; WSC, Katie Idbeis, Todd Kramer; WNYN, Candace Pearson.

The members’ sign in as listed above serves as the roll call for the House of Delegates meeting.

The House’s first action was the presentation of the ConocoPhillips Outstanding Service Award to Linda and Kenneth Bailey. Missouri Valley recognizes them this year for their commitment and service as volunteers and officials at the grass roots level for Missouri Valley swimmers. Linda has served as officials chair and Kenneth and Linda have both provided many hours of referee work throughout Missouri Valley. They have both been strong advocates of seasonal athletes and clubs as well.

David Carpenter read through the items in the Consent Agenda listed below and asked if anyone wanted to pull an item for further consideration.

Consent Agenda



Board of Directors


Adoption of the minutes from the House of Delegates Meeting of October 2, 2010, Lawrence, Kansas, as posted on the Missouri Valley Swimming website.



Elect Patrick Norman as Age Group Vice Chair, Jolisa Buchner as Treasurer and Dulcy Sellon as Secretary for a two-year term beginning October, 2011 through September, 2013 as presented by the Nominating Committee.



Elect James Kuhlman, Amanda Cook and Tony Portela as At-Large Delegates to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors for a one-year term beginning October, 2011 through September, 2012.



Elect Randy Hinde, Natalie Haag, Steve Rosel, Elizabeth Davis, Donovan Smith and Chris Hearl (athlete) to the Board of Review for a two-year term beginning October 2011 through September, 2013 as presented by the Nominating Committee.



Adoption of the 2011-2012 Master Meet Schedule as presented by the Meet Scheduling Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.



Adoption of the LSC Mission Statement and Vision Statement as drafted and approved by the LSC coaches.



Approve an increase in the Seasonal Athlete Registration Fees from $30.00 to $35.00 per year, effective for the 2012 registration year.



Approve an increase in Individual Event entry fees from $3.50 to $4.50, and Relay Entry Fees from 5.00 to 7.00 for Sanctioned Meets effective for LSC meets beginning September 1, 2011



Approve an increase in annual League Registration Fees from $125.00 to $150.00 effective for the 2012 registration year.


He pulled #6 from the agenda. Nellie Bucholtz asked that #7, 8, and 9 be pulled. Todd Kramer made the motion to accept the remaining items as listed. Scott Bliss seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Reports of Officers, Chairs and Coordinators

General Chair and Sanctions Chair, David Carpenter reported that he had issued about 50 sanctions so far and expects to issue about the same number as last year. He also stated that meet recon reports are showing unregistered swimmers from the same club participating in meets. This suggests that unregistered swimmers are practicing with clubs and this means that if a swimmer is hurt in practice or at a meet the swimmer is not insured and there is liability exposure for the club. He stressed that it is important to get new swimmers immediately registered.

Administrative Vice-Chair, Brad Bond reported that Missouri Valley’s Leap completion is due in the spring of 2012. He will try to get the Leap I and II requirements finished by the end of 2011 and stated his appreciation of all the help that members have offered for this so far. He also reported that Zach Devine, Brad Wickham and George Schluter had agreed to be appointed to Missouri Valley’s audit committee.

Senior Chair, Philip Garverick, reported that the senior travel fund, $20,000, probably would not be totally used in 2011 because there are fewer national meets this year. Any funds not used will be rolled over to 2012 when more national meets including the Olympic trials will be held. Sectional time standards will be set at Convention and agreed to by the LSC’s in the section.

Age Group Chair, Patrick Norman, stated that the Division I and II time standards have been adjusted and will go into effect now for Long Course. He also provided information on the team assignments for the championship sites. These will be posted on the website. He reported that the process for acquiring the awards for the championship meets has been improved with the help of Todd Kramer and Hasty Awards. Each meet host now provides the same awards.

Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that current athlete registrations are slightly less than last year’s but that by year’s end there will probably be little change. No Season II clubs or swimmers have been recorded yet. She also mentioned that all non-athletes now must complete a criminal background screening. Missouri Valley has over 68 non-athlete officials and ‘others’ who still need to complete the screening. Many coaches will also need to renew their screening by 4/30/2011 and she encouraged the coaches to review their safety certifications and renew those at the same time as the background screening. She also reported that USA Swimming will require all non-athletes to complete an athlete protection education requirement before they will be able to register for 2012. When this requirement becomes available from USA Swimming we will publicize it on the website with instructions for its completion.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, stated that clubs need to pay their $15 sanction application fee and their $15 sanction fee for meets that do not charge entry fees. For meets with entry fees, host clubs pay 15% of entry fees to Missouri Valley within 21 days of the meet. She stated that Missouri Valley’s expenses are up from last year. And last year she has had to move $11,000 from the Money Market fund to cover expenses, and we are trending the same way this year. Missouri Valley usually has good income at the beginning of the fiscal year and its largest expenses at the end of the year.

Scheduling Chair, Scott Bliss, reported that the Master Meet Schedule that had been adopted by the Board of Directors in March had been adopted as item #5 in the Consent Agenda. It will be published on our website.

Coaches Representative, Tom Kleiboeker, reported that he would email all the coaches who currently have expired safety certifications to remind them to update those. He also encouraged coaches to complete their background screening. At the coaches meeting coaches also discussed the need for certifying racing starts for their swimmers. He reported that Patrick Norman would take the lead on getting coach input into a mission/vision statement and would present this at the Missouri Valley fall meeting. Ideas and input from coaches on the new championship meet format that they want will also be compiled by July 1 and considered by the Board of Directors at their Division I meeting in the summer. This will then be voted on at the fall Missouri Valley meeting.

Officials Chair, Elizabeth Davis, reported that the official’s committee now has Bart Brittain handling testing, Amy Hoppenrath, championship meets, James Kuhlman, communications, and Randy Hind, training. The officials’ committee is striving to make Missouri Valley officiating consistent with USA Swimming policies and rules and consistent throughout Missouri Valley.

Safety Chair, Ed Wojtowicz, reported that in addition to providing safety certifications at the Missouri Valley meetings he can also travel to provide training for coaches who need it. He will be attending the USA Swimming Safety Chairs meeting in Minneapolis this summer.

Electronic Timing- Brad Bond- reported that a task force had been established with Tony Portela, John Maynard and Zach Devine as members to examine the timing equipment and determine whether to repair or replace the timing systems’ components. Capitol Federal Natatorium has 8 single-line score boards for sale and the committee will consider these as an addition to our systems. Currently the timing system costs Missouri Valley more than it brings in rental fees. Missouri Valley hopes to have rental fees pay for the upkeep of the system. The task force will also look at Missouri Valley’s rental fees to determine what they should be.

New Business

The consideration of the LSC Championship meet structure as present by the coaches will occur at the fall meeting. The coaches will devise a first draft by July 1, 2011 and this will be considered by the Board of Directors at the Division 1 meet in the summer. The proposal thus devised will be voted on at the fall meeting.

Nellie Bucholtz made the motion to approve the seasonal athlete registration fee from $30.00 to $35.00 per year effective in 2012. Melody Haines seconded the motion. Discussion focused on the belief that increases in fees for swimmers as well as for non-athletes would lead to reduced numbers participating. Brad Bond pointed out that increases in costs for non-athletes have resulted from USA Swimming’s actions to insure athlete safety and these will not be changed. Missouri Valley still has administrative costs for all athlete registrations and we have been running a deficit of $6500 per year for the last six years. Jolisa asked if Missouri Valley wanted to reduce expenses; currently 72% of our expenditure goes to Zone funding, senior travel and salary. Several members stated that swimmers are motivated by the prospect of qualifying for Zones and higher level meets and that these are worth our resources. All voted in favor of adopting #7.

Todd Kraemer made the motion to increase meet entry fees as listed in #8; Philip Garverick seconded the motion. Discussion revealed that these fees are the maximum that a host team may charge for entries; clubs using different pools can determine what they need to charge to make a profit from the meet. Since the meet information for championship meets is provided by Missouri Valley and not host clubs, the entry fees for those meets will be $4.50 and $7.00 for relays. A friendly amendment was offered to change #8 to read… from $3.50 up to $4.50 and Relay entry fees from $5.00 up to $7.00 for LSC Sanctioned meets, effective for LSC meets beginning September 1, 2011 . Meet hosts may charge double the meet entry fees for deck entries. Todd Kramer accepted the friendly amendment and all voted aye for #8 as amended.

David Bucholtz made the motion to approve #9, the increase in League registrations from $125 to $150 effective for the 2012 registration year. Zach Devine seconded the motion. Discussion revealed that Missouri Valley would be able to keep the full $25 from the increase. The Great Plains Swim League and Northland Swim Conference have paid $150 for this year and will be sent a refund. All voted in favor of adopting #9.

Todd Kramer made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Jolisa Buchner seconded the motion and all voted aye. The House of Delegates adjourned at 3:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.