Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 17 2004 at 2:00pm at Wichita State University, Wichita KS

Delegates in attendance: Linda Bailey, Scott Berry, Scott Bliss, Rachel Brown, George Bruce, Aaron Dean, Pete Hay, Tom Herder, Craig Ivancic, Tom Kleiboeker, Shawn Klosterman, Gary Ledford, Mike Lewellyn, Richard Maxfield, Sandy Miller, Eric Nelson, Marlaine Nickelson, Tiffany Phillips, Cindy Reed, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling, Dawn Wolf, Lynette Yavek.

George Bruce called for the reading and adoption of the minutes form the September 23, 2003 Missouri Valley House of Delegates meeting. Gary Ledford made the motion to approve the minutes as presented; Marlaine Nickelson seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted.


Senior Chair, Mike Lewellyn reported that the $13,000 budgeted travel funds had been disbursed to Missouri Valley swimmers attending the national level meets. Athletes can now go online to send in their form for reimbursement.

Age Group Chair, Craig Ivancic, reported that both Level II meets had been successfully run. He stated that inconsistent qualifying times had been brought to his attention and he presented a series of formulas that would make the times more standard. Level II times will be updated every four years based on USA Swimming’s creation of its Quadrennial A Time Standards. Both the Level I meet and All Stars meet ran well. The Division II meets were successful but the size of the meets is a concern. He proposed holding the meet at three sites rather than two. This will be voted on at the fall meeting and bid for 2006. The long course Division II meet will be in Manhattan this year, Division I in Lenexa. Scott Bliss will serve as Zone Head Coach.

Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that full-time athlete registration was down about 400 swimmers from 2003. The other registration categories remained about the same; 2004 registrations were: athletes 3331, clubs 46, non-athletes 435. For 2003 registrations were: athletes 3739, clubs 42, and non-athletes 880. (Non-athlete numbers reflect the summer registrations from seasonal clubs. Non-athlete registrations cannot be broken out by registration date.)

Treasurer’s report, given by George Bruce, showed that our budget lines are where they should be and that our investment account had risen to $78,388.87.

Meet Procedures Chair, Jason Petty, indicated that the three-site option for the short course Division II meet would be discussed under new business.

Records Chair, Scott Berry, reported that 9 Citizen and 23 District records had been set this year. Missouri Valley had also achieved 55 individual and 27 relay Top 16 cuts.

Officials Chair, Linda Bailey, reported that Missouri Valley is considering certifying officials for two years. Most other LSC’s certify for two years. The online testing is promoting more standardized official’s training.

Coaches’ Representative, Cindy Reed, reported that Bill Rose had been selected as the Age Group Coach Of The Year and Eric Nelson had been selected as Senior Coach Of The Year. She stated that she is continuing to work on creating an accurate coach's email list. Craig Ivancic requested that the information on nominated coaches provided by those who nominate them be included with the voting information. The other coaches agreed that this would be useful.

Scheduling Committee, George Bruce reported that the scheduling work was being done online. Marlaine made the motion to approve the meet schedule that had been finalized online; Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion and it was adopted. Topeka stated that they would host the Missouri Valley Fall Meeting on September 25.

Electronic timing Chair, Sandy Miller, requested that a meet sanction indicate whether the timing system or an operator would be needed for the meet. She stated that Missouri Valley has two systems and three operators. She requested that the House of Delegates determine the priorities to be used in determining who should have use of the systems when meet conflicts occur. Richard Maxfield made the motion that the priority ranking should be, USA Swimming championship meets, meets hosted within Missouri Valley, meets involving multiple LSC’s (i.e., Sectionals), MVS Championship meets involving full year clubs, meets attended by full year teams, meets involving seasonal club championships, and meets hosted by other non-USA Swimming teams. When a conflict occurs with teams at the same level, the team first requesting the system would have priority. Linda Bailey seconded the motion and it was adopted. Sandy also reported that $850 had been spent on new pads and $300 for a cable to upgrade the system.

New Business

Division II Meet Changes - The House discussed the proposal to divide the short course Division II meet into three sites. Since MVS has only two timing systems clubs bidding for the meet will need to consider their needs for the timing system. Craig Ivancic made the motion to have three sites, northeast, northwest and south, awarded for the short course Division II meet in the spring of 2006. At the fall 2004 meeting he would present team alignments for the sites. Richard Maxfield proposed an amendment to the motion to divide the three sites without a geographical definition for them. Craig indicated acceptance of this amendment. Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion as amended and the motion was adopted.

Championship Scoring - The House next discussed the proposal to change the scoring of the Division I meet to provide small and medium sized clubs a chance for team competition. The House’s discussion indicated that it preferred the meet be scored as a whole and clubs achieving first, second and third be rewarded. The meet will also be broken out into three class sizes and first, second, and third place team champions will be awarded for each class. The break point number for each class was also discussed. Richard Maxfield proposed that the meet procedures committee determine the numbers to be used to define each class. This new scoring method will take effect at the long course Division I meet in 2004. Marlaine seconded this proposal and all voted for the motion.

District Delegates/Attendance at Annual Meetings - The House discussed the proposal to suspend the position of district delegate and replace it with a system requiring club members to send representatives to the Missouri Valley meetings. This would require a change to the Missouri Valley By-Laws. George Bruce will draft this change and publish it 15 days before the next Missouri Valley meeting. Discussion of this proposal revealed that the House agreed that requiring club attendance at Missouri Valley meetings was something it wanted to pursue and that it was willing to allow the Board of Directors to terminate club membership until clubs regained good standing. It was suggested that missing two consecutive meetings gave cause for a team to lose status as a member. Under the proposal the Board of Directors would be given authority to determine how a club, having missed two consecutive meetings, regained good standing.

Elections - The following slate of candidates was presented to the House; General Chair, George Bruce, Senior Vice Chair, Mike Lewellyn and Secretary, Dulcy Sellon. No other nominations were offered from the floor. Richard Maxfield made the motion to accept the slate unanimously, Marlaine Nickelson seconded the motion and it was adopted.

USA Convention Delegates – George Bruce reported that Missouri Valley might nominate individuals to attend the USA Swimming convention as Presidential at-large delegates. He asked that anyone wishing to be considered for this to contact him.

Other Issues - Eric Nelson made the motion that by the Missouri Valley September meeting Missouri Valley allow teams to put scheduled meet information on the website to be downloaded rather than requiring them to mail the meet information to all clubs. Tom Kleiboeker seconded this motion and it was adopted.

Scott Bliss asked that Missouri Valley be able to use links to psyche sheets via email since psyche sheets for meets could not be placed on the website for security purposes. George Bruce stated that USA Swimming was working on this issue and that we might be able to adopt their procedure.

No further issues being raised, Mike Lewellyn made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Richard Maxfield, all voted aye and the meeting adjourned at 4:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.