Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 16 2005 at 1:00pm in Lawrence KS

Members present: COOL, Dave Powers, CPYM, Clarke Stokes, CSC, Philip Garverick, EAC, Jeff Larson, Lynette Yevek, GRYG, Paulette Crawford, JCKW, Shawn Klosterman KCB, Mike Lewellyn, Amy Wattis, Derek Shipp, Bill Morrow, LAW, Mike Soderling, MM David Bucholtz, Todd Kramer, NLU, David Schumacher, OLA, Tracey Balkenbusch, Sandy Miller, SAC, Harry Kaszycki, SPA, Gary Ledford, SWAB, Landra Bunge, TD, Josh Keehn, TSA, Richard Maxfield, TST, Tom Kleiboeker, WAS, Steve Buehne, WKSC, Janet Pucket, WSC, George Bruce, WWYB, Stewart Aaby, Dawn Daniel, Glen McPherron, Northland Conference, Al Novak, Unattached, Marlaine Nickelson, Richard Winn. Twenty one Missouri Valley clubs and one organization sent representatives. The following clubs were unrepresented: ASA, BAC, BSSC, EDSC, FTLL, HVSC, HYSC, JCAY, KCST, KU, KVS, MMAC, MSC, NWSC, NWST, OTT, PEST, PITT, SA, SFY, TSS, WACT, and WRN.

George Bruce called the meeting to order at 1:00pm. A motion to approve the minutes from the Board of Directors March 2005 meeting was made by Mike Lewellyn, seconded by Derek Shipp and approved.

Standing Committee Reports

Jim Devine gave the sanctioning report, standing at 45 so far this year. He has some concern over summer league sanctions; usually he has started getting some requests by now. Jim Devine also discussed continuing problems with the national database as the holding tank has many problems arising from incorrect swimmer registration information. Teams need to be sure they submit meet entries that match swimmer registration information.

George Bruce discussed summer league sanctions. He is serving on a USAS committee looking at seasonal registration issues. Their first recommendation is to freeze future fee increases and roll back seasonal fees to $20/year. Their second recommendation is to allow seasonal fees to be credited as payment toward year-round membership fees. The National Board meets next week on this. There are approx. 37,000 nationwide summer season swimmers; MVS has about 10% of that.

Mike Lewellyn reported we had 5 athletes for World Championship Trials. Following this was a discussion on who could apply under current rules for travel fund disbursements. University teams can become a club and technically qualify under our current travel fund policy though it isn’t in the spirit of who should benefit from the splash fees collected at MVS meets. He will make a motion under new business. He is also looking into aligning events (same day) for Division I & II.

Mike Soderling reported for Scott Bliss and reminded people that this summer’s Zone Meet is individual, not (MVS) Team trip. Parents/clubs need to make their own arrangements. They are also in the process of tightening Division I standards.

Dulcy Sellon’s report showed that as of April 2005 MVS had 3,708 full-year swimmers, 515 nonathletes, and 44 clubs and 5 organizations registered. In 2004, 3,628 full-year swimmers were registered and 46 clubs.

George Bruce read the Treasurer’s Report: MVS has approximately $69,000 in their regular account. and about $78,000 in the investment accounts.

The Meet Procedures Chair is an empty position that Mike Soderling is temporarily filling. Mike agreed to fill the position permanently.

George reported that Kevin Bingham was elected Junior Athlete Rep. at Division I’s. Both athlete reps swim with the Blazers. Pete asked George or Dulcy to contact them to let them know their responsibilities, as neither was present at the meeting.

Derek Shipp, Coaches Representative, reported that there had been 22 votes for Coach of the Year. Scott Bliss was selected as Age Group Coach of the Year and Eric Nelson, Senior Coach of the Year.

Pete Malone gave the meet scheduling report which has been on the website. Posting the tentative schedule on the website and allowing corrections worked well. MVS Championships were approved at the March board meeting which helped refine the rest of the schedule.

George Bruce read Helen Lochow’s Safety Chair report. She will be doing safety training at the meet on April 29, 30 and May 1 at Topeka.

Sandy Miller gave the Timing Equipment report. One tripod is missing; she asked those in attendance who have recently had the equipment to please check to see if it was left behind at their pool when equipment was used. The committee is currently looking for additional personnel for equipment operators. If anyone knows of someone interested, talk to John Malnar or Sandy Miller. Training will be provided and this will be posted on the website.

Richard Winn reported on the USAS privacy policy and that a consent form is under development. The USAS policy also applies to club websites and starts as of May 1.

Unfinished Business

Rich Maxfield made a motion, seconded by Mike Lewellyn, to approve the changes as published for Officials’ certification. This motion passed.

George Bruce reported on accepting credit card payments. The process is still being developed and MVS is working toward a pilot program with Intrust Bank to be ready by fall. George also reported on KS House bill 2345 dealing with dual participation for high school/club swimmers. The bill did not get out of committee and is dead for this year. This allows us to concentrate on working out changes with KSHSAA. MVS will stress to KSHSAA that HS coaches will be able to set standards of participation for HS swimmers while allowing swimmers to participate in club workouts outside of high school practices and meets.

Sandy Miller presented a new written proposal regarding fees for utilization of the timing equipment. She proposed that the system should not be rented without an accompanying operator. A motion was made by Sandy to approve the fees in the proposal, and seconded by Gary Ledford. After some discussion a friendly amendment was added to allow the Timing Equipment Committee chairman to allow renting of the equipment without an operator at his/her discretion. The motion and friendly amendment were passed. (See attachment for proposal.)

Mike Lewellyn made a motion that Missouri Valley travel funds only be dispersed to MVS swimmers who represent Age Group swimming-based programs. It was seconded by Marlaine Nickelson and passed.

Pete Malone made the motion to accept the meet schedule as posted on the website. This was seconded by Mike Lewellyn. Two exceptions were added: Emporia will host a meet for July 15-16 and Jasper County Killer Whales will host a meet June 23-25. The revised schedule was approved.

Nominating Committee Chairman Gary Ledford reported the following nominations: Admin. Vice Chair - Gary Ledford; Age Group Vice Chair - Scott Bliss; and Treasurer - Theresa Johnson. A motion to close nominations was made by Mike Lewellyn, seconded by Harry Kaszycki and passed. Nominated for the Board of Review were: Tim Musch, Steve Rosel, David Carpenter, and Randy Hinde for 2-year terms. This was seconded by Rich Maxfield and passed. George Bruce has appointed George Schluter, Jim Devine and Gary Ledford to one-year terms. The By-Laws for future composition of the Board of Review are being reviewed and proposed changes will be brought up for a vote at the Fall meeting.

A motion was made by Gary Ledford for Sandy Miller, Rich Maxfield, and Janet Puckett to serve one-year terms as Delegates at Large. This was seconded by Marlaine Nichelson and passed.

It was suggested that Lawrence host the Fall meeting. This location seemed well received. Emporia indicated it would be interested in hosting the Spring 2006 meeting. This will be considered at the Fall 2005 House of Delegates Meeting.

A motion was made and seconded by all to adjourn at 3:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Gary Ledford, Administrative Vice Chairman
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.