Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on September 24, 2005, at 1:00pm in Lawrence KS

Members present: BSSC, Jenny Jones; COOL, Dave Powers; CPYM, Clark Stokes, Jack Wagnen; EAC, Lynette Yevak; FTLL, Jeff Lochow; Connie Sims, Mike Sims; HYSC, Scott Berry; JCKW, Shawn Klosterman ; KCB, Kevin Bigham, Mike Lewellyn, Grant Messick, Henry Morrow, Kate Sweeney; KCST, Leonard Horne; KU, Clark Campbell; KVS, Dylan Barber; LAW, Scott Bliss, Jolisa Buchner, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling, MM, Todd Kramer; MSA, Randy Horner; MSC, Matt Morrow; NLU, David Schumacher; NWSC, Andre Koop; OLA, Derek Berg, Sandy Miller; PEST, Amanda Cook, Andrea McKinley; PITT, Trevor Layden; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SFY, Lori Godsey; SPA, Gary Ledford; TD, Aaron Dean, Tom Ringwelski, Tracy Wright; TSA, Bill Rose, Kathy Ungerer; TSS, Chuck Jenkins, Kris Jenkins; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; WAS, Linda Bailey; WSC, George Bruce, Eric Nelson; UN, Mike Asbury, Joe Ogilvie, George Schluter. Clubs who have missed both MVS meetings in 2005: ASA, BAC, EDSC, HVSC, JCAY, MMAC, NWST, OTT, SA, WACT and WRN.

George Bruce called the House of Delegates meeting to order at 1:30 pm. Attendees were reminded to sign in (see above). Copies of the minutes from the Missouri Valley House of Delegates Meeting, April 16, 2005, and Board of Directors Meeting, August 6, 2005, as published on the Missouri Valley Swimming website were distributed. Scott Bliss made the motion to adopt the minutes as published; Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion and it was approved.

Standing Committee Reports

General Chair, George Bruce, reported that USA Swimming (USAS) had adopted changes to the rules for breaststroke and backstroke to be accordance with FINA changes. These changes are available on the USAS and MVS websites and have been distributed to the MVS House of Delegates attendees along with the USAS interpretation of the changes. He has also worked on the dual participation issue – swimmer participation on club teams and high school teams simultaneously – and stated that he would encourage an MVS member to take up the issue this year. His work on the seasonal swimmer task force will not allow him enough time to work on the dual participation issue. He headed the USAS task force on the seasonal swimmers number’s decline. Seasonal teams serve as feeders to year-round swimming for MVS and also contribute financially to the MVS LSC. The Task force suggested to the USAS Board of Directors that seasonal registration fees be frozen and that seasonal swimmers fees be credited to their full-year fee if they chose to continue swimming. Both suggestions were rejected by the Board because they did not believe enough data was available to determine the cause of the declining seasonal swimmer registrations. The Board of Directors has now reconvened the Task Force and George will be its Chair. He asks for feed back from clubs on seasonal swimmer retention and hopes the new task force will have an impact.

Administrative Vice Chair, Gary Ledford, reported that at the USAS Convention he had attended the Rules and Regulations meetings that considered the changes to the breast stroke and backstroke. He also reported that USAS had made extensive changes to their organizational structure through By-Law changes. These will have no impact on MVS.

Senior Vice Chair, Mike Lewellyn, reported that travel funds had been disbursed to MVS swimmers who traveled to the US Open, World Trials, Disability Championships, Senior National and Junior National meets. $17,950 of the budgeted $18,000 had been disbursed. At the USAS Convention he reported that he dealt with Zone issues.

Age Group Vice Chair, Scott Bliss, distributed the new time standards for D-1, D-2, Level 1, and Level 2, and proposed that they be adopted by MVS during New Business. To adjust the standards he used the 40th place time for all age groups and events from the last six weeks of the season. He averaged the 2004 times and the 2005 times and subtracted that from the current standard. He split the difference and subtracted it from the old time standard to determine the new one. He recommended adopting these new standards. MVS has not changed its qualifying time standards in over three years. Scott reported on the IMX program offered on the USAS website from the USAS Convention. IMX calculates power points for swimmers based on their stroke, middle distance and IM event times. Swimmers can access their standing at the club, regional and national levels with IMX on their own USA Swimming web pages. These power points will also be used for the "best team" designation and for camp invitations.

Membership/Registration chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that MVS had lost 1,233 season swimmers from 2004 to 2005. We also lost 15 seasonal clubs. From 2003 to 2004, MVS lost 619 seasonal swimmers and 2 clubs. For 2005, MVS registered 3,934 full-year swimmers and 2,581 seasonal swimmers and 28 outreach swimmers for a total of 6,543. Missouri Valley registered 775 non-athletes and 45 full-year clubs and 19 seasonal clubs. In 2004 Missouri Valley registered 3,615 full-year swimmers, 3,814 seasonal swimmers, and 27 outreach athletes. Missouri Valley also registered 844 non-athletes, 46 full-year clubs and 34 summer clubs.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that for 2005 our income was down $21, 000 due in large part to the decline in our seasonal program. Our Zone expenses came in under budget and senior travel was right on budget. Our net income was up $10,500 even with the decline in the season program because MVS controlled expenses. She pointed out that a lot of the Missouri Valley budget expense lines are not used and suggested sun-setting them or allocating them differently. She also reported that our USAS Convention expenses have fallen over two fiscal years in the past. Next year she will attempt to have future USAS Convention expenses paid in one fiscal year.

Coaches’ Representative, Scott Bliss, reported for the coaches that Bill Rose will be the new coaches’ rep and Derek Shipp who is fighting an illness will serve as assistant coaches’ rep. Scott also stated that application forms will be put on the MVS website where coaches can apply to be MVS Zone coaches and MVS All Star coaches. He encouraged coaches to use the forms and apply for these positions.

Athletes’ Representatives, Andre Koop, who had been the Senior Athletes’ Representative last year, said his experience had given him an idea of the organization behind USA Swimming. He had shared this experience with his own teammates and had also discussed it with the in-coming athletes’ reps. Kate Sweeney, this year’s Senior Athlete Representative thanked Missouri Valley for taking her to the USAS Convention and stated that she too found it interesting to see what went on at USA Swimming that makes the organization work. She also asked for time at the Division I meet before athletes vote on the next representative to talk to the swimmers and explain what the representative does before the swimmers vote. Kevin Bigham, the Junior Athlete Representative, asked that MVS put a link on their website to the USA Swimming web page location where swimmers can set up their own web accounts. He will talk to webmaster, Richard Winn, to get this done. Both Kate and Kevin will work with Richard to craft a narrative about their positions before the short course Division 1 meet.

Sanctions Chair. No report given. George Bruce asked for any questions about meet procedures and Eric Nelson asked that MVS reconsider its policy of not allowing referees to work their home meets. This was discussed under New Business.

Records Chair, Scott Berry, distributed reports detailing MVS’s Top 8 swimmers by event, course and age. He also distributed a report on new records set this past year.

Officials Chair, Linda Bailey, stated that clubs with volunteers who want to be officials may contact her for a clinic date and location. Clinics are also advertised on the MVS website. Officials need to take the online tests as well as attend a clinic every two years. MVS has a database of officials on the website that can be used to staff meets. The official’s chair also keeps records of the tests completed by officials and the meets worked by officials. George Bruce reported that USAS is establishing three new classifications for officials. LSC officials are now designated as N1, officials with national certification are now N2, and national championship officials are now N3. MVS officials who want to be N2 or N3 can go to the USAS website for the new requirements for these positions. Officials at the Zone and Sectional meets will help LSC officials who want to achieve the new N2 and N3 designations. It was asked that the MVS website officials’ list be enhanced so that it could be sorted by official category, i.e., stroke and turn, starter etc. Richard Winn said that he would work on that request. Linda concluded by reminding the House that MVS can send two officials to the USA Swimming officials’ clinic and that if they know of club members interested in attending they should contact Linda or George with the names. George also stated that officials with questions on the new rule changes should contact Linda.

Safety Chair. George asked if anyone knew of a Missouri Valley member who wished to serve as co-chair for this position to let him know. This would be someone who could offer the safety courses and would help Helen Lochow provide the courses needed by coaches.

Meet Procedures Chair, Mike Soderling, provided information on the teams assigned to the three flights for scoring the Division 1 championship meets. He also stated that the events swum at Division I and II would be arranged to occur on the same days at the meets. Aaron Dean suggested that meets with different formats might attract interest in Missouri Valley and George suggested that Aaron, Mike, and Pete Malone work together to develop new meet formats for future consideration in the meet schedule.

Swim-a-Thon. This position is now open. George reported that at the USAS Convention the USA Swimming Board of Directors decided to use the $135,000 projected income from Swim-a-Thons to be given to the Red Cross and Salvation Army to help the victims of hurricane Katrina. Clubs are encouraged to make additional donations from their Swim-a-Thon fund raising for this cause. Eric Nelson reported that the Central Zone had expressed a strong reservation about the aid and wanted it directed to help clubs and swimmers in the affected area. The Central Zone might be contacting member LSC’s for help in these areas. Joe Ogilvie volunteered to coordinate the Swim-a-Thon work and to work with Richard Winn to get information about the donations on our website.

Outreach Chairs, Joe Ogilvie and Leonard Horne, reported that their program was doing well and might be expanded to include a bilingual/Hispanic program.

Scheduling Chair. Pete Malone was absent. Mike Llewellyn stated that MVS probably needed more meets since last year swimmers were cut out of a number of meets that became too big. The meet bid packets will be mailed at the end of the year and scheduling will be done at the Spring MVS meeting. Information on hosting a meet is available on the USA Swimming website.

Timing Systems Chair, Sandy Miller, stated that the billing for the timing system was changed last April. Clubs using the systems now make one payment to the operator and one to MVS. She has sent bills to clubs for their past use of the systems and a few are still outstanding. She will order a few new touch pads and wireless apparatus for starts so the whole starting system does not need to be moved from one end of a pool to the other when starts occur at both ends during a meet. Watches will also be purchased and put on the trailer. She also stated that Olathe Aquatics and COOL will host an officials clinic and will advertise the date for it on the MVS website. She stressed that the USAS website has a great deal of useful information for clubs.

Webmaster, Richard Winn, stated that very soon we will be able to accept online payment and registrations for MVS non-athletes. He will also add a privacy permission line to the non-athlete registration form.

Unfinished Business

George observed that we had a good number of delegates present, which he attributed to last year’s change in MVS’s By-Laws requiring club attendance at MVS meetings. Several clubs have not had a representative attend either meeting this year. Since this was our first year under the new By-Laws, non-attending clubs will be able to remain in good standing by coming to the spring meeting. In an effort to make the meetings more accessible for clubs, Sandy Miller volunteered to coordinate the scheduling of the meetings. It was also suggested that MVS consider hosting a Swimposium every third year to utilize the resources offered by USAS for these meetings and to increase participation by clubs and swimmers.

George Bruce stated that he would not be able to continue working on the dual participation issue – swimmers participating in high school swimming and club swimming at the same time – and asked for MVS volunteers to take over this issue. Anyone interested in doing so should contact him.

George Bruce also announced that a lawsuit had been served on Missouri Valley Swimming.

New Business

The 2006 Central Zone meets will be held on August 4-6 in Oklahoma City, and on August 11-13 at Indianapolis. Eric Nelson stated that MVS needs to decide which location to attend. He favored the earlier date, stating that more of our swimmers would participate if the meet was in Oklahoma City. We would, however, have to move our long course Division I and II championships to one week earlier in the summer to accommodate the early Zone date. Topeka and the Wichita Aquashocks Division II hosts, as well as the Blazers Division I host, are able to hold their meets one week earlier. Discussion was held as to the merits of each date. An early date would mean MVS would need officials for the Division II meets and the Sectional meet on the same weekend. The early date would allow swimmers to get back from the Zone meet in time for the start of school. Scott Berry made the motion to have MVS attend the Oklahoma City Zone site. This was seconded and a vote by roll call was made. The motion passed and the early date will be communicated to the Central Zone and advertised on the website to alert MVS clubs to this decision.

An increase in the fee-per-event charged by MVS meet hosts was proposed. The new proposal would increase the current per event fee from $2.50 to $3.50 . In addition, the current $2.50 meet entry charge to each swimmer would be dropped as would the possibility of any club to charge a separate facility fee to each swimmer. George Schluter made the motion to accept the change in the fees charged at meets and Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion. It was adopted and will go into effect on January 1, 2006.

The motion was made to accept the revisions in the time standards as presented by Scott Bliss. The motion was seconded and adopted.

Gary Ledford made a motion to elect the current At-Large Delegates to the House of Delegates as the At-Large Delegates to the Nominating Committee. The motion was seconded and adopted. George Bruce announced that several house keeping changes to the MVS By-laws will be proposed at the Spring Meeting including the expansion of the duties of the At-Large Delegates to the House of Delegates to include service on the Nominating Committee.

Mile Lewellyn made the motion to approve the budget as presented. This was seconded by Eric Nelson and discussion followed. It was decided to leave the Secretary/Registration Chair’s salary as it appears in the previous fiscal year. Scott made a motion to amend the motion for approval and to remove $500 now used to pay for the meet results database on the MVS website. The motion to adopt the amendments to the budget was passed and the budget was then adopted as amended.

The House of Delegates consented to change MVS's traditional practice of requiring that referees not work their own meets.


George Bruce announced that at the USAS Convention the 120 day unattached status requirement for a swimmer changing teams will be waived by USAS for swimmers affected by Hurricane Katrina.

USA Swimming will be conducting a club leadership/business management course for several new MVS clubs which must take this course. Any MVS clubs wishing to attend may do so. The location and date for the course will be on the MVS website when it is determined.

The motion to adjourn was adopted at 5:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.