Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 22, 2006, at 1:00pm in Emporia, KS

The following members attended the House of Delegates meeting: ASA, Kevin Baiotto; BAC, Patricia Shell; COOL, Dave Powers; CPYM, Clarke Stokes; CSC, Philip Garverick; EAC, Phil Metz, Lynette Yavek; FTLL, Helen Lochow; HYSC, Sarah Johnson; JCAY, Penny Beck, Sherry Wittrock; JCKW, Shawn Klosterman; KCB, Pete Malone, Derek Shipp; KU, George Schluter; KVS, Christie Dierking; LAW, Scott Bliss, Jolisa Buchner, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling; MM, David Bucholtz, Curtis Hayden; MMAC, Joanne Macher; MSA, Greg Harrell, Randy Horner; MSC, Darcie Morrow; NLU, David Schumacher; NWSC, Andre Koop; OLA, Derek Berg, Jean Carter; OTT, Rebecca Hoagland; PEST, Andrea McKinley; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SFY, Lori Godsey; SPA, Gary Ledford; SWHR, Ed Wojtowicz; TD, Aaron Dean; TSA, John Dicus, Richard Maxfield; TSS, Caryleeen Gunderman, Kris Jenkins; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, Lisa Chester, Janet Pucket; WSC, Scott Berry, George Bruce, Eric Nelson; WWYB, Stewart Aaby, Dawn Daniel. Other members in attendance included, Ken and Linda Bailey, and Lanny Schaffer.

The following teams need to have a member in attendance at the MVS fall meeting to meet their meeting attendance requirement: ARK, BSSC, EDSC, GRYG, HVSC, KCST, MIZZ, NWST, PARS, PITT, RR, SA, TA, WACT, WRN.

George Bruce called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. Members offered no corrections or additions to the minutes to the Board of Directors March meeting. Janet Pucket made the motion to accept the minutes as published on the Missouri Valley (MVS) website. Harry Kaszycki seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously.

Report of Officers

General Chair: George Bruce began the officers’ reports by reminding clubs that MVS By-Laws now require clubs to attend at least one meeting a year. He stressed that the fall meeting would present material from the USA Swimming National Convention which is held just prior to the MVS meeting and would thus be an important one to attend.

Senior Chair: Pete Malone presented Mike Lewellyn’s report. He stated that the funds budgeted for Senior travel to the USA Swimming National meets had been distributed. Swimmers at the spring Junior Championship did not receive part of the disbursement because this was not a USA Swimming sponsored meet.

Age Group Chair: Scott Bliss reported that MVS took second place at the 2006 All Star Meet. Head Coach David Schumacher did an excellent job and had a great coaching staff. The Division I short course time standards had been made tighter but the meet still drew over 600 swimmers and went smoothly. MVS will attend the Central Zone 2006 meet held in Oklahoma City and he requested that staff interested in participating fill out the online application. For the short course Division II meet he recommended that the three sites be realigned for easier travel; that the meet adopt the same bonus swim guidelines as at the Level II Championships; that the Division II time standards be tightened for events 200 yards or longer; and that finals for 10 and under events be eliminated. The decisions necessary for the attendees and structure of the Division II short course will be made at the MVS Fall meeting. The team assignments for the 2006 Division II Long Course meet are: West - ARK, BAC, DSC, EDSC, EAC, HVSC, HYSC, LAW, MM, MSC, NWSC, PITT, SAC, TRC, VCSC, WAM, WELL, WWYB, WKSC, WAS, WSC, WIN; East - ASA, BTST, CL,CO, CPYM, CSC, COOL, FTLL, GRYG, HWH, JCKW, JCAY, KCB, KCST, KSC, KVS, LHCC, MMAC, MSA, NLU, NM, OP, OTT, PEST, RISS, RR, SFY, SH, SPA, SWHR, TA, TD, TOST, TSS, TSA, TST, WACT, WC, WRN.

Registration/Membership Chair: Dulcy Sellon reported that for 2006 MVS currently has 3,846 full year athletes, 145 season II athletes and 41 Outreach athletes. MVS also has 50 clubs registered. The season II registrations, which began April 1, will probably resemble last year’s registrations of 2,565. Our club number is higher this year since we have registered several new clubs. George Bruce pointed out that MVS season II registrations had declined substantially from 2003’s 4,381 swimmers. Our season II number began to decline when USA Swimming raised seasonal registration fee. MVS has kept $4 of each seasonal fee and submitted the remainder to USA Swimming. As USA Swimming continues to raise the fee $1 a year, MVS has tried to offset the impact on summer registrations by keeping less of the fee. For 2006 we charged $25 for the season II registration and kept $3. For 2007, USA Swimming will charge $23 per season II registration. George asked members to let him know if they knew of swimmers not registering because of the increasing fee costs. Summer swimming has been a recruiting tool for MVS and the decline in numbers of summer swimmers impacts our programs.

Treasurer: Jolisa Buchner stated that meet enhancement money is available for MVS championship meet hosts but to receive the funds meet hosts must submit information on their enhancement and receipts for its purchase to Scott Bliss who will determine that the money can be spent. Scott Bliss stated that Level II, Level I, and Division I and II meets are eligible for enhancement funds. Meet hosts will be reimbursed for the enhancements. Awards for event winners are considered to be part of the cost of hosting the meet and are the responsibility of the meet host. Enhancement money cannot be used for awards. At the fall MVS meeting budget issues and a proposed budget will be considered and adopted.

Coaches’ Representative: Derek Shipp, Assistant Coaches’ Representative, reported for Bill Rose that this year’s Age Group Coach of the Year award goes to Scott Berry and Senior Coach of the year award goes to Phil Garverick. The plaques will be presented at the MVS fall meeting. The coaches’ meeting discussed the future structure of the short course Division II meet and provided coach feed-back to Scott Bliss for the meet.

Officials’ Chair: Linda Bailey reported that the officials’ tests are now online from the USA Swimming webpage and they reflect the new rule changes. Discussion on the backstroke turn rule and the nature of the USA Swimming interpretation of the continuous turning motion requirement was held. Linda stated that the USA Swimming Rules Committee applies FINA rules and interprets them for USA Swimming use and that continuousness is still part of their interpretation. One judges continuousness by watching the swimmer’s arm. If the arm stops before the turn is initiated, the turn is not continuous. Linda stated that the MVS Officials committee chooses the Chair. Committee members are also eligible to attend the National Officials’ Clinic. The General Chair appoints members to the Officials committee.

Record Chair: Scott Berry presented the report listing the MVS Top 8 swimmers for the completed short course season. He also presented reports on the new MVS records and Top 16. He asked members to look over the reports to ensure that no one was missed.

Sanctions Chair: George Bruce reported that Jim Devine would continue as Sanctions Chair.

Meet Procedures Chair: Mike Soderling reported that the Division II short course meet format was still being formulated and would be presented at the MVS Fall meeting. He also offered a format for hosting a Missouri Valley Championship meet which includes the work needed from the Entry Chair, the Colorado Timing System Operator, the Awards Chair, the Meet Operations Chair, the Volunteer Coordinator and the Hospitality team. This proposal will be considered for approval at the fall meeting. A Meet Manager training session will also be offered at the fall meeting by Linda Bailey and Sandy Miller.

Outreach Chair: For Joe Ogilvie and Leonard Horne, George Bruce presented the outreach program started this year by TSA which recruited swimmers from the Topeka Boys and Girls Clubs, secured donations for pool time and coaching expenses and enabled these swimmers to register with USA Swimming and TSA as outreach participants and train with TSA. George pointed out that MVS has encouraged outreach through its support of the Kansas City Storm swim team and stressed that outreach registration was available for other clubs to use for swimmers who met the reduced price lunch program requirements.

Scheduling Chair: Pete Malone stated that the MVS schedule posted on the website is now fairly accurate. The changes brought to his attention at this meeting will be posted. He pointed out that Board of Directors had approved the date for the 2006 Division I Long Course meet and that there was a gap of two weeks between that meet and the Zone meet. He stated that the 2007 time standards for the USA Swimming Junior Championships will be the same as those for 2006. The Senior National time standards will be set in September and time trials will not be available for relay-only swimmers. Pete and Tsunami Swim Team will work out the date and location for the Nov. 17-19, 2007, meet currently scheduled for the same pool.

Timing System Chair: George Bruce gave the report for Sandy Miller who reported that MVS had purchased a replacement pad and had decided not to buy a cordless starting unit. MVS currently has two timing systems available for clubs to rent. Teams interested in renting them for a meet should contact Sandy who schedules the systems and operators.

Old Business

House Keeping Changes to MVS By-Laws - Gary Ledford stated that this is a work in process and involves insuring that no conflicts exist within the changes that have been made.

Seasonal Athlete Fee Determination - For 2006 seasonal athlete registration fees are $25; USA Swimming receives $22 of this fee and MVS retains $3 for administrative costs. For 2007 USA Swimming will be receiving $23. Discussion on whether MVS should continue to charge only $25 and keep $2 for administrative costs elicited several opinions. For example, since MVS wanted to encourage the registration of summer swimmers, we should not increase the registration fee and that we really should not loose money on summer registrations. Pete Malone stated that he did not think USA Swimming would be willing to roll back the seasonal registration fee and also fairly unlikely to freeze the seasonal fee at its current rate. Eric Nelson made the motion to have MVS charge $3 a head for summer registrations for 2007 thus raising the 2007 seasonal fee to $26. Jean Carder seconded the motion and it was approved. Richard Maxfield asked for a clarification as to whether the motion intended that the $3 fee was to be the MVS additional fee from now on or only for 2007. Eric stated that his motion applied only to 2007. This was seconded by Jean and again approved.

Phase-Out of MVS Website Meet Results Database with the Exception of Top 8 - Members discussed whether MVS should use the National Times database or the MVS database for proof of times at championship meets. Pete Malone stated that the National database still had problems to be corrected. Scott Berry stated that he had planned to keep the MVS meet results file but not post those on the MVS website when the MVS contract with Hy-Tek for the service expired in June 2006. The MVS meet results database will still be available for MVS Championship meet hosts to use for proof of times at the meets. Harry Kaszycki made the motion that MVS not renew its contract with Hy-Tek for this service. Mike Soderling seconded the motion and it was adopted.

New Business

Elections - Gary Ledford presented the following slate of nominees; for General Chair, John Dicus; for Senior Chair, Mike Lewellyn; for Secretary, Dulcy Sellon. Linda Bailey made the motion to accept this slate. Lisa Chester seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously. Gary reported that MVS had three delegates at large who served one year terms. Richard Maxfield and Sandy Miller wished to continue to serve as delegates at large and Janet Pucket whished to step down. Greg Harrell has been nominated to replace Janet. Linda Bailey made the motion to accept these three as delegates at large; David Bucholtz seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously. For the Board of Review, Gary offered the following nominations for two year terms; George Schluter, Jim Devine and Gary Ledford. Joanne Macher made the motion to accept this slate. Phil Garverick seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously.

Adoption of 2006/2007 Meet Schedule - Kris Jenkins made the motion to adopt the meet schedule as amended. Tom Kleiboeker seconded the motion and it was adopted. Joanne Macher made the motion to change the summer 2007 meet schedule so that the Division I Championship meet would fall on the first weekend in August and the Division II meet the previous week. Janet Pucket seconded the motion. Discussion centered on whether teams who had bid for the championships would be able to change their dates and whether holding the meets a week earlier as currently scheduled would have a negative impact on swimmers by shortening their long course season. It was pointed out that by attending the earlier Zone meet, MVS would enable swimmers to start school on time. Janet Pucket withdrew her second of the Macher motion but Christie Dierking offered a second to ensure a vote on the issue. The motion was called to a vote. Those opposed to the Macher motion of changing the dates for the 2007 Division I and II Championships won in a voice vote. Pete Malone made a motion that the 2008 summer dates be established as they will be for 2007. This would allow MVS to decide on an early or late Zone site for 2008. Jean Carder seconded the motion. The vote on the motion to keep the summer division championships the last two weekends in July in 2008 was called and all voted in favor.

Short Course Division II Format - Scott Bliss will offer a meet format proposal at the fall MVS meeting.

Surcharge for Zone Meet Equipment - Scott Bliss requested that MVS charge a $20 fee to Zone meet participants so that equipment may be purchased and delivered to Zone swimmers at the summer Division I Championship meet. This would allow MVS to reduce shipping charges for the equipment as well as improve the last minute work load of the Zone coaches for coordinating and distributing the equipment. He made a motion for MVS to adopt this request. It was seconded by Clarke Stokes and adopted.

Transfer Policy Revision - Missouri Valley currently requires that swimmers transferring from one MVS team to another submit a financial release form signed by the team that they are leaving and a transfer form stating their date of last competition with their previous team. At the March Board of Directors meeting it was suggested that MVS notify the team from which the swimmer is departing that they have 30 days to notify the MVS office that said swimmer has not cleared his/her financial obligations to that former club. If no notice is sent to the office within 30 days the swimmer will be transferred. If the team notifies the office that the swimmer still has financial obligations, the MVS office will let the new club know that the transfer cannot be completed. Christie Dierking made the motion that the MVS office email the team from which the swimmer is transferring and notify them that they have 30 days to inform the MVS office that the swimmer leaving their team has a financial obligation to the team. If no reply is received to the email, the MVS office will mail a letter to the team stating that they have 30 days to notify the MVS office. If no notice is sent to MVS, the swimmer will be transferred. If a notice is submitted, the swimmer’s new club will be notified by the MVS office and the transfer will not be recorded. Gary Ledford seconded the motion and it was adopted.

Athlete Registration Via Credit Card - Richard Winn has established the system on the MVS website for non-athletes to register with MVS using a credit card. He will study establishing a system for registering athletes using a credit card. He will examine the feasibility and costs for teams to register their athletes. Pete Malone asked that the report be done at the Board of Directors meeting at the Division I summer meet. This would enable MVS to use the new system, if it's feasible, for the start of the 2007 registration year in September.

Resolutions, Orders and Announcements;

George Bruce announced that anyone interested in attending the USA Swimming annual convention as a Presidential Appointment should inform him of their interest.

Summer Leagues wishing to rent the MVS timing system should call Sandy Miller to secure a place on the schedule for the equipment and operator.

George Bruce has established an ad hoc committee to delineate the duties and responsibilities of the MVS Secretary and Treasurer to facilitate the transition to a new General Chair.

George Bruce requested site hosts for the MVS fall 2006 and spring 2007 meetings. Missouri Sate Aquatics will host the fall 2006 meeting and the Lawrence Aquahawks will host the spring 2007 meeting.

Eric Nelson made the motion to have MVS contribute $1,500 to the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame for a table and notice in the Hall’s brochure when they induct MVS Olympic Gold Medal winner Catherine Fox in 2006. This motion was seconded by Pete Malone and was adopted unanimously.

Richard Maxfield made the motion to adjourn at 4:30 pm. This was seconded by Phil Garverick and adopted.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.