Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on September 22, 2006 at 1:20pm in Springfield MO

The following clubs had delegates in attendance: ARK, Paul Taylor; ASA, Kelly Milburn; BSSC, Jennifer Allbee; COOL, Dave Powers; CPYM, Clarke Stokes; CSC, Phil Garverick; FTLL, Helen Lochow; GRYG, Paulette Crowder; HVSC, Linda Bailey, Shawn Goodwin; JCKW, Angela Kearbey; KCB, Mike Lewellyn, Grant Messick, Henry Morrow; KCST, Leonard Horne; LAW, Scott Bliss, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling; MM, Todd Kramer; MSA, Greg Harrell, Randy Horner; NLU, Brian Tempe; NWSC, Clinton Bailey; NWST, Mike Lewellyn; OLA, Diane Schmit, Sandy Miller; PARS, Dave Oas; PEST, Amanda Cook, Andrea McGinley; PITT, Trevor Layden; RR, Aaron Dean; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SPA, Gary Ledford; SWHR, Ed Wojtowicz; SWMO, Shana Meadows; TD, Aaron Dean, Rob Mirande; TSA, John Dicus, Bill Rose; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; WAS, Steve Buehne; WSC, Scott Berry, George Bruce, Eric Nelson. Also in attendance were Clarence Aitken and Mike Asbury, Northland Conference and Ken Bailey, Great Plains Swim League. The following clubs did not have a representative at either Missouri Valley Meeting for 2006, MIZZ, WACT, WRN, and SA.

John Dicus, General Chair, called the meeting to order at 1:20 pm. Upon his inquiry members offered no additions or corrections to the minutes from April 22, 2006 Missouri Valley House of Delegates meeting or the July 30, 2006 Board of Directors meeting. The motion was made, seconded and approved to accept the minutes as published. John Dicus proceeded with the reports of the Officers, Committees and Coordinators.

Standing Committee Reports

Senior Chair, Mike Lewellyn, reported that the budgeted senior travel money of $18,000 had been distributed to the swimmers who had attended the US Open, Spring Championships, Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals and the Disability Championship. He reported that in 2008 USA Swimming will be discontinuing the Spring Championship meet.

Age Group Chair, Scott Bliss, reported that 150 swimmers had attended the Zone Meet and that Missouri Valley finished second after Illinois. There were many open water swimmers and open water events will be added to the 2008 Olympic Games.

Registration/Membership Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that Missouri Valley had registered 6,912 swimmers in 2007. The number of summer teams decreased by one but the number of summer registrations increased by 152 from 2005. She also mentioned that USA Swimming was now offering an Online Meet Entry program that Missouri Valley may use for their championship meets. USA Swimming has also set up an incentive program for inclusion of swimmers with a disability in sanctioned LSC competitions. Information on the Disability program is available on the Missouri Valley website. Information for the Online Meet Entry program is available from the USA Swimming website.

Gary Ledford presented the budget report for Missouri Valley. John Dicus asked for a motion to accept the report. The motion was made and seconded and all voted aye.

George Bruce reported for Sanctions Chair, Jim Devine, that about the same number of meets had been sanctioned in 2006 as in 2005. He also reminded members that the cost of a sanction is $30; $15 for a sanction application and $15 for the sanction. Approved meets and intrasquad meets must pay the $30 fee. Approved meets can be high school meets or such meets as the Show Me State Games. George Bruce reported that at the House of Delegates meeting at the USA Swimming Convention legislation was approved that requires clubs to have meets sanctioned not approved. It was felt there was less oversight for an approved meet as opposed to a sanctioned meet.

Scott Berry, Records Chair, distributed the Top 8 lists and the new Missouri Valley Records list. He stated that the Top 8 will be posted on the website as well.

Linda Bailey, Officials Chair, reported that trainers for officials clinics will now be reimbursed for their travel by MVS. Clubs wanting to have officials trained should contact her about scheduling a clinic. She is also developing a PowerPoint presentation for trainers so that all clinic locations will present the same information. There were no new rule changes from the Convention. George Bruce also stated that the YMCA has now adopted USA Swimming’s competition rules. There is an ongoing effort to bring all swimming organizations, NCAA, high school and YMCAs, into using the same rules, which will be FINA’s rules.

Outreach Chair, Leonard Horne, reported that the KC Storm hosted the Level II meet last year, which exposed more children to swimming as a competitive sport. George Bruce invited Bill Rose to discuss Topeka’s efforts to expand the swimming outreach program to swimmers in the Topeka area who could not afford the sport. This is now an ongoing effort. Additionally, MVS will work with USA Swimming’s effort to increase diversity among swimming participants by enlisting clubs and individuals to reach out to the growing Hispanic community in western Kansas. The diversity work done by USA Swimming, such as their Diversity handbook, will be promoted in our western Kansas clubs.

Safety Chair, Helen Lochow, reported that the Red Cross has made changes to its CPR course. She hopes the new books for the course will be available at the end of the month. The Red Cross is also working to offer its challenge courses online, which should help coaches needing to renew their safety credentials. She also stated that she would offer safety classes at meets and at locations convenient to clubs needing the classes provided that several coaches would be in attendance. The Safety Training for Swim Coaches course is also being revised by the Red Cross but the new materials are not yet available.

Scheduling Chair, Mike Lewellyn, stated for Pete Malone that he would propose in New Business that for 2008 the Long Course Division II date be July 25-27 and the Division I date be August 1-3, or one week before the Zone meet. For 2009, he will propose that the Division II date be July 24-26 and the Division I date be July 31-August 2. These proposed dates may affect which clubs bid to host the meets. It was suggested that perhaps the Scheduling Committee be enabled to select the division dates based on the Zone meet dates. The Zone meet in 2008 will be at one site on August 7-9. The site host is considering have all relays on one day.

Electronic Timing head, Sandy Miller, asked members if they had any spots available to park the two MVS timing system trailers. She also is seeking another operator as one of her staff is leaving. She stated that timing system errors are being corrected and asked that anyone needing to make a correction to contact her. She plans to bill ahead of the meet for the use of the system as clubs prefer this. Some equipment will be replaced this year as well. One club representative asked if MVS could provide more than a one-line score board for meets. Sandy stated that Colorado Timing only had a one-line score board that was transportable. Scott Bliss suggested that we might pursue examining the possibility of offering a wireless hook-up to the meet’s Meet Manager software to display the results on a PDA. Sandy and Scott will follow up on this.

New Business

Missouri Valley members who attended the USA Swimming Convention in Dearborn, Michigan presented information from the meetings they attended. George Bruce began by stating that a crucial item of business at the Convention was the House of Delegates establishment of a background check program, which will be required for coaches and USA Swimming staff. All coaches will be required to do the check every two years if they wish to be registered as a USA Swimming coach. The program requires a coach to go to the TC LogiQ website (http://www.tclogiq.com) and provide the information requested. The company will provide the coach with the results of the search via email within 5 days. If the background check is okay, SWIMS will pick up the information, and a new coach card showing the background check date will be sent to MVS and will be distributed to the coach. If the background screen is not okay, the coach will be informed by the company and asked if he/she wishes to continue. The coach may wish to indicate to the company that the correct individual was not screened. The company will then redo the screening or the coach may request a Board of Review examination of his/her situation. If the coach does not wish to continue the process, no background screening information will be sent to USA Swimming. The coach would not be able to register as a coach, however. Missouri Valley coaches will begin the screening process when USA Swimming designates their screen time. Coaches will be informed of the start date on the MVS website.

Gary Ledford discussed the Sports and Parenting Video sent to all clubs. Missouri Valley has purchased additional copies and clubs may order them from the office for $14.00. The video presents useful information on parents’ involvement in the sport.

Mike Lewellyn stated that qualifying times for Sectionals and Juniors had not been changed (except for relays at Juniors). There will no longer be a national Spring championship after 2008 and a Grand Prix meet has been awarded to the new pool facility in Columbia, MO and the Columbia Swim Club.

Sandy Miller stated that USA Swimming has a variety of programs that clubs might want to pursue. She mentioned the Club Recognition Program and the IMX program. Lawrence will be hosting an IMX meet in November this year.

The presented budget was discussed. Gary Ledford stated that MVS expenses exceeded MVS income in the budget document by about $21,000. He pointed out that the budgeted items are not usually spent each year and that last year we had a similar deficit but in fact ended the year $3,000 in the black. He stated that non-profits in general are encouraged to keep an amount equal to 50% of their annual expenses amount as a reserve. MVS is slightly under that 50% guideline due to the purchase of our second timing system. George Bruce made the motion to accept the budget as presented. The motion was seconded and all voted aye.

The Missouri Valley Spring meeting will be held in Lawrence. Sandy Miller will coordinate the meeting site with the Lawrence Aquahawks. The date for the meeting will be determined once USA Swimming determines the date in April for their Times/Registration workshop for LSC’s.

Scott Bliss proposed that the revised qualifying time standards be adopted. He stated that these are between the B and BB times and that he will convert the short course meter times using Hy-Tek’s conversion program. His motion was seconded and unanimously adopted. The qualifying times will be posted on the website.

Scot next proposed that the Long Course Division II bonus rule be changed to match the Division II short course rule. At both meets swimmers will be allowed to swim two bonus events not longer than a 200 if they have achieved one qualifying time. This motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Scott next proposed that the site assignments for Division II short course be adopted. The West site will have ARK, BSSC, COOL, BAC, FTLL, HYSC, KVS, MM, MSC, NWSC, OTT, WWYB, WKSC,WAS, WSC, SAC, TD, TSA, and LAW. The East site will have CSC, JCKW, JCAY,MMAC, MSA, SPA, SWHR, WRN, WACT, SWMO, MAC. The Central site will have ASA, KCST, PEST, RR, and SFY. It will also have two out of the following three groups: the third group will go to the East site . The group going east will be on a rotating basis. Group A is KCB; group B is TST and CPYM; and group C is OLA, TSS, and NLU. Since TST hosts the Division II meet in 2007, either group A or C will go east for 2007. The motion to adopt the site assignments was seconded and all voted aye.

Mike Soderling proposed that the entry deadline for all Missouri Valley Championship meets be the Monday before the start of the meet and that all entries be submitted on a Hy-Tek file by 6:00 pm on that Monday. This motion was seconded and unanimously adopted. He also stated that at the conclusion of the meet, within 24 hours, the host team must send our webmaster (webmaster@missourivalleyswimming.com) a flat HTML results report, a meet manager backup file and a Team Manager results file. This requirement will be included in the sanction. Teams will be able to then get meet results from the website. The effective date for these requirements will be January 1, 2007. He also asked that when teams host a Missouri Valley Championship meet they create the events file for the meet and send it to the webmaster.

Mike Lewellyn proposed that Missouri Valley treat Zone Open Water competitors in the same manner it treats other Zone event competitors. Missouri Valley will pay their entry fee and swimmers will pay the outfitting surcharge. This motion was seconded and unanimously adopted.

Mike Llewellyn proposed that the 2008 Division II championship be held July 25-27 and the Division I championship be held August 1-3 and direct the scheduling committee to place these dates in the bid package. The motion was seconded and adopted.

The House of Delegates discussed the proposition that Missouri Valley pay for the awards for championship meets. Currently the meet host supplies the awards. Since the cost for this change is unknown it will be researched by Sandy Miller and presented at the MVS spring meeting.

Mike Lewellyn proposed that Missouri Valley allow clubs to charge up to $10 as an entry fee for open water competition. After discussion on the costs associated with open water events, a friendly amendment was offered to simply remove the Missouri Valley $3.50 event fee charge for open water events. Thus, open water events would be exempt from the per-event charge. The Missouri Valley sanction fees and 15% of entry fee charges would still apply to open water events. This motion as amended was seconded and adopted.

To determine which group would attend the eastern site of the Division II short course championships for 2007, a representative from the KC Blazers and from Olathe Aquatics held a rock-scissors-paper competition. The Olathe Aquatics representative won all the match-ups and will choose which site they wish to attend.

John Dicus asked for a motion to adjourn. This was offered, seconded and unanimously adopted at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.