Minutes of the Board of Directors / House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 14, 2007 at 12:45pm at Lawrence, KS

Members in attendance: Full Year Clubs: ARK, Patty Brown, Sheryl Hollingsworth, Zandra Lauppe, Paul Taylor; BSSC, Debbie King; CPYM, Clarke Stokes; CSC, Megan Pittman; COOL, Dave Powers; EAC, Tricia Evans, Phil Metz; FTLL, Helen Lochow; JCAY, Dan Smith, Kyle Smith; KCB, Pete Malone, Grant Messick, Derek Shipp; KCST, Leonard Horne; KVS, LeeAnne Dunham; LAW, Scott Bliss, Jolisa Buchner, Mike Soderling; MAC, Amanda Morford; MM, Todd Kramer; MSA, Gary Bockman; NLU, Brian Timpe; NWSC, Clinton Bailey; OLA, Jean Carder; OTT, Jeff Brewer; PEST, Amanda Cook, Andrea McKinley; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SPA, Gary Ledford; SWHR, Ed Wojtowicz; TD, Aaron Dean; TSA, Dave Carpenter, John Dicus, TSS, Sherri Bales, Lisa Blair; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; UN, Richard Maxfield, Joe Ogilvie, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, Bryna Sandstrom, Erik Sandstrom; WNYN, Donovan Bailey, Linda Bailey, WWYB, Stewart Aaby, Dawn Daniel; WSC, Scott Berry, Eric Nelson. Season II Clubs: Alma Marlins, Cindy Cassity; Briarwood, Ben Weber; Northland Conference, Clarence Aitken, Mike Asbury; Woodvalley, Kurt Weiler.

John Dicus called the meeting to order at 12:45 pm and announced that Missouri Valley had awarded the Phillips 66 Swimming Award for Outstanding Service to Jim Devine. Pete Malone and John Dicus explained that Missouri Valley made this USA Swimming Award on rare occasions to outstanding volunteers. Jim Devine has served Missouri Valley as Sanctions Chair, General Chair, and referee, as well as the editor and publisher of the Missouri Valley Swim Guide and the LSC’s leader in the establishment of the MV website. In accepting the award Jim encouraged everyone to continue working for the sport of swimming since it was the best sport for our children.

John asked if any additions or corrections needed to be made to the minutes from the March Board of Directors meeting published on the MV website. There being none offered Richard Maxfield made the motion to accept the minutes as published. Gary Ledford seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

Report of Officers

Scheduling Chair, Pete Malone, stated that he wished to have Missouri Valley’s endorsement for his proposal on the pattern to be used to divide the income from the two Sectional meets. Pete Malone will propose that the funds be used for swimmers attending three events each year and that the three events will be chosen by the Sectional LSC reps or coaches in attendance at the spring Sectional meet for the next swim year. In the summer of 2008 he will recommend that the Section would provide funding for swimmers attending the Olympic Trials, summer Nationals and Junior Nationals. Eric Nelson made the motion to endorse this proposal, Scott Bliss seconded the motion and all voted for it. Pete Malone also presented the travel fund disbursements that Mike Lewellyn will make as Senior Chair. The Missouri Valley method of allocating travel money to swimmers who attend these meets will not change. Some of the meets for which travel money will be allocated have changed names. Missouri Valley budgeted travel money for swimmers will be divided among swimmers attending the Short Course National Championships, 11/29-12/1/2007; the Olympic Trails, Nationals, 7/29-8/2/08, Junior Nationals, 8/4-8/2008 and Disability Championships, date to be announced. Pete also stated that the Grand Prix meet will be held in Columbia on President’s weekend for the next three years and that tickets for the Olympic Trails in Omaha will go on sale next month.

The Master Meet schedule was done on line this year and the preliminary schedule was discussed and approved at the March Board meeting. Pete stated that the schedule shows that one team, KCST, has been awarded two championship meets. MV attempts to allocate championships as broadly as possible so one of the two meets awarded to KCST, Level II and Division II, might be allocated to another host. The meets would still be held at Central High School, however. The Representative from Emporia stated that the July 2008 Division II meet they had been awarded fell on the same weekend as the Shrine Bowl in Emporia and they requested that the other bidder for the meet WAS be allowed to take the 2008 Division II meet with the understanding that they planned to bid for it in 2009. The WAS representative agreed to this. Emporia also requested that their July meet be restored to the schedule since they would not be hosting Division II. This was also agreed upon. For short course Division II, Springfield is the East site, Central High school is the central site and Lawrence is the west site. CPYM is also bidding for two dates in June on the schedule but one will be dropped when they receive their pool clearance. The Zone meet will be a mega/meet at Indianapolis. Richard Maxfield made the motion to adopt the meet schedule as modified; Eric Nelson seconded the motion and all vote aye. Joe Ogilvie thanked the MV webmaster, Richard Winn, for his hard work to establish the program for the online meet submission. Jim Devine stated that he can approve Kansas High School meets so that swimmers’ times can be recorded in the USA Swimming Times database but that requests for meet approval must come from the school and the approval request needs to be sent to him several weeks before the meet to allow him to issue the approval.

Scott Bliss, Age Group Chair, reported that MV had taken second place behind Colorado at the Midwest All Star meet. The number of swimmers attending the three short course Division II meets had been fairly evenly divided this year. The 2007 Central Zone meet will be in Topeka and Grant Messick will be head coach. He encouraged coaches interested in being on the Zone coaching staff to complete the online application for a position.

Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that MV’s full year swimmer registrations match the completed registration group from last year. Since this is only April, MV’s full year registrations should be higher than last year. The Season II summer registrations have just begun but will probably reflect about the same number as last year.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that MV’s income from swimmer registrations had already matched our budgeted amount showing the upward increase in full year registrations. MV had budgeted a $22,000 loss but we are currently showing a profit. However, we still have large expenses to come in this fiscal year, Zones, senior travel and website charges.

Safety Chair, Helen Lochow, reported that our accident reports have been low. Most accidents are still occurring at meets, however.

Sanction Chair, Jim Devine, reported that he anticipates issuing about the same number of sanctions as he did last year. The number of sanctions has been between 125 and 130.

Outreach Chair, Leonard Horne, reported that the Kansas City Storm was continuing to work to bring in more nonathletes as officials and other workers. They will continue this outreach work.

Scott Berry, Records Chair, provided material on the MV records for the 2006-2007 short course season and Top 8 times since September 2006. 25 Citizen records were broken, 11 District records were broken and 14 swimmers and 17 relays were National Top 16 consideration qualifiers.

Officials Chair, Linda Bailey, reported that she and the webmaster have devised a means to provide clinic codes for officials. She also stated that 50 officials had attended the clinic held before the House of Delegates meeting presented by USA Swimming Official, Dan McCallen. As a follow-up to a Division II meet question on where in the meet the 1650 event should be held, she stated that meet referees will be counseled about what to expect at a meet and what can and can’t be changed at a championship meet. John Dicus also reminded delegates that we need to encourage civility and privacy when disagreements at meets between coaches, officials or parents occur.

Electronic Timing chair, Sandy Miller, reviewed the schedule of meets requesting timing equipment and/or operators. No additions to the schedule were offered from the floor.

Admin Vice Chair, Gary Ledford, stated that planning for the fall USA Swimming Convention had begun. It will be held in Anaheim, CA, September 25 to 29. Missouri Valley members may attend the convention and if they wish to do so they should contact him.

John Dicus stated that the lawsuit in which MV had been involved, had been settled.

Joe Ogilvie made the motion to accept all reports as presented. Gary seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Old Business

Derek Shipp, assistant coaches’ representative, reported that the coaches had voted on-line this year for the two coaches’ awards. The Age Group Coach award will be awarded to Steve Buehne and the Senior Coach Award will be awarded to Eric Nelson. The award plaques will be presented at the Division I Long Course meet.

Missouri Valley coach back ground screening was to have been initiated by April 13, 2007. Dulcy Sellon presented a listing of the MV coaches that had not yet initiated their screening. Coaches were encouraged to check the list to make sure that a mismatch of their name and screening had not been made and to complete the screening immediately. Coaches without a coach card showing completion of the screening will not be allowed on deck at meets.

Sandy Miller made a motion to have Missouri Valley assist in the payment of medals awarded at the Division I and II meets. $3000 would be budgeted to allow Division I meet hosts to receive $500 to offset their awards’ costs and Division II meet hosts to receive $400 for their awards’ costs. Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion. In discussion on the motion Richard Maxfield offered the friendly amendment that meet hosts should be encouraged to purchase the same awards from the same source. The motion with the friendly amendment was put to a vote and all voted aye. The effective date for this to begin will be October, 2007.

New Business

Gary Ledford as chair of the nominating committee (composed of the past general chair, the officials chair and three at large delegates) presented the slate for Admin Vice Chair, Age Group Chair, and Treasurer. These officers will serve two year terms and the candidates are Gary Ledford, Scott Bliss and Jolisa Buchner all of whom are the current officers in those offices. For the three delegates at large, Sandy Miller has agreed to remain as a delegate at large, Bryna Sandstrom has agreed to be a delegate at large and Missouri Valley is still seeking a third delegate at large. This third position must be filled by the fall meeting. John Dicus urged coaches to seek a candidate and email him with potential names. The current Board of Review members have agreed to remain on the Board for another term. They are Don Smith, Steve Rosel, David Carpenter, Randy Hinde and George Schluter as Chair. Eric Nelson made the motion to elect the slate of candidates as presented; Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Missouri Valley’s transfer policy was discussed. The provision that the MV office emails clubs seeking financial clearance for transferring swimmers is in place and working. The issue of the date of last competition of a transferring swimmer has caused problems. Dulcy Sellon stated that the MV office will use the date of the transfer request as the date of last competition if no date is provided by the transferring swimmer.

Missouri Valley decided to table the discussion of the development of a program for accepting athlete registrations via credit card payment of fees.

USA Swimming provides crime insurance to Missouri Valley for employee and volunteer crimes. To continue to receive the insurance USA Swimming requires that LSC’s ensure that checks over $5000 have dual signatures, that the individual writing the checks is not the one balancing the checkbook and that an audit committee annually audits the LSC’s books. John Dicus proposed that in order to meet these requirements MV would have the treasurer and General Chair both sign checks over $5000; that Gary Ledford, Admin Vice Chair would balance the check book and that an audit committee of the General Chair, a coach’s representative and one of the delegates at large would audit the MV books at the fall general meeting. Joe Ogilvie made the motion to accept this plan for meeting USA Swimming’s requirements for the insurance. Gary Ledford seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Resolutions, Orders and Announcements

Clark Campbell, head swim coach at the University of Kansas suggested that a coaches’ education clinic be scheduled with the Missouri Valley spring meeting in 2008. This was well received and will be pursued.

South West Missouri Otters in Neosho, MO have requested that they be hosts for the MV fall meeting. Sandy made the motion to have the fall meeting site in Neosho and the spring meeting in Lawrence. Linda Bailey seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Information on Red Cross safety courses offered by Jeff Dutzel was distributed.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.