Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 12, 2008 at 12:45pm at Lawrence, KS

Members in attendance: Mike Asbury, Northland Confer.; Linda Bailey, NWSC; Mike Ballard, SPA; Scott Berry, WSC; Scott Bliss, LAW; Brad Bond, KCB; Jolisa Buchner, LAW; David Bucholtz, MM; Steve Buehne, WAS; Jean Carder, OLA; Pam Cowen, COOL; Dawn Daniel, WWYB; John Dicus, TSA; LeeAnne Dunham, KVS; Cynthia Farris, SFY; Phil Garverick, CSC; Shari Hatfield, EAC; Leonard Horne, KCST; Kandy Johnson, BSSC; Sarah Johnson, HYSC; Harry Kaszycki, SAC; Tom Kleiboeker, TST; Shawn Klosterman, JCKW; Debby King, BSSC; James Kuhlman, WKSC; Gary Ledford, SPA; Mike Lewellyn, KCB: Andrea McKinley, PEST; Peter D Malone, KCB; Phil Metz, EAC; Sandy Miller, OLA; Kris Milliron, SFY; Grant Messick, KCB; Joe Ogilvie, UN; Dave Powers, COOL; Bonnie Sue Russell, MSC; Bryna Sandstrom, WKSC; Sarah Seris, CSC; George Schluter, KU; Dulcy Sellon, LAW; Clarke Stokes, TST; Dara Summers, TSS; Brian Timpe, NLU; Sherryl Wittrock, JCAY

The following teams will need to have a representative in attendance at the Missouri Valley Swimming fall meeting: ARK, ASA, ATCH, BAC, BWST, EDSC, FTLL, MMAC, MSA, PITT, RR, SA, SWMO, TD, WACT, WNYN, WRN.

General Chair, John Dicus, called the meeting to order at 12:45. He asked for corrections or additions to the minutes from the Missouri Valley fall, 2007, House of Delegates meeting or the March, 2008, Board of Directors meetings. Gary Ledford asked that the minutes from the March Board of Directors meeting be amended to include his name as in attendance. No other corrections or additions being offered Jolisa Buchner made the motion to accept the minutes as amended. Gary Ledford seconded the motion and the motion was adopted unanimously.

John Dicus reminded the members that at the March meeting it had been suggested that the fall and spring Missouri Valley meetings be held in Lawrence. Discussion revealed that members approved the location because it was central for most in the LSC. Sandy Miller clarified that although the meetings would be held in Lawrence, the Lawrence Aquahawks would not be required to be the host club for the meetings.


Senior Chair, Mike Lewellyn reported that he had distributed funds from the $20,000 budgeted for senior swimmer travel. Next year more meets might be added to the funded meets because USA Swimming is planning on holding a Junior Short Course national meet and Senior Zone meet. The next Senior Chair will need to consider incorporating these meets in the funding.

Age Group Chair, Scott Bliss, provided a report showing the attendance at the Division II short course meets; the East site had the fewest attendees. New Division II time standards will be calculated following the 2008 Long Course meets. The Division I short course meet had slightly fewer swimmers but more entries than the 2007 meet. He stated that the 2008 Zone meet will be a Mega Zone in Indianapolis and he would be Head Coach unless someone else wants to take it on. Coaches interested in being on the Zone staff should apply online and Zone outfitting will be done at the Division I long course meet in Lenexa.

Registration/Membership Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported on Missouri Valley’s registrations from the past four years. Missouri Valley has experienced a slight increase in registrations for these four years.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that Missouri Valley’s income of $ 21,000 was good for this time of year but that we still will have expenses of about $45,000 for the Zone meet, Senior travel, and equipment before the end of the fiscal year.

Junior athlete representative, Vito Cammisano, introduced himself.

Records Chair, Scott Berry, provided reports on the 2007-2008 short course records and Top 8 Times. 15 Citizen records and 22 District records were broken in 2007-2008.

Officials Chair, Linda Bailey, reported that a guest clinician from Michigan, Dan Meconis, had provided training for the referee and stroke and turn clinics and many officials had attended. Additional clinics for officials will be provided by Linda and other trainers if clubs need them. They should contact her to schedule these.

Coach Representative, Derek Berg, reporting for Bill Rose, stated that the coaches had discussed the proposed new national meets, short course juniors and senior zone. They also discussed the issue of a Missouri Valley policy directed at establishing an LSC policy for the type of suit that would be appropriate for the age and level of meet a swimmer attends. Discussion revealed that Southern California has such a policy and that MVS should develop a policy for the type of suit that will be permitted at different levels of competition. This policy could then be published on the website and sent as an attachment with meet information flyers. The Senior, Age Group and General chair were charged to present a draft of this policy at the MVS fall meeting. Derek also announced that Megan Pittman, CSC, had been selected as the Age Group Coach of the Year and Mike Soderling, LAW, had been selected as the Missouri Valley Senior Coach of the Year.

Sandy Miller, Electronic Timing, reported that money had been budgeted for equipment replacement and that she would make the purchases before the summer season starts. She also requested that summer meet hosts contact her to schedule and verify operator schedules for summer meets. She also asked clubs for operator trainee volunteers as we always need more of them to handle the MVS equipment.

Leonard Horne, Outreach Chair, reported that Kansas City has made substantial budget cuts to its Parks and Recreation budget. His salary and program had been eliminated. The city has restored some funding but the budget will not be approved until April 22 at which time he will know the status of his program. An anonymous benefactor had provided funding for them until April 1. USA Swimming also sent representatives to the City Council, the Parks and Recreation Department and the budget committee to encourage them to continue the swim team’s program. The USA Swimming representatives were well received and Pete Malone, Joe Ogilvie and Leonard are cautiously optimistic that funding will be available for the team. Pete pointed out that as a part of the Kansas City Parks Department, the Kansas City Storm clubs gets the use of the KC Parks and Rec. pools without charge. He asked that MVS show support for Leonard’s program by assisting the club through assuming their outreach registration costs and/or waiving meet entry fees for the club. This would allow the club to enter more meets and aid them in recruiting swimmers. George Schluter made the motion that the Board of Directors acting for the House of Delegates approve the proposal devised by the Outreach Committee and General Chair to provide demonstrated support for the Kansas City Storm. Sandy Miller seconded the motion and all voted in support for it.

Peter Malone, Scheduling Chair, stated that the meet schedule once adopted by the House of Delegates will be posted on the MVS website. He also reminded members that if a team wishes to add a meet to the schedule they must pay $50 and secure agreement from the clubs hosting meets on the preceding and following weekends to allow the meet. He stated that as soon as USA Swimming approves the Junior Short Course meet which will be held in Austin, Texas in December it will be added to our schedule. Time standards for the meet will be on the USA Swimming website and will be the 2007 Junior national standards. The SAC team requested from Pete that their meet be moved from January 24, 2009 to January 30- February 1, 2009. Pete accepted this request as well as a request from EAC that their meet be moved to February 13-15, 2009. He stated that the TST meet will be scheduled for November 21-23, 2008 or November 13-15, 2008 when the pool contract is finalized. Pete Malone stated that the Level II Championships would be hosted by NWSC in the West and KCB in the East. TSA will host the Level I meet. The three Division II sites will be TST, east, KCST, central and MSA, south. WSC will host the Division I short course meet. Oklahoma City College will host the Sectional meet. Division II long course will be hosted by TSA, west and LAW, east. Division I long course will be hosted by KCB in Lenexa and the 2009 zone meet will be in North Dakota. Pete stated that this fall at the convention MVS would be voting on the next zone site and that we had asked for the meet scheduled for the first August weekend in the past. The members agreed that we should continue this pattern. He also asked if MVS supported the establishment of a senior zone meet held on the same weekend as the traditional zone meet. This would be an invitational rather than an LSC all star meet and would be a closed meet. No one spoke against the idea. John Dicus raised the issue of the fall meeting date. A MVS club had requested the meeting be held in September rather than October. Members agreed that having the fall meeting after the completion of the USA Swimming Convention was important for providing information to the LSC and further agreed that the October 4, 2008 date for the meeting should be retained. Gary Ledford made the motion to approve the meet schedule as amended; Jolisa seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously.


Gary Ledford stated that he would bring a wording change for meet warm-up procedures to the MVS fall meeting for approval. The wording would state that swimmers enter the pool for warm-ups feet first by stepping in or sitting and sliding into the pool.


Gary Ledford presented the nomination committee’s slate of candidates: General Chair, John Dicus; Senior Chair, Philip Garverick; Secretary, Dulcy Sellon; At Large Delegates, Sandy Miller, Bryna Sandstrom, Brad Bonds; Board of Review, John Dicus, George Schluter, Gary Ledford. Joe Oglivie made the motion to elect these candidates to office. David Bucholtz seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously.

Scott Bliss stated that he wished to resign from his position of Age Group Chair at the end of the 2008 Long Course season. John Dicus appointed Mike Lewellyn to complete the remaining year of Scott’s term.

Gary Ledford reminded members that MVS will pay the registration fee for members who wish to attend the USA Swimming Convention, September 24-27, 2008. They should contact him if they wish to attend. He also stated that he would provide some housecleaning changes to the MVS By-Laws on the Board of Review member numbers and terms at the fall meeting.

Dulcy Sellon provided members with information on the current Missouri Valley transfer policy and proposed that registration files which register swimmers for the next swim season be processed as SWIMS was designed to handle them, that is that flagged registrations be checked to insure that swimmers have completed their 120 unattached status before they are assigned to their new club, and that we require financial clearance from clubs for swimmers who are transferring from one team to another during the course of the year. David Carpenter made the motion to accept this proposal. David Bucholtz seconded the motion. It was adopted with one nay vote. Pete Malone stated that USA Swimming would probably be moving to a system of individual swimmer registrations in the next few years.

Bryna Sandstrom made the motion to adjourn the meeting. David Bucholtz seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted at 3:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.