Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on October 4, 2008 at Lawrence KS

Clubs with members in attendance: ARK, Ellen Cales; ASA, Diana Rhodes; CSC, Philip Garverick; COOL, Laurie Reaburn; EAC, Kyle Ediger, Shari Hatfield; FTLL, Helen Lochow; KCB, Brad Bond, Scott Bliss, Mike Lewellyn, Derek Shipp; KCST, Leonard Horne; KVS, LeeAnne Dunham, Helen Pedigo; LAW, Patrick Norman, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling; MM, David Bucholtz, Curtis Robinson; MSA, Gary Bockman; MSC, Bonnie Sue Russell; NLU, Brian Timpe; NWSC, Clinton Bailey, Ken Bailey; OLA, Jean Carder, Sandy Miller; PEST, Will Clapp, Amanda Cook, Jaynee Heumader, Kate Laws, Andrea McKinley; SABW, Mary Jo Klier; SAC, Harry Kaszyck; SWMO, Teresa Moore, Kevin Rorick; TD, Tom Ringwelski; TSA, Dave Carpenter, Bill Rose; TSS, Lisa Blair, Dennis Mueller; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; UN, Randy Hinde, Joe Ogilvie; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, James Kuhlman; WNYN, Trevor Layden; WSC, Todd Kramer, Katie Yevak.

Administrative Vice Chair, Gary Ledford called the meeting to order at 12:30pm and asked for additions or corrections to the minutes from the August 1, 2008 Board of Directors meeting. None were offered and the minutes were approved as presented. Members were reminded to sign in for this meeting.

Reports of Officers, Committees and Coordinators

Gary suggested that those reporting who had attended the USAS Convention include their convention reports with their Missouri Valley reports.

Coaches Representative, Bill Rose, reported that the coaches had discussed the new USA Swimming rule on suits and made the motion that MVS adopt the rule with the following changes; that it apply to 14 and Unders and be adopted immediately. Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion. Discussion revealed that Southern California also uses the 14 and Under designation. Wearing a disallowed suit can also lead to a disqualification of the swimmer at the meet. The rule for MVS will state:

Amendment to USS Rule 102.9 "Swimwear" (effective October 4, 2008)

.1 Design

Swimsuits worn for all 14 & Under age group defined competition shall not cover the neck, extend past the shoulder, nor past the knee.

Swimsuits worn for competition must be non-transparent and conform to the current concept of appropriate.

The referee shall have the authority to bar offenders from the competition until they comply with the rule.

Since sanctions have been provided for meets scheduled through February, it was decided to publicize this rule on the website. A vote for the motion was called and all voted for the motion.

Senior Chair, Phil Garverick, asked Mike Lewellyn, past senior chair, to report on the senior travel funds disbursement. Mike reported that the $20,000 budgeted for senior travel had been disbursed. Eleven swimmers received funds for the Short Course National Championships, 6 for the Olympic Trials, 7 for the US Open and 29 for the Junior Nationals. There will be five meets eligible for funding in 2009. He also recommended that in 2010 when there will be a senior zone meet that it also be eligible for travel funding.

Mike Lewellyn, Age Group Chair, reported that a task force of several coaches had been set up to look at a redesign of the long course Division I meet. Scott Bliss stated that at the newly established senior zone meet to start in 2010 swimmers will compete with their clubs rather than with their LSC and that smaller clubs might want assistance in sending coaches for their swimmers to this meet. A proposal to address this need will be proposed at the next MVS fall meeting.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration Chair, reported that MVS’s registrations had increased over the last four years from 6,589 full-year swimmers in 2005 to 6,835 in 2008. New registrations have also been brisk at the start of the 2009 registration year. She also discussed the new USA Swimming decision that only Safety Training for Swim Coaches would be acceptable for coach certification after September 1, 2008. Coaches may take the course or use their Life Guard certification for the water part of the course and provide proof of completing the online Safety Training for Swim Coaches test on the USA Swimming website for certification. Dulcy also mentioned that USA Swimming is working on a web feature that will allow parents to use a map to find pool locations and information about clubs that use that pool.

Mike Soderling, Meet Procedures Chair, reported that Derby had been a good host and site for the Long Course Division II meet. The water park there added to the swimmers’ enjoyment of the meet. The Division II meet at Tiffany Springs had also been successful. The Division I meet needs to be reformatted.

Sanctions Chair, David Carpenter, stated that 110 sanctions had been issued for 2008 and 10 were already done for 2009. He asked that teams submitting sanction requests include the referee for the meet and the starter. Scott Berry is still acting as our Records Chair. John Dicus will ask Dana Sheahen if she will take over the Records position since Scott has left MVS.

Gary reported that the MVS junior athlete representative, Christian Kilgore, had attended the Convention this year.

Officials Chair, David Bucholtz, reported that MVS has 400 certified officials, which is a large number among the LSCs. He discussed the officials’ sessions at the convention and stated that a hand signal will now be used for the short whistles for hearing impaired swimmers; a referee will now be the one to determine disqualification for delay of the meet, and teams were encouraged to include disabled swimmers in meets by conferring with the coach about the competition appropriate for the disabled swimmer.

Outreach Chair, Leonard Horne, reported that the Kansas City Parks and Recreation budget was still in flux but that USA Swimming’s assistance had helped them to continue in existence. Both Joe Ogilvie and Leonard are working to expand USA Swimming’s Make a Splash program throughout the Kansas City school districts to offer more children swimming lessons and get them interested in the sport. Joe suggested that when swimmers and clubs attend a KC Storm meet at Central High School that they write a letter to the Parks and Recreation department expressing their appreciation for the swimming opportunity. Gary Ledford suggested that we have a letter or at least addresses available at these meets for this.

Safety Chair, Helen Lochow, also discussed the new course requirement for coaches to take Safety Training for Swim Coaches. She also said that the booklet for the course that is downloadable from the USA Swimming website is useful.

Scheduling Committee, Joe Ogilvie, stated that the meet bid packet is being prepared. It will be online on the MVS website on November 1. He asked that bidding clubs include information on pool depth at the start and turn ends of the pool and if teams will need a timing system or an operator that they include that information also.

Electronic Timing, Sandy Miller, stated that this would be her last year as the head of the timing system operations. She stated that MVS needs operators to handle the systems at meets and for someone to take her place and oversee the maintenance, scheduling and storage of the two systems. Currently we have 25 meets needing operators and only two operators. It was suggested that a description of the work operators do be prepared and published on the web to solicit interested persons. She said operators are paid $75 a day where equipment is on site and $100 a day for sites that require the use of the MVS system. She reported that both consoles had been sent to Colorado for repairs but that both will be returned in time for our fall meets.

Administrative Vice Chair, Gary Ledford, reported that he had attended sessions on the new USA Swimming LEAP program. This is a club recognition program that will begin testing in January. MVS can volunteer for the test phase if we wish.

New Business

Gary Ledford reported for Jolisa Buchner that as of 10/02/08 Missouri Valley had $120,120.02 in total bank accounts. He presented the proposed 2009 budget. It mirrors the 2008 budget with fee changes in any line item. Mike Lewellyn made a motion to accept the budget as presented. Scott Bliss seconded the motion and all voted in favor of the motion.

For the Missouri Valley 2009 spring meeting Sandy Miller suggested that we hold a Swimposium, which would include sessions on club development, parental involvement, an athletes’ clinic and an awards banquet. To do this Missouri Valley needs a club to volunteer as the Swimposium host. The host team should be able to offer a pool, banquet space and meeting rooms. Sandy will work with the host team on the organizational features of the meeting and asked that interested clubs contact her.

Gary reviewed the By-Law changes that had been published on the MVS website. The changes were essentially housekeeping changes for the Board of Review section. Gary made the motion that these changes be accepted; Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously. He next discussed the proposed change to the Missouri Valley Safety Guidelines, which were also published on the website. The change will read

Missouri Valley Safety Guidelines and Warm-Up Procedure

(b) Swimmers must enter the pool by stepping in feet first, or sitting and sliding in, in a safe and cautious manner. Entering in any other manner may result in the disqualification from one or more of the swimmer’s events for that session.

Gary made the motion to accept this change; Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion and all voted to adopt it.

Gary reported that Jim Devine has resigned from the Missouri Valley Board of Review and accepted a position on the USA Swimming National Board of Review. We now need six members for the MVS Board. Joe Ogilvie volunteered to be on the Board. We will have Board elections at the spring meeting and Gary asked clubs to send names to him of candidates for these positions.

Jim Haugen from the YMCA of Moore County, Texas, made a presentation that MVS consider including his club in Dumas, Texas, into MVS rather than West Texas because meets held by Western Kansas Swim Club were much closer for his swimmers than any in West Texas. After discussion with WKSC it was decided that he would continue to register his swimmers as members of WKSC and that the Dumas squad would participate in the Intrasquad meets held by WKSC in the western part of Kansas.

Scott Bliss reported that at the Zone meet coaches decided to hold a series of training camps during the short course season for Zone level swimmers. He stated that they would like to call these Zone Level Training camps and that they would be for swimmers who would be 11 to 14 at the next Zone meet and would last for 2-1/2 days. The fist was being held in Lawrence on the weekend of this fall meeting, the next would be in January at CSC and the April site was still to be determined. Megan Pittman would be the coordinator for the camps and the information would be posted on the website. Scott made the motion that MVS endorse this training camp proposal. Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion and all voted in favor of it.

Gary stated that since ASCA sessions are usually close in time to the USAS Convention MVS often does not have a coach representative at the Convention . He asked that the coaches discuss this and suggest a way to have this voting position filled for MVS at the USAS meetings.

The meeting adjourned at 2:15 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.