Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 18, 2009 at Lawrence KS

Members in Attendance: AHWK, Dulcy Sellon, Mike Soderling; ARK, Jon Vanderpool; BSSC, Mark Zarnstork; COOL, Laurie Reaburn; CSC, Phil Garverick, Megan Pittman, Dana Sheahen, Sarah Smith; EAC, Phil Metz; FTLL, Helen Lochow; HASC, Mike Ballard; HYSC, Brenda Hampton, MM, David Bucholtz; Lyn Morris; JCAY, Jen Barnhart, Sherry Wittrock; JCKW, William White; KCB, Scott Bliss, Mike Lewellyn, Derek Shipp; KVS, LeeAnne Dunham, Helen Pedigo; MMAC, Ben Westberg; MSC, Bonnie Sue Russell; NLU, Brian Timpe; OLA, Sandy Miller, Ed Wojtowicz; PEST, Amanda Cook; SABW, Dan Jones, Billy Taylor; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SPA, Gary Ledford; TD, Tom Ringwelski; TSA, David Carpenter, John Dicus; TSS, Joel Corkill; TST, Tom Kleiboeker, Clarke Stokes; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, James Kuhlman; WNYN, Trevor Layden; WSC, Todd Kramer; WWYB, Dawn Daniel; UN, Joe Ogilvie.

The following clubs must have a member in attendance at the October 3, 2009 meeting to meet their attendance requirement: ASA, ATCH, EDSC, GRYG, KCST, MCV, MIZZ, MSA, NWSC, OTT, RR, SAIL, SWMO, WACT, WRN.

General Chair, John Dicus called the House of Delegates meeting to order at 12:45pm and asked for corrections or additions to the minutes of the MVS Fall 2008 meeting and the MVS Board of Directors meeting, March 2009. Gary Ledford stated that his name needed to be added to the list of members attending the Fall 2008 meeting. A motion to accept the minutes with the addition offered by Gary Ledford was made by Scott Bliss and seconded by Sandy Miller. The motion was adopted unanimously.

Reports of Officers, Committees and Coordinators

Assistant Coaches Representative, Derek Shipp, reported that the coaches had discussed the Zone Training Camps that MVS is now offering. These have gone well and coaches want to encourage increased participation in them. A similar opinion was offered about the All Star Meet. Coaches want to have clubs encourage swimmer participation in this event. Derek made a motion to increase the fee charged swimmers for the Zone Meet from $25 to $35. This would be used to buy more apparel for the swimmers and would not offset the $3000 budgeted for the Zone Meet. Megan Pittman seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously. The coaches also discussed USA Swimming’s mandate requiring coaches to certify that swimmers have been taught racing starts. This goes into effect May 1st and the coaches wanted it to be understood that if an uncertified swimmer must start in the water this will have an affect on the meet’s timeline. Derek announced that Amanda Cook, PEST, had been awarded Senior Coach of the Year Honors and Megan Pittmann, CSC, had been awarded Age Group Coach of the Year honors. They will be recognized for these awards at the Fall MVS meeting.

Senior Chair, Phil Garverick, reported that two MVS swimmers had swum at the Short Course Senior Nationals and 19 at the Short Course Junior Nationals and they will receive funding. Funding for participants at the remaining national meets will be allocated based on the extent of the swimmers participation in the meet.

Age Group Chair, Mike Lewellyn, reported that the Division II meets had gone well. The Central site had 528 swimmers and the east and west sites had about 350 swimmers. The 2009 Zone meet, which will be at two sites, will have 10 & Under timed finals and will have prelims and finals for the older swimmers. There are no bids yet for 2010. The air quality at the Foster Pool, which was the site for the Division II east meet, was discussed. The pool was used the weekend after the meet and had no air quality problems. MVS decided that the Division II incident was a one-time occurrence and that the pool would be acceptable again for a Division II meet bid. Mike also stated that the issue raised by some parents, that the 100’s of strokes are not offered at Division I meet for 10 & Unders, would be handled by placing an asterisk (*) on the qualifying times chart to indicate which events are not available at the Division I meet. Delegates felt that this would be enough to alert parents as to which events were available to their swimmers at the short course Division I meet.

Registration/Membership Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that 2009 MVS full-year athlete registrations thus far were already about 200 ahead of all registrations for 2008, pointing out that the Olympic year had probably increased interest in swimming. The Season 2, summer registrations, are just beginning to come in.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that MVS had made about $22, 000 thus far but that most of the LSC’s expenses were still to come. MVS had budgeted a loss for the fiscal year but is at this point ahead. She made the motion that the $15 sanction application fee be added to the meet financial report because this fee had been overlooked by some clubs. This motion was adopted unanimously.

Sanctions Chair, David Carpenter, reported that MVS still had many summer meets that would receive sanctions. He also mentioned that meet hosts might want to have their pools certified. This is can be done by having a registered engineer or surveyor complete the proper paperwork. The form is found on the USA Swimming website by clicking facilities on the home page and then scrolling to "What is a Certified Pool". John Dicus read the list of certified pools in MVS. For Kansas these include, Blaisdell Pool, Garvey Aquatic Center, and Wyandotte Swim Club Pool. For Missouri these include Clay-Platte YMCA, Lafayette HS Pool, and Northeast Missouri State University pool.

Record Chair, Dana Sheahen, reported that she had taken over the position in October and that the long course Citizen Records for 2008 and the District Records through the Grand Prix meet in February had been updated. She asked that if anyone had problems with uploaded results to contact her. Scott Bliss asked when the Short Course Top 8 would be available and Dana said she would have that after the Kansas Girls’ State High School meet was completed in May.

Officials Chair, David Bucholtz, reported that he will include coaches in mailings on rules and interpretations. He will send out information to officials on racing starts instruction by coaches. Referees will be asking for coach and officials’ credentials at meets. If officials need clinics they should contact him so that clinics can be arranged. He pointed out the meets without enough officials will not have results submitted to SWIMS. He also reviewed the USA Swimming directive that swimmers will be allowed to compete in only one technical racing suit. The first time this happens, a swimmer will receive a warning; the second time, the swimmer will be disqualified. He also stated that the FINA wording had changed in describing an illegal backstroke turn but the interpretation of what constitutes an illegal turn remains the same.

Outreach Chair, Joe Ogilvie, reported that the Kansas City Storm’s funding had been cut from the Kansas City Parks and Recreation budget and he did not know what might be done to aid them. USA Swimming had already made a contribution to the Parks and Recreation department.

Safety Chair, Helen Lochow, reported that coaches will be required to teach the racing starts and to keep records of this on each swimmer. She also mentioned that some pools, those constructed before 2004, might not have drains in compliance with the Virginia Graham Baker Act and clubs should check on this potential problem. She also asked that teams let her know if they have people who can offer safety courses. Having teaching resources throughout MVS will enable coaches to access courses more easily.

Electronic Timing Coordinator, Sandy Miller, reported that she does not yet have a replacement and that she still plans to leave in August. MVS needs 3 or 4 operators who will have to work only 1 or 2 meets a month. Sandy will be happy to train her replacement. The MVS Timing system is currently in good condition.

A request was made to the Webmaster that a link be established on the website to the MVS All Academic team.

Unfinished Business

Mike Lewellyn stated that in the future acceptable technical racing suits may be bar coded. MVS has the rule that 14 & Under swimmers may not wear a technical racing suit but at meets such as the Zone meet, which includes swimmers from outside MVS, the national rule will apply which prohibits 12 & Unders from wearing the technical suits. Phil Garverick stated that FINA will be testing suits and should make a final ruling on acceptability in November, which will go into effect January 1, 2010.

New Business

On the MVS Meet Schedule, Joe Ogilvie wants to add the dates of zone training camps when those become available. On the Long Course schedule the Central Zone meet for 14 & Unders will be August 5-8, 2010 with a location to be determined and the Zone meet for 15-18 also needs to have its location determined. These will be added to the schedule when known. To the short course schedule the MVS meeting date of October 3, 2009 needs to be added. As do the November 13-15 Grand Prix meet in Minneapolis, the December 3-6 short course National Championship in Federal Way, Washington, the December 10-13 short course Junior National meet at Ohio State and the December 18-20 Chesapeake Pro-Am in Oklahoma City. The March 4-7 Region 8 Sectional meet will be in Oklahoma City. CSC might change their November Fall Invitational to January depending on the weekend COOL eventually determines they will have pool availability. Joe made the motion that the proposed meet schedule be adopted with these changes. Mike Lewellyn seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted.

Dulcy Sellon proposed a change to the current MVS procedures for registrations taking place at swim meets. Currently MVS allows swimmers to register at meets by providing a registration form and fee to the meet referee before their competition. This causes a great deal of administrative work because the meet host/referee must mail the registration to the MVS office where the registration must be backdated to show the swimmer was registered at the time of the meet and the Records Chair must correct any swimmer results in the Time Holding Tank when meet results are uploaded before the registration has reached the office and been entered into SWIMS. The proposal would assess the swimmer registering at the meet the current registration fee plus an additional $25 for the privilege of registering at the meet. The meet hosts would keep the additional $25 provided they mailed the registration to the MVS office the day after the meet. After discussion as to the size of the additional charge Gary Ledford made the motion, seconded by Joe Ogilvie, that a swimmer identified on the meet recon report as unregistered, whose registration had not been cleared by the MVS office before the meet, must pay the registration fee and the additional $25 in order to swim in the meet. This motion was unanimously adopted.

Gary Ledford reported that three positions will be elected at this House of Delegates meeting, the Administrative Vice Chair, the Treasurer and the Age Group Chair. Gary, as current Admin. Vice Chair, is term-limited. The slate of candidates for the three positions were Brad Bond for Admin. Vice Chair, Jolisa Buchner for Treasurer and Mike Lewellyn for Age Group Chair. Gary asked for additional nominations and Clarke Stokes nominated Megan Pittman for Age Group Chair. This was seconded by Mike Ballard. Gary asked that Brad Bond and Jolisa Buchner be accepted in their office by acclamation since there were no additional candidates. This was unanimously adopted. A written ballot was used for the Age Group Chair position and Megan Pittman was elected. There are also three at large positions on the Board which are one-year terms. Gary Ledford and Elizabeth Davis were nominated for two of these. Megan Pittman nominated Trevor Layden for the third position. Mike Lewellyn seconded this nomination. John Dicus asked that this full slate of nominees be accepted by acclamation and all voted aye. Gary also stated that the MVS Board of Review which has members Steve Rosel, Elizabeth Davis, Randy Hind, David Carpenter and Don Smith also needs two athlete members. Christian Kilgore is the senior athlete representative and Natalie Morris was elected as the junior representative in March. After discussion the House determined that the athlete representatives would be the ones to serve on the Board of Review.

John Dicus alerted the House to the admission fee charged by Columbia Swim Club for spectators to their meet. MVS had disallowed facility charges to swimmers in meets. The House determined that this was a charge to spectators and not to swimmers and so did not fall under the MVS prohibition of facility charges.

Sandy Miller reviewed the plans for a Swimposium at the MVS Fall Meeting on October 3rd in Olathe. USA Swimming will be sending athletes for swimmer clinics and representatives for parent clinics, registration clinics, and coach clinics. There will also be an awards luncheon.

Dana Sheahen moved to adjourn at 3:15pm; seconded by Scott Bliss and unanimously adopted.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.