Minutes of the House of Delegates Meeting

Held on October 3, 2009 at Shawnee Mission High School, Kansas City MO

Members Attending: AHWK, Jolisa Buchner, Patrick Norman, Dulcy Sellon; ANDR, Al Stephenson; ARK, Jon Vanderpool; ASA, Patrick Osborn; COOL, Laurie Reaburn: CSC, Philip Garverick, Sarah Smith: EAC, Kyle Ediger: FTLL, Kimberly Vogt: JCAY, Jen Barnhart, Sherry Wittrock: KCB, Scott Bliss, Megan Pittman, Marjorie Sherard, Derek Shipp; MCV, Gerri Hart; MM, Curtis Robinson; MSC, Bonnie Sue Russell; NLU, Brian Timpe; NWSC, Clinton Bailey, Linda Bailey; OLA, Sandy Miller, Ed Wojtowicz; PEST, Jay Butler; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SWMO, Brittney Kent; TD, Tom Ringwelski; TSA, David Carpenter, John Dicus, Mike Soderling; TST, Tom Kleiboeker, Clarke Stokes; UN, Joe Ogilvie; WAS, Jess Hollingsworth; WKSC, Darci Freeland; WNYN, Trevor Layden; WRN, Chad Marnholtz, Michael Meloy; WSC, Todd Kramer, Katie Yevak.

The following teams have not had a member in attendance at either the spring or fall, 2009 MVS Meetings: ATCH, EDSC, GRYG, KCST, MIZZ, MSA, OTT, RR, SAIL, WACT.

General Chair, John Dicus, called the House of Delegates meeting to order at 2:00pm. He reported that the minutes from the Spring 2009 MVS House of Delegates Meeting had been published on the website and asked for a motion to approve them as published. The motion was made, seconded and all voted aye. He stated that the minutes listed the teams without attendees at the spring meeting. Listed above are the teams who have not had a member in attendance at either the spring or fall meetings. The minutes from the August Board of Directors meeting were made available to attendees and John asked that these minutes be approved as presented. The motion was made, seconded and all votes aye.

Reports of Officers, Committees and Coordinators

Derek Shipp presented the Coaches report. The development of the Division I and all championship meets was discussed among the coaches. They propose to establish a Technical Planning Committee to address these issues. They also wished to have an LSC member on this committee. The coaches also approved the increased fee for Zone outfitting for the 14 & Under zone meet. The coaches wish to promote the All Star meet and to encourage coaches to promote the meet in the fall for their 14 & Under swimmers. The coaches wish to have a Facebook page for swimmers, which would be overseen by Scott Bliss. The site would be developed by the athlete reps and the coaches thought this would promote information and interaction among swimmers. The coaches also discussed how to finance the Senior Zone meet. Derek made the motion to have Tom Kleiboeker selected as the other coach representative. This motion was seconded and all voted in favor of it.

Senior Vice Chair, Philip Garverick, reported that FINA would be releasing a list of allowable suits in the coming months and until the list appears suits legal for competition must meet the following: swimsuits for men may not extend above the naval or below the knee, and for women may not cover the neck or extend past the shoulders or below the knee; no zippers or other fastening devices are allowed except for a waist tie on a brief or jammer; and suits must be of textile material and must not be made of any rubberized type of material such as polyurethane or neoprene. The suit rule starts October 1, 2009. The Senior Zone meet for 2010 will be in Bismarck, ND. Qualifying times will be 15-16 "AAA" times. Swimmers who are 15-18 and have an individual qualifying time for summer Junior National, summer National or US Open shall not be able to compete in that particular stroke and distance. Swimmers who are 19 and older and have achieved an individual event qualification for the summer Nationals or US Open shall not be able to compete in that particular stroke and distance. College swimmers would be able to attend this meet and he encouraged MVS coaches to support this event so that it continues and grows. Teams would send swimmers rather than the LSC as at the age group zone meet and MVS will send two coaches for swimmers from small teams who might not have a coach to travel with them. The meet is a four-day meet similar to Sectionals except that the "C" Final will have only 18 & Under swimmers. There will also be a 10K open water swim. The 2010 Missouri Grand Prix will have no change to time standards and the air quality system will be installed in both the competition and diving well this fall. The 2010 Central Section Region VIII Championship might increase its entry fees. Swimmers should also check on the qualifying time standards as they have changed for the summer meet. The Senior Travel Reimbursements have been distributed for 2008-2009. For Short Course Nationals, $700 was disbursed; for Short Course Junior Nationals, $5,300; for National Championships, $2,100; for US Open, $7,100; for Junior Nationals, $4,800 for a total of $20,000.

Age Group Vice Chair, Megan Pittman, reported that the 2009 Zone meet had Minnesota ranking first in pool events and MVS second. In the Open Water events, South Dakota ranked first and MVS second. The 2010 age group zone meet will be in Lincoln, NE on August 6-8. In 2011, the age group zone meet will be in Topeka, KS on August 5-7. The meets will have prelim-finals for 11 & Up and timed finals for 10 & Under. She stated that MVS needs more involvement from coaches as to who is going and what they should be swimming. As a new policy, zone gear will only be available on site at the meet. Applications to serve as a zone coach will be available in January. Zones will have 200’s of stroke for 11 & Up and she encouraged teams to offer these events for swimmers. All Star applications will be available in November. Coaches are hoping to have Arkansas participate in the All Star meet. MVS is also continuing it’s A-Level Camps; Warrensburg will host the winter camp the week after Christmas, and Wichita will host the spring camp. Megan stated that qualifying times for MVS championship meets will not be changed this year in anticipation of the departure of four MVS teams to Arkansas. Megan made the motion that MVS establish/use five standing committees: Technical Planning headed by Todd Kramer; Open Water headed by Ed Wojtowicz; Age Group headed by Megan Pitmann; Senior Committee headed by Phil Garverick; and Coaches committee with Derek Shipp and Tom Kleiboeker. Each committee would have an LSC member as a co-chair with the exception of the coach committee. This motion was seconded and all voted aye.

Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that MVS’ registrations had increased by over 500 swimmers from 2008 to 2009. This was about a 9% increase. The 2010 registrations were coming in rapidly.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that she had taken $8000 from the Money Market fund to cover end-of--year expenses. This end-of-fiscal-year expense is usual for MVS. Nothing had occurred of an unusual nature during the year. The 2010 budget might show a decrease in fees with the departure of four MVS teams. The 2009 budget had budgeted for a $26,000 loss; the loss was $4,000. The motion was made to accept the 2010 budget as presented; the motion was seconded and all vote aye.

Meet Procedures Chair, Mike Soderling, reported that by January 15 the website should have information on which clubs will be in which flights for scoring at the MVS Division I meet.

Meet Sanction Chair, David Carpenter, reported that last year MVS had about 120 sanctions for meets granted and he anticipated a similar number this year. Teams requesting sanctions can take out the language on the suit rules and need to include information on whether or not the pool is certified. Clubs need to have a reference in their sanction request to the MVS scratch rule and if the club is requiring a positive check-in for an event the club needs to include the penalty that will be leveled for a failure to check-in.

Administrative Vice Chair, Brad Bond, reported the warm-up entry procedure, that swimmers sit and slide in or step into the pool for warm-ups, will be enforced at all meets this year.

Outreach Chair, Joe Ogilvie, requested that the name be changed to Diversity Chair. He reported that the Central High School pool is again open. The Kansas City Parks and Recreation Department and School District are again talking with Leonard and the Kansas City Storm. They, along with the Red Cross, are discussing starting a Make-A-Splash Program to offer swim lessons. Joe also reported for Pete Malone, Scheduling Chair, that the meet bid packet would be sent to the webmaster for posting in the next week. Bidders who have not included information on their pool depth should do so this time and if the bidder wants the timing system put in yes; if not, no.

Electronic Timing, Sandy Miller, reported that Joe Ogilvie would take over scheduling the system and its maintenance. The budgeted amount for repairing faulty pads and console will be used this year. MVS still needs operators for the system. John Dicus stated that teams who use the systems need to help MVS find operators for the system. Without operators it makes no sense for MVS to pay money to maintain the equipment.

Unfinished Business

The swim suit rule, as presented by Senior Chair Phil Garverick, has been adopted by USA Swimming to start October 1st, which MVS will abide by.

John Dicus stated that he had received a letter from Bryan Beatty, Springfield Aquatics, writing for Missouri State Aquatics, Jasper County Killer Whales and Southwest Missouri Otters, requesting that MVS allow them to join the Arkansas LSC. They cited the closeness of Arkansas meets and the long travel to MVS championship meets as their reasons for the request. The Board of Directors, at their August meeting, voted in favor of this request. He stated that our numbers would decline by about 10% and that we would move to have only two short course Division II meets as a result of the teams’ departure. After discussion, the motion was made to approve SPA, MSA, JCKW and SWMO transferring their team affiliations to the Arkansas LSC subject to each team providing a certification by the club president and secretary that the club has approved the change in affiliation in accord with its club’s by-laws. Scott Bliss seconded the motion. For approval the House of Delegates needed to approve the motion by 2/3 vote in favor. The vote by hands showed that 2/3 in favor had not been achieved. The motion to vote by club was adopted and the total votes allocated to each club according to its size were tallied. Again a 2/3 favorable vote was not achieved. The motion to approve the transfer of the four clubs to Arkansas failed.

New Business

The 2010 budget having been adopted the other new business was the report that Joe Ogilvie would be attending the USA Swimming Diversity Workshop for MVS in November. Elizabeth Davis will also take over for Sandy Miller in planning the MVS Spring Meeting. All members present offered Sandy their thanks for the planning work she has done and for the successful Swimposium MVS enjoyed before the House of Delegates meeting.

The Motion was offered to adjourn the meeting, seconded and all voted aye. The meeting adjourned at 4:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.