Minutes of Board of Directors & House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 17, 2010 at Lawrence KS

Members form full year clubs in attendance: AHWK, Zack Devine; ANDR, Al Stephenson; BSSC, Debby King; CSC, Phil Garverick, Dana Sheahen, Sara Smith; EAC, Phil Metz; EDSC, Melody Haines; FTLL, Helen Lochow; HASC, Mike Ballard; HYSC, Brenda Hampton, Lyn Morris; JCAY, Ronnie Phelps; JCKW, Shawn Klosterman; KCB, Scott Bliss, Elizabeth Davis, Megan Pittman, Derek Shipp; KVS, LeeAnne Dunham, Sheri Richter; MM, David Bucholtz, Curtis Robinson; MSA, Landra Bunge; NLU, Brian Timpe; OLA, Ed Wojtowicz; PEST, Roger Schank; SABW, Mary Jo Klier; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SPA, Bryan Beatty; SWMO, Brittany Kent; TD, Tom Ringwelski; TSA, David Carpenter, John Dicus, Mike Soderling; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; WAR, Michael Meloy; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, James Kuhlman; WNYN, Trevor Layden; WSC, Katie Idbeis, Todd Kramer. Other Members in attendance: AAA, Patrick Norman; SEBA, Jerry Tankersley; UN. Jolisa Buchner, George Schluter, Dulcy Sellon; VCSC, Katie Blakenship.

Clubs needing members in attendance at the fall meeting to remain in good standing: ARK, ASA, ATCH, COOL, GRYG, KCST, MMAC, MSC, NWSC, OTT, PARS, RR, TSS, UMIZ, WACT

General Chair, John Dicus, called the meeting to order at 1:15 pm. He asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the October 2009  House of Delegates meeting printed on the MVS website. Scott Bliss made the motion to accept the minutes; Tom Ringwelski seconded the motion and it was approved unanimously. John asked that the minutes from the March 2010 Board of Directors meeting be accepted as published on the website. Tom Ringwelski made the motion; it was seconded by Scott Bliss and approved unanimously. (Note: Subsequent to the House of Delegates meeting Megan Pittman requested that the Board of Directors March meeting minutes be amended to show her as in attendance.)

John Dicus stated that the House of Delegates would be considering an item form Old Business as the first agenda item. Four teams, SWMO, SPA JCKW and MSA had requested that they be released from MVS to join Arkansas LSC. This request had been voted on at the fall meeting House of Delegates and failed because the vote lacked the 2/3 majority needed to pass. The four clubs had subsequently re-requested their release and the House of Delegates is now considering this request. At this meeting MSA’s representative, Landra Bunge, presented a letter stating that MSA now does not want to move from MVS. Since MSA is located between SPA and Arkansas, SPA would be precluded from moving to Arkansas. SWMO and JCKW are still requesting to be released by MVS. JCKW’s representative asked the House of Delegates to release JCKW rather than severing them from MVS because he wanted to discuss with his club the fact that MSA and SPA would not be leaving MVS. SWMO specified that they would still like to be released from MVS because they swim all their meets in Arkansas. John Dicus stated that the requests would be taken in two motions. Brittany Kent made the motion that SWMO be allowed to move to Arkansas. Megan Pittman seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted. Scott Bliss made the motion that JCKW be released form MVS on a contingency basis. Trevor Layton seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted. Shawn Klosterman, JCKW, stated that he would follow up on the decision about which LSC JCKW would be joining and inform MVS. Megan Pittman and Michael Melloy requested that this decision be sent to MVS in a letter.


Senior Chair, Phil Garverick, presented the information about the dispersal of the budgeted travel fund money for national meets. MVS funded swimmers at Short Course Nationals, Short Course Junior Nationals, US Open and Long Course Junior Nationals and a National Junior Team Member. He stated that we should encourage clubs to send swimmers to the new Senior Zone meet. This meet is a team rather than a MVS travel meet. Swimmers will score points for their own team. MVS swimmers will be reimbursed for their entries. Swimmers 15 and over will be at the Senior Zone meet and swimmers 14 and under will be at the other Zone meet.

Coaches Representative, Derek Shipp, stated that the Senior Zone meet will accept swimmers 19 and over so swimmers without national qualifications can swim this meet. He also discussed a change in the way MVS selects its coach of the year award. He stated that most fast swimming for senior swimmers occurs in the summer and the coaches wished to propose that the Age Group still be selected in the Spring and that the Senior Coach be selected in August after the long course meets. He also proposed that $250 be used from Coach Education fund to send the Age Group coach of the Year to ASCA’s World Coach Clinic. Jolisa pointed out that the Coach Education Fund was only budgeted for $150. John Dicus stated that $100 could be taken from the General Chair’s fund. Derek made the motion to change the voting procedure and send the Age Group Coach to the World Coach Clinic. Phil Garverick seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted. Derek stated that he had been the coaches’ representative for a long time and he wanted the position to be changed to a two-year position. Mike Ballard was nominated to be the next coach representative.

Membership Chair, Dulcy Sellon, stated that MVS’s full-year swimmer registrations are down slightly from last year; 4196 for 2010 and 4782 for 2009. She stated that more full-year registrations would still be coming in. The Season II registrations were just beginning to arrive.

Age Group Chair, Megan Pittman, reported that at the fall MVS meeting they had been charged to propose changes to the MVS championship meets. In short course the proposed adjustments would remove 15 & Overs from the D2 lineup. There would be three sites for 14 & Under athletes. Additional events would be added to the 14 & Under meet. The 15 & Over meet would be the Senior MVS Championships. Time standards would be established to allow D2 level senior swimmers to compete at the Senior Championships. For Long Course, during the Region8/D2 meet weekend, MVS would offer a high level prelim/final Under 14 meet. The timing of this meet would allow swimmers to achieve Zone cuts and be rested before the Zone meet. On the traditional D1 meet weekend, MVS would host a LC Finale for all swimmers not going to Zones, Juniors or Senior Nationals. Coaches will work on this proposal and present a plan at the fall meeting. Megan stated that USA Swimming wants MVS to fund two swimmers and one coach for the Central Zone Diversity Camp July 10-13. This would cost $1000. Megan made the motion that the Age Group Chair and Diversity Chair devise a plan for selecting the coach and swimmers. Katie Idbeis seconded the motion. The Diversity Chair, Leonard Horne, sent an email stating that he wanted MVS to support the camp and to select swimmers next year for attendance. Megan amended her motion to send a coach and two swimmers to the camp. This was seconded by Ed Wojtowicz. During discussion Jolisa suggested that MVS use Level I unused meet enhancement money this year for the diversity camp attendees. The unused funds totaled $1500. This source of funds would be used for this year. The amended motion was adopted unanimously. Megan asked coaches interested in staffing the 14 & Under Zone meet to contact her and coaches interested in serving as liaisons for the Senior Zone meet to contact Phil Garverick. Katie asked that guidelines for the liaison position be published also.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, stated that MVS’s income and expenses were tracking with the budget thus far. She pointed out that the Zone championship meet had exceeded its budgeted amount and that we might want to consider increasing the budget for the meet. Most of MVS’s expenses also come in the latter part of the fiscal year. She asked that checks sent in for sanction fees from meets include a sanction number on the check so she can identify the payment. John asked for a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Tom Ringweski made the motion which was seconded by Scott Bliss and unanimously adopted.

Sanctions Chair, David Carpenter, reported that MVS has experienced about the same number of sanction requests this year as last year. He requested that clubs in year-round leagues with blanket sanctions get information on their intrasquad and dual meets to the person designated as the contact person for the league. Tom Ringwelski made the motion to accept the report; Phil Garverick seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously.

Records Chair, Dana Sheahen, reported that she would be updating all records for the short course season and requested that clubs get all meet results to her. She reported that Top 8 short course goes from June 1 to June 1 so it will include the girls’ state results. The Long Course Top 8 extends to September 1 so she asked that results be submitted promptly. Tom Ringwelski made the motion to accept the Records Chair’s report; this was seconded by Scott Bliss and adopted unanimously.

Officials Chair, David Bucholtz, reported that MVS has the most referees in USA Swimming but still only seems to have just enough officials at meets. He wanted to emphasize that all officials are welcome to work MVS meets and he wants clubs to encourage members to become trained officials. He reported that there have been no technical rule changes this year and he stated that MVS is working to enhance officials’ consistency. Tom Ringwelski made the motion to accept the report; Dana Sheahen seconded the motion and it was adopted unanimously.

Safety Chair, Helen Lochow, reported that she had received numerous reports from parents with safety concerns at swim meets. She suggested adding to sanctions a statement that meet hosts have an emergency action plan in place for the meet. Discussion of this issue brought forth other ideas such as that the host team would comply with the facility’s safety action plan. Scott Bliss made the motion that meet hosts/directors will be aware of and abide by the facility’s emergency plan at the meet. Mike Soderling seconded the motion. Discussion of the motion revealed that this statement in a sanction might leave a club open to the possibility for litigation and that MVS does not yet know all the implications of including such a statement in a sanction. The vote for the motion produced one aye vote only and the motion failed. John Dicus stated that MVS does need to prompt clubs hosting meets to be aware of safety issues and to foster safe meets.

Scheduling Chair, Scott Bliss for Pete Malone, reported that FTLL would be awarded a meet in October and that as proposed by the Board of Directors, WAS is awarded the Division II meet in place of MSA and the other two Division II sites will be SABW and TST. The Division II Long Course meets will be hosted in July by SABW and KCB. The Division I Long Course meet will be hosted by KCB. The Level II meets will be hosted by NWSC, TD and NLU. David Carpenter made the motion to accept the report; Tom Ringwelski seconded the motion and it was unanimously adopted.


John Dicus stated that LSCs are given the opportunity to award recognition for distinguished service to the LSC through the awarding of the ConocoPhillips Service Award. The MVS Board of Directors has nominated and presented the 2010 award to George Bruce. Katie Idbeis accepted the award for George.

John discussed the 20/20 presentation that discussed USA Swimming and its approach to inappropriate coach/swimmer interaction. MVS states firmly that it does not tolerate volunteers/coaches who might use their position of authority to take advantage of swimmers. We will strive to foster a safe and supportive atmosphere for our swimmers..

John stated that the nomination committee is offering a slate of candidates for three of the positions open for election. The slate is David Carpenter, General Chair, Philip Garverick, Senior Chair and Dulcy Sellon, Secretary. It was suggested that the three At-Large positions be filled by the new General Chair. Scott Bliss made the motion to close the nominations; seconded by Dana Sheahen. All voted aye. The motion was made by Scott Bliss to accept the slate; George Schluter seconded the motion and all voted aye. John asked that clubs submit names to David for the At-Large positions and also for the four Board of Review positions that need to be filled. These will be presented and voted on at the fall meeting. Gary Ledford, an At-Large delegate, asked to be relived of his position if SPA leaves MVS.

Scott Bliss made a motion to eliminate the position of Meet Procedures Chair and to assign the chair’s duties to the Age Group Chair. Tom Ringwelski seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Missouri Valley then thanked Helen Lochow for her years of work as MVS’s Safety Chair. She has provided many coaches with the safety classes they have needed.

Tom Ringwelski made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Scott Bliss seconded and all voted aye. The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.