Minutes from House of Delegates Meeting

Held on October 2, 2010 at Lawrence KS

Members in attendance: AAAA, Jolisa Buchner, Patrick Norman; ANDR, Al Stephenson; ARK, Jon Vanderpool; ASA, Corey Moon; CSC, Amy Chenault, Phil Garverick, Sarah Smith; COOL, Tyler Henn, Laurie Reaburn; HASC, Mike Ballard, Wendy Vernon; HYSC, Brenda Hampton, Lynn Morris; JCAY, Sherry Wittrock; KCAC, Brandon Ediger, Ed Wojtowicz; KCB, Scott Bliss, Elizabeth Davis, Ann Gibler, Derek Shipp; KU, George Schluter; KVS, Laura Brennan LA, Zach Devine; MM, Ben Skutnik; MMAC, Ben Westberg; MCV, Gerri Hart; MSC, Bonnie Sue Fisher; MLU, Brian Timpe; NWSC, Clint Bailey; SABW, Mary Jo Klier, Scott Virden; SAC, Harry Kaszycki; SPA, Bryan Beatty; TD, Tom Ringwelski; TSA, Dave Carpenter, Paul Monroe; TSS, Joyce Stewart; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; UN, Clarence Aitken, Brad Bond, Joe Ogilvie, Dulcy Sellon, Richard Winn; WAR, Michael Meloy; WKSC, James Kuhlman; WNYN, Candace Pearson , Hussein Yassine; WSC, Katie Idbeis.

Clubs without a member in attendance at either MVS meeting in 2010 are ATCH, GRYG, KCST, OTT, PARS, RR, WACT.

A sign-in procedure was used for the above attendance record and as the roll call.

General Chair, David Carpenter, called the meeting to order and read the 11 items listed on the consent agenda asking that if anyone wanted an item pulled and addressed independently they should indicate that as the items were read. No item was pulled for discussion. Scott Bliss made the motion to adopt all items on the consent agenda; Joe Ogilvie seconded and the motion was passed.

Consent Agenda Items:



Board of Directors


Adoption of the minutes from the House of Delegates Meeting of April 17, 2010, Lawrence, Kansas



Elect Patrick Norman to complete the remaining term of Megan Pittman as Age Group Vice Chair (through September, 2011)



Elect James Kuhlman, Amanda Cook and LeeAnn Dunham as At Large Delegates to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors (One Year Term through September, 2011)



Elect George Schluter, Tom Kleiboecker, Brooke Brittain, Clint Bailey, Peter Malone and Hannah Molden to the Board of Review (Two year term through September, 2012)



Elect Natalie Haag to complete the remaining term of David Carpenter on the Board of Review (through September, 2011)



Consent to a Change in LSC Affiliation by Springfield Aquatics to the Arkansas LSC

(2/3 vote required)


Consent to a change in the geographical boundary of MV to include the Texas Counties of Sherman and Moore

(2/3 vote required)


Approve an amendment to the Bylaws eliminating the appointed position of Swim-a-Thon Coordinator



Approve an increase in the Athlete Registration Fees from $52.00 to $55.00 per year, effective January 1, 2011



Approve an increase in annual Club Registration Fees from $125.00 to $150.00, effective January 1, 2011



Approve an increase in annual League Registration Fees from $125.00 to $150.00 effective January 1, 2011


Reports of Officers, Committees and Coordinators

Dave Carpenter, General Chair, reported that the litigation that had been brought against Missouri Valley had been settled. He also reported that United States Swimming had adopted athlete protection policies at the House of Delegates meeting in Dallas in September. The 14 & Under Zone meet will be held in Topeka in August, 2011.

Administrative Vice-Chair, Brad Bond, reported that he would be working on an update to MVS’ By-Laws and Rules and Regulations. He plans to have these ready for adoption at the MVS spring meeting. These will be used for the LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program (LEAP), which MVS is scheduled to complete in 2012. He and the General Chair will work to secure broad involvement in drafting the documents required in the LEAP program such as an LSC mission statement.

Senior Vice-Chair, Phil Garverick, reported that chaperones and team managers as well as coaches will now be required to have background screenings. The procedures for the screenings will be published when available. The Senior Zone meet will be in Indianapolis next summer and he encouraged clubs to send senior swimmers to that meet. There will be no changes in time standards for the Grand Prix or spring Sectional meet. Times might be changed for the summer Sectional meet. He reported that he and Patrick Norman, the Age Group Chair, would be working on improving MVS’ championship meets and sought input from coaches for that.

Age Group Vice-Chair, Patrick Norman, newly appointed to the position, reported that he would be working on the Level II site assignments and hoped to have them out next week.

Registration Chair, Dulcy Sellon, reported that for the 2011 registration year, which started September 1, 2010, MVS had 872 athletes and 5 clubs registered. Non-athlete registrations and cards for non-coaches will be processed when the USA Swimming procedures were in place. She reported that she now has access to club portal passwords and that if clubs wished to use their club portal she could provide them with their password. Club portals can be used by clubs to examine their athlete and non-athlete rosters. She also reported that the USA Swimming House of Delegates had passed legislation that had an impact on our transfer procedures. A single-page form will be published on the MVS website and is to be used by transferring athletes after January 1, 2011. When the form is received in the office that a transfer will be made, the club losing the swimmer will be informed of the transfer. The club will have 60 days to notify the office that the club has obtained a court judgment against the swimmer. If there is a court judgment, the swimmer will be Unattached until such time as the judgment has been satisfied.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported the changes that will be made to the 2011 budget. USA Swimming registration income and expense will no longer be budgeted on a separate line but will be reflected as the income generated from the MVS surcharge fee. Budget lines were added for a registration computer and software at $750 and software (QuickBooks and anti-virus) at $500. The funding for Level 1 and 2 meet enhancements of $1500 was removed and added to the award enhancement to help support teams with their purchase of medals for Division I and II meets. The Zone surcharge for athletes would be held to $25. Suits would not be purchased for Zone swimmers and the entry fees for Senior Zone athletes would be reimbursed. She also reported that she had transferred $14,000 from the MVS reserve fund to cover FY 2010 expenses and that MVS had been steadily drawing down its reserve fund, which stood at $64,316 at the start of FY 2011. Joe Ogilvie made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Ben Westberg seconded the motion and it was adopted.

Scheduling Chair, Scott Bliss, reported that the meet bid package will go out in December. Joe Ogilvie asked that if teams find errors on the schedule to let him know so that the errors can be corrected.

Coaches Representative, Tom Klieboeker, reported that coaches will prepare proposed job descriptions and create a timeline so clubs know when meet activities should be accomplished. He said the coaches were reminded to stay current on diving certifications for their swimmers. Coaches would also like to augment the scoreboards now used by MVS and to restructure the championship meet calendar and format. He thanked Derek Shipp for his work on coordinating the Coach of the Year Award. Derek stated that anyone can nominate a coach, but only coaches can vote for the award. Age Group Coach of the Year is determined after the short course season and Senior Coach of the Year after the long course meets. Sarah Smith was selected as this year’s Age Group Coach of the Year and Tom Kleiboeker was selected as the Senior Coach of the Year. Tom stated that the coaches wanted to make sure the Safety Chair was selected and Dave Carpenter stated that he had appointed Ed Wojtowicz to the position and this had been approved by the Board of Directors.

Katie Idbeis presented a letter from the MVS Junior Athlete Representative, Brook Brittain. It is presented below:

Brooke Brittain
2010 Missouri Valley Junior Representative

This year I had the honor of being Missouri Valley’s Jr. Rep in Dallas and I can honestly say it was an amazing experience that I will take with me throughout my swimming years. After getting lost on our way to the hotel, things took a turn for the best as I learned how a House of Delegates meeting works where we decided upon rules for athlete’s safety and voted for the new board members of USA Swimming. Also I went to the Central Zone meetings where we discussed budgets and debated over the locations for junior and senior zones. On the last night, all of the athletes including swimmers, divers, synchronized swimmers and water polo players along with other state representatives gathered at the aquatic awards banquet. It was there that many high-class athletes gathered along with the boycotted 1980 Olympic team members, to be recognized for all of their accomplishments. Overall, I met very many cool people who I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise and I am very grateful that I could represent Missouri Valley Swimming and I look forward to next years convention!

Officials’ Chair, Elizabeth Davis, newly appointed to this position, thanked David Bucholtz for all his dedicated work and innovations as the previous Officials’ Chair.

Safety Chair, Ed Wojtowicz, also newly appointed, reported that he would be at the October meet in Manhattan and would offer the Safety Training for Swim Coaches course there. On October 23rd he will offer all three safety courses at the Blue Valley Activity Center in Overland Park. Coaches needing the courses should contact him.

Sanctions Chair, David Carpenter, reported that 106 sanctions had been issued for the year and he anticipated issuing about 15 more. The number of sanctions matches last year’s number. He asked that if a high school or college meet needs to be observed that the meet host contact him in a timely fashion.

Outreach Chair, Joe Ogilvie, reported that Leonard Horne’s teaching and coaching position has been eliminated by the Kansas City government and that Leonard is looking for places for his swimmers to train. He also reported that USA Swimming’s Make-A-Splash program was designed to be used by clubs to market swim lessons in minority communities. Ed Wojtowicz reported that his Kansas City Aquatics Club was partnering with the Olathe School District to have interested children from Washington Elementary School, which is a reduced-price lunch school, registered as outreach swimmers on his club. The club does not charge the swimmers fees and the Olathe School District does not charge the club rent.

Joe Ogilvie also reported as the Electronic Timing Equipment Coordinator that he was having the system repaired where needed. He is also starting a tracking system for the timing system components so that all parts sent out are returned. MVS needs more timing system operators and he asked that clubs seek volunteers for the work.

There were no reports from the Board of Review Chair, George Schluter, or from the Webmaster, Richard Winn.

There being no Unfinished Business, David Carpenter moved to New Business.

New Business

Jolisa Buchner presented the 2011 budget. The 2011 budget will show the income generated from the MVS registration surcharge rather than USA Swimming registration income and expense. The budget includes $750 for a new registration computer and software and $500 for QuickBooks and anti-virus software. Level 1 and 2 meet enhancement dollars of $1500 have been removed and added to the award enhancement for Division I and II meets. The Zone athlete surcharge fee will be $25 and MVS will not provide suits for the Zone meet but will reimburse entry fees for Senior Zone athletes. MVS had a net loss in FY 2010 of $15,476. Missouri Valley’s Money Market Reserves had enjoyed a balance of $92,330 on 8/31/2006, but was at $64,316 as of 10/1/2010. Jolisa suggested that MVS should determine what amount of reserves should be held. Our Mission Statement should be the guiding principal for determining the reserves to be held and how to allocate MVS’ revenues.

Scott Bliss made the motion that the 2011 budget be accepted as presented. Joe Ogilvie seconded the motion and it was adopted.

Joe Ogilvie made the motion to adjourn the meeting; Phil Garverick seconded the motion and it was adopted. The House of Delegates adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.