Minutes of House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 20, 2013 at the Capitol Federal Natatorium in Topeka, Kansas

Members in attendance: AAAA, Jolisa Buchner, Patrick Norman; ANDR, Al Stephenson; ASA, Madison Cowart; BWST, Ben Westberg; COOL, Clark Stokes; CSC, Phil Garverick; FTLL, Helen Lochow; HYSC, Brenda Hampton; KCAC, Ed Wojtowicz; KCB, Laura Hineman, Gardner Howland, CJ Roberts, Rachel Schlatter, Marjorie Sherard; KCSA, Mary Jo Klier; LA, Justin Clossen; MM, Rob Putnam; MMM, Matthias McManus; MSC, Cheri Gillis; NWSC, Clinton Bailey; TSA, David Carpenter, Corry Gallagher, Barry Neville; TST, Tom Kleiboeker; UN, Randy Hinde, Dulcy Sellon; WAS, Steve Buehne; WKSC, Erik Wiechman; WNYN, Candace Pearson; WSC, Todd Kramer, Brian Kupferer.

David Carpenter called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm. He asked for a motion to accept the circulating sign-in sheet as the meeting’s roll call. The motion was made and seconded and all voted aye. He asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the September Missouri Valley meeting published on the Missouri Valley website. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to approve the published minutes; Steve Buehne seconded the motion and all voted aye.

David presented the slate of candidates to be elected. CJ Roberts has been nominated as Age Group Chair, Jolisa Buchner as Treasurer and Dulcy Sellon as Secretary. He asked for a motion to elect these three by acclamation. Marjorie Sherard made the motion for election by acclamation; Gardner Howland seconded the motion and all voted aye.

The slate of candidates for Missouri Valley At-Large delegates are James Kuhlman, Justin Clossen and Cassandra Campbell. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to elect all three candidates. The motion was seconded and all voted aye.

Candidates nominated for the Board of Review to serve from October 2013 through September 2015 are Jared Roberts as the athlete representative, Amy Hoppenrath, Randy Hinde, Cory Gallagher, Natalie Haag, and Brian Fries. The motion was made and seconded to elect these candidates and all vote aye.

Jolisa Buchner presented the Treasurer’s report. She reported that registration fee incomes is slightly ahead of last year’s income and sanction fee income is about even with the budget’s amount. Expenses are in-line with budget expectations. Missouri Valley’s largest expenses will fall at the end of the fiscal year. Total assets stand at $235,738.26. Phil Garverick made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report; Justin Clossen seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Dulcy Sellon, Registration Chair, reported that Missouri Valley full-year registration numbers are up from last year. She also reminded clubs that new coaches registering for 2013 will need to complete Foundations of Coaching 101 along with their other certifications before they will receive their coach card.

Marjorie Sherard reported that all competing bids offered for meets had been resolved. The only meet that required a vote was the Division I 2014 long course meet. In 2014 bids will be due April 1 rather than March 1. This will make bids due after Sectionals. Ann Gibler will be taking over the scheduling committee for next year. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to accept the meet schedule. The motion was seconded and all voted aye.

Phil Garverick, Senior Chair, reported that the budgeted senior travel money had been allocated. The Senior Committee would work on developing a senior circuit to get senior swimmers together for competition. This will be presented at the September meeting.

Patrick Norman, Age Group Chair, reported that the Championship meet sites had been approved. CJ Roberts would be taking over as Age Group Chair. At the Fall Meeting, a new site for the All Star meet will be considered.

Todd Kramer, Coaches Representative, reported that the bonus event wording will be made consistent in the Level II and Division II meet flyers. He also reported that the Missouri Valley championship meets would now be named the Short Course and Long Course Championships. The Division II meet will be named the Missouri Valley District Championships. Level I will be the Midwestern Winter Classic and Level II will be the Missouri Valley Swimming Winter Qualifier. The 2014 Short Course meet might be scheduled earlier in the spring to accommodate high school championships.

David Carpenter presented the official’s report and stated that starting September 1, 2013 meet hosts will be required to name a meet director, Referee and administrative official in order to receive a sanction. The Administrative Official supervises and directs the meet’s entry and registration personnel, clerk of course, timing system operator, scoring personnel, timing judge and meet management software operator. Our website will post information on becoming an administrative official and names of these officials for clubs to contact.

Safety Chair, Ed Wojtowicz, reported that he had provided safety courses for seven coaches. He will also travel to meets and provide these courses for coaches if he is contacted in advance of the meet. He encouraged everyone to know the emergency action plans in place at their swim practice and meet locations so help can be secured rapidly in an emergency.

David Carpenter presented the Sanction Chair’s report. John Maynard reported that 53 sanctions have been issued this year compared to 57 from the same period last year. The initial sanction applications have improved and have required less consultation and editing by the requestor. And most sanctions are occurring 45 days prior to the meet date. A sanction application checklist has been created and will be posted on the MVS website. The checklist includes content that must be included in the meet announcement. Barry Neville suggested that templates for meet sanction applications might be developed and posted on the website. It was suggested that the Technical Planning Committee might work on this.

Diversity Chair, Marjorie Sherard, reported that there will be a Diversity Zone Meet in June and that Missouri Valley should support this meet. Jolisa Buchner stated that MVS has budgeted for swimmer participation in this meet. Marjorie said she would notify Missouri Valley clubs about the meet which will be held in Chicago and encourage clubs to have swimmers participate. Missouri Valley will send a MVS team, not individual teams, to this meet.


Marjorie Sherard stated that coaches wanted a weekend meeting for the MVS fall meeting so that coaches, parents and others would have more time to meet. She will ask for a host for this type of meeting when she sends out the meet schedule. Gardner Howland suggested that the LSC consider new ways of undertaking its mission. A place to start this might be establishing a committee to review the MVS By-laws.

Tom Klieboeker made the motion to adjourn at 1:45 pm. Marjorie Sherard seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.