Minutes of House of Delegates Meeting

Held on September 29, 2013 at Roeland Park, Kansas

Members in attendance: AAAA, Cassie Campbell; ANDR, Al Stephenson; BWST, Ben Westberg; CNS, Todd Harvey; CSC, Todd Kramer; EAC, Chance Dickinson; HASC, Wendy Vernon; HYSC, Lyn Morris; IS, Tina Andrew; JCAY, Kimmi Schattgen, Sherry Wittrock; KCAC, Ed Wojtowicz; KCB, CJ Roberts, Marjorie Sherard; KCSA, Tom Ringwelski; LA, Andrew Schmidt; MSA, Ann Gibler; NLU, Danielle Stoermann, Clarke Stokes; NWSC, Clinton Bailey; PEST, Melissa Plum, Tori Zieger; SAC, Tamara Kaszycki; TSA, Dave Carpenter, Barry Neville; TSS, Joyce Stewart; TST, Tom Kleiboeker, John Maynard; UN, Dulcy Sellon; WAR, Chad Marnholtz, Mike Meloy; WKSC, James Kuhlman; WNYN, Candace Pearson; WSC, Brian Kupferer

The following clubs have not been present at either of the two MV annual meetings: BYAC, DRU, GRYG, KA, KVS, MCV, PARS, RA, UMIZ, WACT

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 am. A motion was made and seconded to accept the sign-in sheet as the roll call for the meeting and to accept the minutes posted on the MV website for the Spring MV Meeting. All voted aye.

Officers Reports

General Chair, David Carpenter, thanked Marjorie Sherard for arranging the location and meetings for MV’s fall meeting. The extended format, meetings held over three days, allowed greater time for coaches, officials and others to meet and share ideas and concerns. He announced that Dulcy Sellon would be retiring as Registration Chair on October 1 and thanked her for her work in the position. He stated that the Board of Directors had voted to post an executive director position on Monday that would run for three weeks. The position would perform the registration functions and other duties.

David also presented the Treasurer’s report. He stated that last year MV spent $25,000 less than budgeted. The savings appeared in the Zone expenditures and Senior Travel monies. He asked for a motion to approve the budget. CJ Roberts made the motion; seconded by Clarke Stokes. All voted aye.

Dulcy Sellon reported that MV had increased in full year registrations from 2012 to 2013. The 2014 registrations were well under way. She also called attention to the new STSC tests provided through the Red Cross which took effect September 1, 2013. A sheet explaining the new procedures was made available to attendees. She also provided written information on the new athlete cards that would be distributed by USA Swimming rather than from the MV office. She also distributed information on the club portal opportunities available to clubs. Clubs can use the club portal to read and print reports on their athlete and non-athlete rosters.

Todd Kramer presented the Senior Chair report. He stated that the summer sectional times will be faster but the spring will be the same as last year. The rule changes made by FINA for the breaststroke and butterfly touches and backstroke finish were presented to the coaches. Coaches also discussed work that is underway with the Kansas and Missouri High school associations to better align their meet schedules. Removing 15 and overs from the MV Championships was also discussed. Senior travel expenditure were lower this year than last but swimmers who qualified for the funded meets received the most funding of any senior travel allocations.

Todd also provided the Coaches report. He stated that the coaches had decided that at coach meetings each club would have one vote. The coaches also discussed the MV coach’s education fund of $2,000 and how it should be spent. They also discussed the new executive director position which MV is establishing. He reported that in the near future there will be a meet information format posted on line so that clubs can use the template, put in their own meet information, and use it to submit for a meet sanction. This will enable all clubs to have the required meet sanction language when submitting the meet to John Maynard.

CJ Roberts reported that she is taking over the Age Group Chair position as of this fall meeting. The age group coaches have proposed the addition to the 2014-15 SCY schedule of the All Star meet in Indianapolis. Lawrence would be able to host the 2014 All Star meet. They felt that this Indianapolis meet should be a travel meet for the top 4 athletes in each event and age group. There would be a limit of 6 swims per athlete. This meet would provide athletes with exposure to faster competition in a very high quality facility. CJ reported that our Zone is at the bottom of the four USA Swimming Zones and that having swimmers attend faster meets will help improve our LSC and Zone. Dave asked for a motion to approve the proposal. Todd made the motion which was seconded by Clarke and all voted aye.

The Age Group coaches will also establish a task force to investigate adjusting the time standards for 2014-15 SCY and 2015 LCM seasons. The 2013-14 SCY and 2014 LCM Standards will be retained. They would also like to have teams use OME for the spring and summer MV Championships. This would start with the 2014 spring championships. The 2014 spring championships will have preliminaries and finals with the fasted 8 swimmers advancing to championship finals and the next fastest 8 advancing to consolation finals. The current Spring Division I standards will be used. There will be high point awards for age groups, and team awards by team size. The number of events allowed will be adjusted from 9 to 7 for 13-14 and stay at 9 for 12 and unders. Each team will be allowed one relay if the relay includes swimmers without qualifying cuts. Teams with swimmers with qualifying cuts will be allowed a maximum of 3 relays. For the summer LSC Championships all individual events and relays for 10 and unders will be timed finals. Individual events for 11-12, 13-14 and senior will be prelim/finals. The top 8 will swim finals for 11-12 and 13-14 and senior will swim Top 16 in all events. The Summer Division 1 standards will be used. 13-14 will be allowed a maximum of 7 events and the one permitted relay per club or three per club with qualifiers will be the same as the spring championship meet format. The spring District Championship 2014 will have only individual events in a prelim/finals format with the fasted 8 swimmers advancing to championship finals. Bonus events will be allowed and spring Division 2 standards will be used. The mile will be held in a separate session. 10 and unders will have timed finals and 11-12,13-14 and 15-over will have prelim/finals. The Summer District Championships 2014 will consist of timed finals and bonus events will be allowed. Summer Division 2 standards will be used and the meet will have no relays. The Winter Classic 2013 will have a championship meet format with prelim/finals for the top 16 with the exception of the 1000 free, 1650 free and Friday events. The USAS motivational A standard will be used for qualifying for the meet. The Winter Qualifier meets 2013 will be timed finals with only individual events. There will be no relays and Level II time standards will be used.

It was decided that swimmers who had achieved the 13-14 time standards in the 200s of stroke but had not achieved the Open A time standards would be permitted to enter that event in their age group as an exhibition swimmer.

John Maynard, Sanctions Chair, reported that MV is slightly down in number of sanctions offered but that this was probably due to the creation of a league in Springfield whose teams requested fewer individual sanctions. He encouraged teams to be aware of the requirement to submit sanction requests 45 days before the meet to avoid the financial penalty of a late request. The sanction request can be filled out and submitted online. He stated that Phil Metz is coordinating the compilation of a list of AO’s for clubs. He encouraged everyone training to be an AO to get on the list. Dave stated that the language in the sanctions is mandated by USA Swimming and all the language and the requirements stated need to be present and met for insurance coverage to be in effect.

Ed Wojtowic, safety chair, stated that he had offered CPR, First Aid and STSC training at this fall meeting. He also encouraged all coaches to know the emergency action plans of the facility where they coached. He stated that the Red Cross is moving more of its courses to the blended format. The Red Cross now requires an instructor to set up a class and the coaches who want the course to sign up for the class and take the online instruction and water section. Todd suggested setting up a list of Red Cross instructors available to offer the STSC courses so that coaches can find the course when they need it.

Marjorie Sherard, outreach chair, stated that outreach/diversity now has a broad definition with USAS and that USAS is encouraging work in this area. This summer 11 MV swimmers participated in a diversity meet and next year there will be a Zone camp in Wisconsin for 2 swimmers. She will establish an application process for this camp and would also like to establish a MV diversity camp. She emphasized the possibility of swimmers registering for $5 if they submit a reduced price school lunch form with the registration and pointed out that MV also has scholarship money available.

Ann Gibler, Meet Scheduling Chair, reported that the Board of Directors had determined that MV would have two meet bid processes. Bids for the SC season would be determined at the spring meeting and bids for the LC season would be determined at the fall meeting after the date for the Zone meet was known.

David announced that Shawn Geil is now the MV Records Chair.

New Business

Tina Andrew provided information on a program to be offered in January, 2014 on ultra short race pace training. The program is sponsored by Indie Swimming and the University of Kansas Swimming.

Todd asked about the MV rule that all teams had to attend at least one MV meeting a year. David stated that so far we have had only one club fall into that situation and their reason for absence was sufficient to excuse them.

CJ made the motion to adjourn the meeting; Clarke seconded and all vote aye. The meeting adjourned at 10:40 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.