Minutes of House of Delegates Meeting

Held on April 06, 2014 at Roeland Park, Kansas

Members in Attendance (* denotes voting delegate): AAAA, Jolisa Buchner, Patrick Norman*; ASA, Madison Cowart*; ANDR, Al Stephenson*; BSY, Kimberly McConnell*; CNS, Todd Harvey*; COOL, Rob Kenley*; CSC, Phil Garverick, Todd Kramer*; FTLL, Helen Lochow*; HASC, Karla Bruntzel*, HYSC, Lyn Morris*; JCAY, Sherry Wittrock*; KA, Clark Campbell*; KCAC, Ed Wojtowicz*; KCB, Gardner Howland*, Marjorie Sherard; KCSA, Tom Ringwelski; LA, Andrew Schmidt*; PEST, Melissa Plum*, Tori Ziegler; MCV, Gerri Hart*; MSA, Ann Gibler*; NLU, Danielle Stoermann*; SAC, Debbie Smith*; NSC, Clinton Bailey*; TSA, David Carpenter, Natalie Haag, Berry Nevile*; TST, Tom Kleiboeker*; UN, Scott Bliss, Amy Hoppenrath, Dulcy Sellon*; WKSC, Erik Wiechman*; WAS, Steve Buehne*; WSC, Brian Kupferer*.

David Carpenter, General Chair, began the meeting at 10:45 and asked for a motion to accept the sign-in sheet and delegate listing as the roll call. The motion was made and seconded and all vote aye.

David then read the consent agenda items and asked that if anyone wanted an item pulled they should so state. The Consent Agenda items approved by the Board of Directors were as follows:

  • Approval of the minutes from the House of Delegates Meeting on September 28, 2013, at Roeland Park, KS, as posted on the Missouri Valley Swimming website.

  • Elect Natalie Haag as General Chair, Amy Hoppenrath as Administrative Vice Chair, Brian Kupferer as Senior Vice Chair and Heather Cistola as Athlete Representative for a two-year term beginning October 2014 through September 2016 as presented by the nominating committee, Randy Hind, Ben Westberg, Phil Metz, Phil Garverick and Gus Geary.

  • Elect Helen Lochow, James Kuhlman, and Cassie Campbell as At-Large Delegates to the House of Delegates and Board of Directors for a one-year term beginning October 2014 through September 2015, as presented by the nominating committee.

  • Elect George Schluter, Tom Kleiboeker, Clinton Bailey, Canaan Campbel (athlete), Caroline Bruce McAndrew and Hannah Angel (athlete) to the Missouri Valley Swimming Board of Review for a two-year term beginning October 2014 through September 2016 as presented by the nominating committee.

  • Accept and approve the Treasurer’s report   PULLED

  • Adoption of the 2014-2015 Short Course Master Meet schedule as presented by the Meet Scheduling Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Approve an increase in the Athlete and Non-Athlete registration fees from $55.00 to $60.00 per year, effective for the 2015 registration year.

  • Approve an increase in the Seasonal Athlete fees from $35.00 to $40.00 per year, effective for the 2015 registration year.

  • Approve an addition to the Meet Scheduling Procedures for added meets to indicate (addition in italics):

Clubs wishing to add an unscheduled meet must submit the request to the MVS Scheduling Committee. The request may be either written or oral.

9. Upon receipt of a request for an unscheduled meet, the Scheduling Committee will:

Check with clubs hosting meets within a two-week period before and after the desired unscheduled meet date and obtain their acceptance and approval of the additional meet. Upon inquiry, if the club being requested to consent to the added meet fails to respond to the request to add within seven (7) days, consent to add shall be presumed and the meet will be added. Note: If clubs having meets on the approved Master Schedule do not approve of the requested additional meet, the Scheduling Committee will not approve it and no Sanction will be authorized.

Inform the LSC General Chair of the inquiry results and recommend approval or non-approval of the request based on those results.

Inform the requesting club of the inquiry results. Note: If the requested date is not approved, the Scheduling Committee will work with the requesting club to explore alternative meet dates.

10. Upon receiving approval for an unscheduled meet, the requesting club will send a sanction request to the LSC General Chair with a $50.00 check to cover the Unscheduled Meet Surcharge. The sanction for the unscheduled meet will not be issued without payment of the surcharge. All other meet fees and charges shall be in accordance with previously published procedures.

Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to approve the Consent Agenda items which had not been pulled. Marjorie Sherard seconded the motion and all voted aye.


General Chair, David Carpenter, reported that Scott Bliss had been hired as Executive Director and had begun work on November 1, 2013. He thought Scott was doing well.

Senior Chair, Phil Garverick, reported that some Sectional cuts had been changed and teams need to be aware of the faster requirements. The Senior summer Zone meet will be in Minneapolis and will be team based rather than LSC based. The new senior circuit meets have been successful and MVS is encouraging an expansion of these.

Age Group Chair, CJ Roberts, reported that the coaches committee decided that the awards for all championship meets should be ordered by one person and that the championship meet hosts then pay for the awards. The committee would like Scott Bliss to handle the process of ordering and distributing the awards. The committee also plans to have the top two finishers from the Qualifier meets be eligible to swim in the Winter Classic. This will increase the number of swimmers attending the Classic. The sites for the meets will be the same as last year and the Qualifiers will use the ‘B’ time standard as the qualifying time for the meet. The committee is still working to bring other LSCs to the Winter Classic meet. The committee also made some changes to the order of events for the District meets. Finals for 10 and Unders will also be reinstated. All ages will also be allowed a maximum of 7 events with a 3 per day limit. Each team will be allowed one relay despite the relay’s qualifying time and a maximum of three relays with the cut times.

For the Zone meet in 2014 the team will travel by bus except for the 10 and Unders. The maximum charged to swimmers will be $300. The same logo devised for the Zone team equipment and outfitting will be used for the All-Star team and will be consistent for four years. The Zone and All-Star teams will also have a fun t-shirt as well as team gear with the MVS logo. Applications for the teams will be posted on the website. The committee hopes to have the same person serve as the head coach for both MVS teams and applications for the assistant coaches for these teams will be posted on the website. The committee also asked that MVS consider designing a new logo for the LSC.

The coaches committee also considered improving the time standards used for meet qualifications. The Qualifier meets will use the ‘B’ standard. The committee will work with Scott Bliss to establish the standards to be used until 2016 and then will revise the standards every four years. The standards to be used for the next two years will be taken to the fall meeting. David asked to have Patrick seek input for a new logo from MVS members and to work on devising one and to bring the suggestion for the logo to the fall meeting. Jolisa stated that she would look for money for this work in the budget lines.

Executive Director, Scott Bliss, reported that full-year registration numbers are down about 400 from this time last year. The ‘Olympic Bump’ was credited as the cause for the higher numbers last year. The MVS office plans to go paperless and requests all registrations be sent in electronically. Registration packets will also be sent electronically. Checks for registration payments should be sent to the new office PO Box 307, with the registration batch number on the memo line. Scott will also be implementing a new reservation system for the MVS timing equipment. This will be an online system. He will also be working with Todd Kramer and hosts for the championship meets to get the meet files and information posted on the website. He will also work with CJ Roberts and the Zone team Head Coach to help with the Zone team plans and their use of Team Unify. He will begin the process of migrating our website to Team Unify through discussions with our webmaster, Richard Winn.

Treasurer, Jolisa Buchner, reported that our income from registration fees is down from last year because of fewer full-year registrations. Meet and sanction fees have been higher than the same period last year. Timing system expenses are also down for this year. The elimination of office rental fees will also improve the income trends. She stated that we will not hit our budgeted target but that spending and income are trending well. Phil Garverick made the motion to approve the budget as presented. Todd Kramer seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Scheduling Chair, Ann Gibler, stated that FTLL had moved their meet to January 30. Tom Kleiboeker made the motion to approve this scheduling change. Marjorie Sherard seconded the motion and all voted aye. Ann stated that she would make the scheduling changes and send out the approved meet schedule.

Coaches Representative, Todd Kramer, thanked Marjorie and Henry for the work they had done to provide the Swimposium for MVS and added that having Byron Davis back for a return visit would be a very good idea. He reported that the coaches had changed their voting procedures for their meetings. At future meetings each coach attending the meeting will have one vote. He also said the coaches discussed the gamble swims offered at championship meets. They will study the number of gamble swims and see how that affects the number of swimmers attending the meets. The coaches also wish to start a coaches association and use its membership fees to help coaches with coach education opportunities and clinics. The information for this will be emailed to coaches and the decision to start the association will be decided at the fall meeting. Todd and CJ will also collaborate to set up a coach information and contact email list. They will use Team Unify’s site for this and include information from coaches on what safety courses they can teach. The coaches would also like better communication between the coaches’ committee and the Board of Directors. They would like more transparency on what each Board position does, how the position is filled, and assurance that the MVS By-Laws are being followed.

Officials Chair, Amy Hoppenrath, thanked the MVS officials for the hard work they have performed this year. She also urged all coaches to keep encouraging parents to become officials. MVS’s officials pool has not increased in recent years. If a club wants a training session the club can contact the officials’ committee and the training can be held between sessions of their meet. MVS has lost several senior referees and the summer club meets will require many officials. MVS has been working to train AO officials. AO-1 officials handle manually timed meets; AO-2, meets with timed finals; and AO 3 handle prelim/final meets. The officials committee would like to have officials with the correct AO training handle meets starting this summer. Brian Kupferer, WSC Head Coach, stated that he felt that implementing this requirement this summer posed too fast a time line and that this was the first he had heard of the requirement. Amy stated that the referees had heard of this and that MVS does need to match AO levels at our championship meets. Todd suggested that we ease into this during the short course season. He also suggested that the Executive Director work to improve the communications among the coaches committee, officials’ committee and Board of Directors. Having the Officials Chair meet with the Board of Directors would also help the process.

Safety Chair, Ed Wojtowicz, reported that he had dissolved his club and has taken the position of Blue Valley Recreation Director. This organization will offer the coaches’ online blended safety courses through the Red Cross monthly. This is a source for coaches needing the safety courses.

Diversity Chair, Marjorie Sherard, reported that there will be a diversity camp held this year that two swimmers and two coaches may attend. She will post applications and information about it on the website. She has also begun work on an outreach program and will provide more details on it at the fall meeting.

Sanctions, Scott Bliss offered information that starting January 1 sanction announcements will need to include language freeing USA Swimming from liability from injury. He can provide clubs with information on the language needed. He also reminded club coaches that they need to assume responsibility for insuring that their swimmers have their high school meet times successfully reported to SWIMS.


Todd made the motion that clubs hosting the Winter Classic, Short Course District Championships, Short Course Championship and Long Course Championship be permitted to add a $5 surcharge to each participating athlete. CJ seconded the motion and all voted aye. Todd also made the motion that the penalty for a club who does not attend at least one MVS meeting each year would be that the club would have no vote at the House of Delegates. CJ seconded the motion and all voted aye.

Marjorie made the motion to adjourn which was seconded by CJ and all vote aye. The House of Delegates adjourned at 11:45 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Dulcy Sellon, Secretary
Missouri Valley Swimming, Inc.