Northland United is divided into three practice groups that focus on swimmer development based upon ability level. The team is capped at 130 swimmers to maximize pool space and maintain a superior coach-to-swimmer ratio. Outlined below are the three practice groups, practice times, and equipment requirements. Practice times may change based upon pool availability, please check the practice calendar frequently.
Current NLU swimmers may take the test set for the next practice group on one of the  designated test dates throughout the year. 


Discovery Group

Northland United concentrates on building lifetime swimming skills starting with beginning swimmers with desire to grow to competitive swimming. Discovery group focuses on stroke and turn refinement while building an aerobic swimming base. Swimmers work on short-distance drill and kick work, play games that build skills and foster personal and team growth, and learn the basics of the sport. Discovery group swimmers are capable of demonstrating all four strokes, a flip turn, a dive into the pool, and are willing to learn. Discovery group is expected to attend 1 meet every 3 months, and 2 practices per week. 
Practice times:
PHAC: Tuesday and Thursday evenings 5:45-7:15pm, Saturdays 7:45-9:00am, 
Required equipment: water bottle, fins
Monthly Practice Fee:  $90.00

Challenge Group

This group builds upon the skills learned in Discovery group, while challenging swimmers with longer distances and both mentally and physically challenging sets. Swimmers learn how to read practice sets, understand intervals and read the pace clock, participate in team-building activities and games, while continually working on technique and meet preparation. Swimmers are expected to attend 2-3 practices per week, and 1 meet every 2 months. 
Practice times:
PHAC: Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings 5:450-7:15pm, Saturdays 7:45-9:00am
Required equipment: water bottle, fins
Monthly Practice Fee:  $100.00
Test sets:
5 x 100 freestyle @ 2:00
12 x 25 kick with fins @ :40
200 IM completed legally
200 freestyle @ 4:00 

Performance Group

The most challenging practice group offered by NLU swim team, swimmers must pass the required test sets before being considered to join Performance. Performance group swimmers are expected to maintain excellent technique, be open to new ideas, and consistently give 100% at practice and at meets. Practices are designed to offer variable training emphasis both in and out of the water, ultimately to develop swimmers into well-rounded elite athletes. Swimmers will attend multiple meets per month, including elite travel meets, and minimum 4 practices per week. 80% attendance required to remain on h
Practice times: PHAC: Monday-Friday evenings 5:15-7:15pm,  Saturdays 7:00-8:30am
Required equipment: Composition Notebook, Pen/Pencil, Gallon Zip-Loc Bag, water bottle, fins, green or yellow hand paddles, snorkel, drag suit, mesh equipment bag, stick/foam roller, two tennis balls
Monthly Practice Fee:  $125.00
Performance test sets:
10 x 100 freestyle @ 1:20
500 kick with fins @ 7:00
400 IM completed legally
3 x 200 freestyle @ 2:30