TSA TYR Beach Bash

Rebecca Lewis

Forty-five Hammerheads braved 20 degree temperature fluctuations and 2 seasons over the course of 3 days at the Topeka Swim Association’s Beach Bash June 3-5. As always, it was a weekend full of fun team-bonding time, hanging out between swims in tents, winning mystery heat prizes and using the pool’s diving boards and slides at the bash.  There were 144 Best times, 31 new Districts times, 8 new Bonus times and 10 new Champs times.


80% Best Times or Better

-Tyler Briggs (11/11) 100%                                         -Collin Burton (5/5) 100%
-Ashton Canovi (4/4) 100%                                         -Alexandra Claerhout Nuttall (1/1) 100%
-Maxen Claerhout Nuttall (1/1) 100%                     -Kylee Gray (6/6) 100%
-Jakeb Kobs (8/8) 100%                                               -Piper Kobs (12/12) 100%
-Jake Maiseroulle (3/3) 100%                                    -Kian McHugh (6/6) 100%
-Brooke Nichols (7/7) 100%                                       -Neil Williams (7/7) 100%
-Jacob Zupan (6/6) 100%


Notable Swims


-Nick Bracken was victorious in the 200 Fly

-Alex Briggs was victorious in the 100 Fly and earned his Districts cut in the 200 Back.

-Madeline Briggs won her 50 Back and 50 Fly events and earned District times in 100 Back and 50 Breast.

-Tyler Briggs earned 5 new District times in 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free, 100 Back and 100 Breast. He also earned a Bonus time in the 100 Fly.

-Collin Burton shaved over 10.5 seconds in his 100 Fly to earn a Districts time, in addition to earning Districts times in the 50 Free and 100 Free. He also swam his first 200 Back.

-Ashton Canovi swam his first 100 Fly.

-Isabelle Collop swam her first 100 Back and 200 Free.

-Claire Dierker dazzled the crowd with an over 32 second drop in the 200 IM to earn a District time.

-Kylee Gray swam in her first meet as a Hammerhead and picked up Districts times in 100 Free, 50 Free and 100 Breast.

-Justin Hendricks shaved 11 seconds in his 50 Fly and 10 seconds in his 50 Breast.

-Henry Johnson swam his first 200 Free, 200 Back and 400 Free.

-Jakeb Kobs swam in his first meet as a Hammerhead and picked up a Bonus time in 50 Free and Districts times in 100 Free and 100 Fly.

-Piper Kobs swam in her first meet for NLU and picked up 6 new Champs cuts for 200 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly and 400 Free (1st place!). She also picked up Bonus times for 50 Back, 200 IM and 50 Free.

-Roman Lewis swam his first 200 Back and earned a Districts time.

-Harmony Lucas swam her first 100 Fly.

-Jake Maiseroulle swam his first 400 Free and earned a new Champs time while doing so. He also shaved almost 9 seconds to earn a Champs time in the 200 IM. He also picked up a Champs time in the 50 Free.

-Kian McHugh shaved over 11.5 seconds in his 100 Free. He also swam his first 100 Breast and 50 Fly.

-Zach Mendez shaved over 24 seconds in his 800 Free.

-Leo Nguyen was victorious in the 50 Fly and earned a Bonus time in the 50 Breast.

-Sean Nguyen earned a Bonus time in the 50 Breast.

-Brooke Nichols picked up 5 new Districts times in the 100 Free, 200 Breast (1st time!), 100 Fly (1st time!), 50 Free and 200 IM.

-Emma Owen wowed the crowd and shaved over a minute (!!!!!) in her 800 Free to earn a Districts time.

-Hannah Peterson swam her first 400 Free and 200 Back and while swimming her first 200 Free, she picked up a Districts time.

-Rainier Realina swam his first 200 Free.

-Raphael Realina swam his first 800 Free.

-Kennedy Roberts swam her 200 IM and shaved almost 17 seconds in her 200 Free.

-Kieran Ross swam his first 100 Back.

-Breckyn Shaw shaved over 12 seconds in her 200 IM.

-Hannah Stewart won her 200 Free.

-Isaac Stewart won his 50 Free, 100 Free, 200 Free and 400 Free. He also earned his Champs time in the 50 Back.

-Neil Williams swam 6 events for the first time and earned 4 new Districts times in 50 Back, 50 Breast, 100 Breast and 50 Fly. He earned a Bonus time in his 50 Free.

-Jacob Zupan swam 3 events for the first time: 100 Free, 100 Back and 200 Back. He shaved almost 21 seconds in his 200 Free and shaved over 12.5 seconds in his 100 Breast to earn a Districts time.