Practice Suits and Racing Suits

Swimmers should have several practice suits.  Unlike some sports with required uniforms for both practice and competition, swimming is a highly individual sport.  No where is this more obvious than in the area of practice and racing suits.  Each swimmer is welcome to wear any one-piece suit they desire for practice.  

What about Meet/Racing Suits?  The Springfield Aquatics team suit is a black Speedo suit with the SPA logo. You can order these on our website by clicking the D and J Sports link. or sometimes are available in the SPA store as well.  As swimmers become more advanced, they will start to ask about “technical” suits.  These are racing suits made from specially designed fabrics to reduce drag and help the swimmer go faster.  In general, SPA swimmers are not swimming at a level where the suit they wear will make a difference in their time.  The suits typically range in the $350+ and are NOT required or recommended for most high school swimmers. These are recommended for the most elite swimmers.