Swimming Apps





OnDeck:  For those parents who have a smart phone or tablet, SPA recommends downloading the Team Unify "On-Deck" app. This free app will allow you to access many of the full website features in a more compact format.  When logging in, use the same user name and password you use to log into the SPA website.  the Team Alias is mvssa. 

All swimmer times can be found on the SPA website.  Go to "My Account", and then "My Meet Results".  Swimmers times can also be found on the USA Swimming website.

Furthing the power of OnDeck are features that:

- Allow sign-up for upcoming meets, coming up volunteer jobs offered by the swim team, and account histoy and payments.
- Display detailed attendance histories for their swimmer

- Interactively view every swim meet the team has swum by swimmer or roster


  • Under Username put your SPA website login e-mail address
  • Put your password, that you using to login into our website
  • Team Alias: mvssa






MeetMobile:  Increasingly, swim teams are utilizing the free MeetMobile swim app to allow parents and swimmers to follow the swim meet as it occurs.  Once the app is downloaded, you start by searching for the meets and mark your favorite swimmers on the SPA team and any USA swimming team across the country,  This program even allows family and friends who are not attending the meet to still follow their results.