Training Fees

Training Fees will be assessed when one or all of the listed swimmers participate one day in a practice or meet for that given month. No month will be “pro-rated” unless otherwise directed by Springfield Aquatics. These fees include the $15 monthly Drury usage fee.

Bronze $90 per month
Silver $100 per month
Gold $110 per month
Senior 1 $125 per month                     
Senior 2 $145 per month


Exceptions and exclusions are as follows.

  1. High School Season– High school swimmers are not required to pay the monthly fees for 3 months while swimming for their high school. For men, no payment is required for August, September and October. For women, fees are waived for November, December and January.
  2. Summer Season - Those swimmers choosing not to swim during the summer months (June, July and August) may temporarily withdraw from the club without paying for those three months. If you are withdrawing for the summer you must notify SPA of your intention via email to Patti Callaway at [email protected] by May 20th. Your account will automatically be turned back on for billing with the September dues unless you specify otherwise.


Withdrawing from the Club - Permanent or Temporary

To permanently withdraw from Springfield Aquatics or to temporarily withdraw you must follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Send a email by using the "Contact Spa" button within team Unify or follow the 2 steps below.
  • Please let your coach know you are withdrawing. This is NOT the only step!
  • Contact the SPA Team Accountant, Patti Callaway via email at [email protected].com and notify her of your intention 30 days before you plan from withdrawing.  You will be held responsible for monthly dues and usage fees until your notification has been received. 

  If you withdraw in the middle of the month, no partial month refunds are given.

For questions regarding withdrawing from the team or to start back up again, please contact Patti Callaway by using the Contact SPA button..



Monthly fees are invoiced the 1st of each month on Team Unify. Automatic payments using Credit/Debit Cards are required. When you set your account up you will choose the option for auto payments. Please contact accounting if you need assistance by clicking the Contact SPA button or emailing [email protected]


Registration Fees

Annual SPA Registration: $160 per swimmer per year for the 2021/2022 Season.  These fees are due annually by October 31.

This fee covers administrative expenses and insurance. Each  swimmer registering and paying the SPA registration fee will receive annual team shirts. This also covers your USA Swimming annual registration fee. 


Meet Entry Fees

Entry fees will vary for each meet as these are set by the hosting sponser. Entry fees range from $2.50 - $5.00 per individual event along with a pool surcharge.  In addition, there is also a SPA surcharge fee of $15.00 for each meet. The SPA surcharge helps cover coaches travel and lodging costs.


Meet Fee

At the begiining of each season, short course and long course, a $75 meet fee will be assessed to your account.  This fee is charge whether your child attends meets or not. Short course is charged with annual regsitration and long course fee is charged with the April billing. If you child does not swim during one of these seasons you will not be charged the meet fee. 


Parent Volunteer Hours

Parents are expected to volunteer their time during the SPA hosted meets. Hosting swim meets is one of the major club fundraisers. These events have host responsibilities necessary to run the meets [timers, officials, hospitality, etc.]   Parent assistance is crucial to successfully hosting these events. Member involvement at meets also provides the opportunity to meet other swim team families, get to know SPA team members, and show active support for your child’s swimming efforts. Meets are not the only time volunteers are needed as there may be other opportunities to get involved through out the season.