About the TSA

Our Goal

TSA’s program is founded on the belief that competitive swimming offers an exciting and valuable experience in a young person’s life.

Along with creating healthy bodies, minds and spirit, TSA’s mission is:

"To promote swimming as a lifelong sport and competitive swimming as an aspect of that sport. We strive to empower every swimmer, regardless of age or ability, to reach his or her highest personal potential, both as an athlete and as a person."

Whether an athlete joins TSA to improve physical conditioning, participate in high school swimming or to race competitively at the national or collegiate level, TSA does provide the training which allows the athlete to achieve his/her goals.

TSA swimmers grow in many life skills: goal setting, balanced competitiveness, teamwork, self-motivation and discipline. Members also learn the rewards of working hard and continually improving times.

Objects and Purposes

1. The objects and purposes of the Topeka Swim Association, as specified in its articles of incorporation, are: to promote and develop swimming programs for the benefit of swimmers of all ages and abilities; to educate, train, and direct the interests of such swimmers, and generally to operate solely and exclusively as a charitable, scientific, literary and educational organization.

2. Further objectives are: to aid in the development of such components of good character as good sportsmanship, discipline of mind and body and working together as a team through competitive swimming; to provide an advanced level of swimming activity through support of a competitive swimming program which is designed to accommodate swimmers of all abilities and to provide them with the maximum opportunity to compete, including swimmers from novice through those with enough ability to compete in the Olympics; to develop physical fitness through a regular planned program of vigorous physical. [As amended 3/7/05]