Practice Equipment and Team Apparel


In an effort to make online ordering of equipment easier, TSA has provided a link to Starting Block that will allow you to order your team equipment directly from them.  Please click on the following link to access the portal.



Each practice group has a list of required practice equipment.  It is essential for your swimmer to have all the required equipment for practice.  Coaches take equipment into account when planning each group's practice workouts.  In order for your swimmer to get the best out of their time in the water and each workout they must have their group's practice equipment.  Along with the equipment below, you will want to purchase a mesh bag to hold and store your equipment in.

There is also an "Equipment Swap" section on our bulletin board at the pool. You are welcome to post an item to buy/sell/trade and view the items other families have posted.


Required Practice Equipment per Group

  Silver   Gold     Plat      Sr/Nat'l Varsity
Fins + + + + +
Kick board + + + + +
Paddles     + + +
Pull Buoy     + + +
Snorkel   + + + +

ALL groups require each swimmer to have a practice suit, cap and goggles. 

To see pictures of examples of required equipment, click HERE

2016-2017 TSA Equipment Order Form


Other helpful hints-

  • To ensure sizing and proper fit take time to have your swimmer try on their team mates paddles and fins before or after practice.  Your coach will be happy to assist you in deciding on what sizes to order for your swimmer.  
  • If your swimmer complains of fins being too big-bring a pair of "no show" socks to the pool and have them wear the socks with their fins.  This also helps if the fins are rubbing and causing blisters.
  • To avoid blisters from fins, have your swimmer wear a pair of no show socks or keep a container of vaseline in their mesh bag. 
  • For paddles-thread only the middle finger strap, not the wrist strap. 
  • Label ALL of your equipment with a permanent marker!
  • Swimmers are welcome to keep their mesh bags at the pool in the storage room as long as the bags are off the floor on a hook. 



Websites to find equipment, suits and other swim items:


We are currently working on setting up a team store where you can purchase your personal apparel for TSA.  Please stay tuned!!

TSA is a Speedo sponsored team and we encourage you to purchase Speedo apparel (suit, warm ups, parkas, etc).  Our team colors are Blue and Black. 

When you order a warm up suit and parka you will have the option to personalize your items with our TSA logo on it.  We also use a local vendor, Monograms Etc. (21st and Fairlawn, by Topeka West High School) for all of our TSA embroidery. 

Team shirts and personalized team caps are also offered twice a year (Fall and Spring) only. No individual orders are offered during the year.

Regular team caps with TSA on the side are available at anytime. Latex-$5.00, Silicone-$15.00  Let your coach you want to buy a team cap.  Charges will be made to your TSA account.